My Crazy, Weird, Boring, Normal, Annoying Life...

Hi!! So this is just My Crazy,Weird, Boring, Normal, Annoying Life. And it is just that. This is my life. So it gets a little crazy, weird, boring, normal, and annoying sometimes. Prepare the be entertained....bored out of your mind...then weirded out.... :)

This is me......


4. Pizza Chef

Okay so i really don't know if this is interesting to you or not but if your still reading this you must be pretty cool because I wouldn't be if I was just some random person reading this ....I wouldn't be reading this....idk I just confused myself....

Okay well I just went to 'The C town' witch is not a real town I just put that name in so that a stalker doesn't stalk okay well anywaysss....I went to Pizza Chef and I saw like all the guys from my grade there and It was weird. They were all  loud and at one point they were like making like who-ing owl/dog like sounds....I really do not I don't know it was really random. LOL. So yeah. Thats what I just did encase you guys were wondering!

So its vacation and I have done no school work and I really don't know what or if I have anything to do so yeah. Oh and btw the ONE thing that stresses me out yes yes nothing stresses me out except school! Ughh!!! LOL Okay so my life is not really exciting at the moment but like ..... oh well OMG MY  NOSE IS SOO RUNNY!! UGHHH LOL ... (sorry) so Idk im bored at the moment. I'm listening to uhm I don't know the name of the song but Its all like 

"There's something you should know, I just came to say hello,

hey, hey!" So yeah I don't know the name of the song but I think it might be hello... Okay so now it is Next to Me by Emeli Sande. Its a really good song it goes

"Next to me woh oh oh (x3)

you'll find him you'll find him next to me" 

yeah so thats a good song to. So yeah. Im so bored. You guys are bored out of your minds. YOU WILL FIND HIM YOU'LL FIND HIM NEXT TO ME! So yeah. Ugh Im so bored. It is 4:19 PM right now so yep.....I'm listening to the radio (z97.1) and right now Carry On by Fun is on....

"Though I never been through hell like that......(something else)

carry ooohohon" and thats the current song I'm listening to . 


So yeah I'll talk to you later guys! PEACE! :)

~Just Keep Swimming~

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