**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



"Stay with me, lady. Pleeeaaassseee..." I beg.

I no like it here...

The lady gently takes my arms from around her neck . "I have to go back to my room, little man. I'm so sorry. But you won't be here much longer." She whispers.


The nice lady stands and gently places me back on the chair as she ruffles my hair. "I promise," she whispers in my ear and gives it a soft kiss.

She has a gentle voice, but I can't see her face, it's too blurry. Maybe it's because I'm crying. She slowly leaves the room and I am left to sit alone on time-out. How can I feel so alone, in a room full of squawking kids and staff I can't stand?

Oh, I HATE this place...


The picture hazes and fades and then I am in the car with Mummy and Papa. I am dressed in stiff new clothes and we are going for a drive. Mummy and Papa keep telling me how smart I look and how happy I'm going to be. I like that. We arrive at a huge brick building and there are lots of children playing outside, some big and some little, but all dressed like me. We go inside and a lady shakes my hand and takes me to a desk and tells me this is now mine. I am in a big room with bright pictures on the walls and books and lots of toys. I like it.

Mummy and Papa tell me this is my new nursery school. I am very happy. I don't have to go back to the other nursery any more. They kiss me goodbye and I wave to them as I hold the lady's hand. Her name is Mrs Templeton and she is my teacher.


I play with all the other children and they are nice. I make friends. I am happy. I like it here. The day goes past and I know Mummy and Papa will be back soon. I have painted them a picture. I even like to paint, in this place...

A loud bell rings and Mrs Templeton calls out some names. Not my name. The children she has called go out of the room with her. Another lady comes into the room. She says she's called Miss Tierney and gets us to hold hands and walk down the corridor. I hold hands with Daniel. He's my friend. We go into a huge room with lots of tables and chairs. It's very loud in this room and lots of other children big and small come to sit down. Something smells nice. They give me pasta and tomato sauce, salad, bread, juice AND apple pie and custard! It's yummy and I am soon full and sleepy. Mummy and Papa must be here by now...

Miss Tierney tells us to line up again and I hold Daniel's hand and climb the stairs after Miss Tierney. We go into a large room that has beds on both sides. So many beds! Miss Tierney tells me I need to change into my pyjamas and begins to take off my clothes and hangs them up in a small wardrobe by my bed. Daniel is doing it by himself. He is clever... Other boys come in the room and start doing the same thing. She then helps me put on my pyjamas and pulls back the duvet. I climb into the bed...

"Where's Mummy and Papa?" I ask sleepily.

"You'll see them soon, Jacob." She smiles. "Now lie down and I'll read you and Daniel the story of The Ugly Duckling..."

I lie down and listen and wait...and listen...and wait...

When I open my eyes again, it's dark. There is a small lamp either side of the room, giving off a dim light. All the boys are asleep. Where ARE Mummy and Papa? Why am I still here? I get out of bed and tiptoe to the door. I open it and walk down the corridor. I walk past a door and Miss Tierney is inside the room, reading. She looks up and sees me.

"Jacob! Why are you out of bed?" She asks. She sounds angry.

I start to cry. "Want Mummy and Papa," I wail.

She lifts me up, shushing me softly and sits down with me, smoothing my hair off my face.

"Jacob, Mummy and Papa will be back for you, but not tonight. You're staying here with us for a while remember? Mummy and Papa did tell you this."

I nod sadly, suddenly remembering their chats to me over the past couple of weeks, about me going to stay in 'a really fun place' and how they would come and see me...

"But I want to go home to Mummy and Papa. I don't want to be alone here."

"Sweetie, you may not have Mummy and Papa around, but you're not alone! You have all the teachers and the boys and girls staying with you. You'll have a lovely time here."

She smiles and takes my hand. I have stopped crying and I am really tired. She leads me back to my bed and tucks me in.

"You'll never be alone, Jacob." She whispers as she leaves me.

Leaves me alone. In a room full of boys, but alone. Again.

Why does everyone I love, leave me?

I don't want to be left alone...


Jake Martin woke with a start, gulping in  large breaths of air. He looked frantically around for the beds, then realised he wasn't at Boarding School. It was just that damned recurring dream of his. The awful dream where he continued to relive his fear of abandonment from his childhood. He began to slowly calm down and then he felt something warm pressed against him.

Oh thank God...

...She was here.

His beautiful sweetheart was here in bed with him.

He wrapped himself around her and she murmured a moan in her sleep. He knew she'd probably wake because he'd eventually overheat her, but right at this moment, he didn't care. He needed her. She was his rock. His security blanket.

The love of his life.

And in two days time...

...she would be his wife.





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