I Guess This Is Life

I Guess This Is Life is the story of a girl as she figures out what life holds for her. Read as she chases her dreams, takes leaps of faith, falls in love and gets her heart broken. This is a story we all can relate to, with pain and broken hearts but hope and love too.


2. It's The Little Things

I think in life, we all have moments where we look back and just think, why? Why did I say goodbye to that person, why did I kiss that guy, why did I pass up that chance? But maybe it's those moments that teach us the most.... Maybe it's those moments that explain who we are. I've had a lot of those moments.... Ever since I started this diary and decided to live "without regrets" I've had more regrets than ever. Just in a different form. It all started when I decided to find a band, figuring that if I want to perform I would need more people than just me. Which is true.... But well, I'm a hopeless romantic... Meaning that I simply can't think in just a professional way. I'm bound to fall for one of the guys in any group I'm in.... 


Honestly, it all started when they walked in. I'd contacted a bunch of people I knew from musicals and stuff that i did in middle school. Most of those people were still in music, and I needed a band, so...  But anyway, I knew when he walked in that I was falling for him. Gosh, I need to stop doing this! I was trying so hard to be professional but man, he had sparkly eyes...


We have a performance in a week. it's not much time but it's enough. Our performance is more of a "meet the band " kind of thing anyway, lots of solos. Mainly playing to each of our strengths. We'll play a few cover songs and mostly just have fun, thats really the purpose of this performance.


So tonight, I have my last performance with my currant people that I play with. We were never a band but every other weekend we'd play together. But now  we were all splitting ways. It was going to be hard to say goodbye. Man, I was insanely nervous! I had butterflys in my stomach and my heart was beating really, really fast. I'm never this nervous with these guys... But maybe it was less nervous about the show and more nervous about saying goodbye. More nervous about ending one chapter of my life and starting another. I guess I'll write tomorrow and tell you how tthe show went. Bye for now 

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