The First Cut

The point where there is nothing left. You feel as if everything is worthless. This is what we resort to. The First Cut.


1. The First Cut

The day has ended and night greets me, 

Bringing all the black,

Everything coming down on me,

Breathing I suddenly lack.


The way it feels, the crushing blows,

Like my life is at an end,

My heart, crumbles as I cry away,

It will never mend.


I tell myself there is nothing,

That I can possibly live for,

What point is there left in what I have,

It seems pointless more and more.


I reach for the knife,

Glinting in the light,

I am not scared by the undeniable fact,

The way it feels so right.


The blood flows freely down my arm,

Like so many tears before,

Do I know any more who I am?

I'm really not that sure.


I'm finished and the process is complete,

I return the blood soaked knife,

And then I simply return to the dark abyss,

That is my useless life.

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