I Guess This Is Life

I Guess This Is Life is the story of a girl as she figures out what life holds for her. Read as she chases her dreams, takes leaps of faith, falls in love and gets her heart broken. This is a story we all can relate to, with pain and broken hearts but hope and love too.


1. The Beggining Of My Story

Hello. I suppose I should tell you about myself. About why I'm writing in this diary, what I do, who I am.  I am writing this diary because yesterday I was in the grocery store and this diary was at the register. I started thinking and decided that i would write down my expeirances. See I'm a singer/songwriter. I'm trying to make it in the music bussiness and I thought, why not record my life? Even if I don't make it in music, it'd be a good read when I'm old and thinking back on my life. 


Also, I've lived my whole life afraid. I never took chances and though I'm still young, I have way to many regrets of times where I stayed home instead of going out with friends. Way too many regrets of times where I didn't let go and actually live. So starting now< I'm going to try really hard to live. To take chances, live without regrets. Chase my dreams. Make some mistakes and learn more that I ever have before. And it will be difficult and I'll get hurt, I'll get a broken heart many times. But for some reason, I'm ok with that. I want it to be like that. 


I suppose I should tell you the details about me. I'm Alicia. You already know about my music and my past.... I'm a total hopeless romantic and a crazy dreamer. But the best of us are, I suppose. I had a normal childhood, two parents, two brothers. But I wasn't exactly a normal child. I knew I wanted to be in music starting when I was about 2 years old. i would always sing around people trying to get noticed. At that point, and ongoing, I was more afraid of losing what little friends I had than talking to strangers or doing weird things (no, I didn't do anything bad. Don't worry) so i was seen as being fearless. I was the girl who dressed up for everything and wanted to be noticed. But I almost never was. High School was uneventful and that brings us to now. i think that's all I have to say about myself. 


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