**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



JULY 2007


"NOOOOO! Don't go! Pleeeeaaasssse. Please stay with me. I love you. MANUELA!"

I wake with a jump, sweat pouring off me.

FUCK! NOT AGAIN! When will this torment ever end? The sooner I get through the next few weeks, the sooner I can buy the plane ticket to Spain and see if I can track her down. I had told my parents I had a desire to explore the Valencian countryside this summer and thankfully papa mentioned the name of the little village Manuela was from. He then asked me if I remembered her! Fuck...if only he knew how much I remembered her! How can I ever forget that mane of wavy black hair that fell like a silky curtain to her tiny waist, and just touched the curve of her beautiful pert arse...The same pert arse that ground against my hips as she rocked hard against me, whilst I frantically tried to hold on long enough to pull her full breasts out of her dress...But sadly the combination of surprise and raging hormones got the better of me and I only succeeded in seeing the black lace of her bra before it was all over and she jumped straight off me and fled out of the bathroom.

I sigh sadly and run my hands over my face and through my hair.

 I'd wanted to run after her as soon as she had legged it out of the bathroom, but my head was still scrambled. I'd lain naked on the bathroom floor for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was probably only a few minutes, whilst my brain processed what had just happened. One minute I was walking out of the shower, then next she had appeared out of nowhere in the bathroom, took one look at me and literally speared me to the floor! Who knew someone so petite could be so strong? Her hands had roughly stroked me - it wasn't like I needed much encouragement to go hard at that age - and in the next breath, she'd lifted her skirt, moved her knickers to the side and impaled herself hard onto me!

So, I had eventually got up, went to my room and got dressed, thinking I would go and speak to her. But my bravado had quickly slipped away and I was suddenly taken over by feelings I had never felt before. The thought of seeing her made me blush and harden at the same time and I could hardly go and face her with a red face and an erection. So I had stayed hiding in my room waiting to be brave enough to go and see her and even when she knocked on my door with my lunch tray, I still couldn't face her. I repeatedly kick myself for telling her to leave it behind the door. But I wasn't to know that would be the last opportunity I would ever have of seeing her. I never dreamt in a million years she'd leave in such a hurry. Had she really had a phone-call from her family telling her there was an emergency and she needed to go back home, or had she fled because she had not only just had sex with an under-age boy, but with the boy she was being paid to look after? That's what I needed to know most of all. Did she really need to leave or had she wanted to? She must carry some kind of guilt about what she did, but if nothing else, I just want to find her and reassure her that if she did run because of having sex with me, she really has nothing to be guilty of. It's not like I didn't enjoy it. I had fancied her from the moment she had arrived and even in my wildest dreams and fantasies, I never dreamt we'd end up having sex. I just wish it hadn't happened just the once and I'd managed to make it last longer...

I run my hands over my clammy face in frustration.

The sooner I get through the next two weeks I've signed up for, the sooner I get to Valencia and hopefully get some kind of closure. Maybe then I can finally move on.

I glance at my wrist watch. It's 7:25am and five minutes before my alarm goes off.

Well...time to go and prepare myself for my first venture into the rat-race...

My friend Jamie from the sixth form knew I was looking for some summer work and he had recommended Sommerville Children's Playscheme to me, as he had gone there as a child and said they usually recruited students over the summer to help with the long hours and extra activities. I had rang the number and spoke to someone called Sue who sounded like some kind of Commandant on the phone, but when I told her I could organise football coaching with the kids as I had plenty of experience, she seemed more than happy to offer me work for the next fortnight when my references checked out. She's going to pay me £50 cash a day, which will mean I will have more than enough for a plane ticket, accommodation and spending money. I'd told Jamie I'd spoken to someone called Sue and he'd shuddered and said he remembered her being really scary! Great! But he did say to look out for someone called Alexa if she was still there, as apparently she was really cool.



Jesus Christ, Jamie wasn't fucking wrong! Sue is one scary human! Thank fuck she never looked after me, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. I don't exactly have the greatest track record with child-carers. Thankfully, she said I was to go onto the field where Alexa was preparing the area for me and she would be helping me today. I hope to Christ Jamie's memories of her were also correct.

I round the building and spot the only other person on the field. She's wearing black shorts and a white vest and is bent over adjusting the cones she must be using to mark out a pitch. I walk up behind her and introduce myself.

"Hi - are you Alexa?"

Of course she's Alexa idiot, there's no other fucker here!

Her shoulder's twitch in surprise and then her head turns and she looks at me.

Oh wow! I didn't expect her to be quite so pretty...

Her mouth opens likes she's about to speak, but instead it just continues to open till she seems to be gawping at me.

Okay...not quite the reaction I was expecting...Does she have special needs or something..?

Suddenly she stumbles and lands face first on the grass in front of me.


I automatically kneel beside her and wrap my hands around her waist. I must have scared the crap out of her coming up suddenly behind her like some kind of silent ninja. I can feel her tremble under my fingertips as I mentally hit myself in the face repeatedly.

"SHIT! Oh God...Are you okay? I'm so sorry I startled you."

I am now face to face with her and her eyes find mine.




What an amaaaaaazing pair of eyes! I could just drown in their emerald depths...

I stare mesmerized into them. They are just the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and yet...they seem to be calling to me on some deep level in my psyche, that I don't quite understand.

"Umm...yes. I'm okay. Just Dyspraxic!"

She has a soft breathy voice that's like velvet and makes all my hair follicles jump to attention. I realise she's the first woman since Manuela I've put my hands on. She has stopped trembling, but my fingertips still seem to be tingling.

For fuck's sake Martin! You've been on your knees with her for God knows how long, grabbing her waist! Help her up, you spesh!

I gently stand and still holding her, I take her upright with me. My eyes descend from her face, framed with dark unruly curls, down her body as I check for any cuts or grazes from her fall.

Fuck me! What a rack! She is one piece of work...And now instead of checking she's okay, I can't stop staring at her tits in that tight white vest...

Somehow I manage to get my shit together and realise I haven't even introduced myself properly. I suddenly thrust my hand forwards and only just manage to avoid punching her in the stomach.

"I'm Jake Martin, by the way."

A soft, warm hand slips inside mine and I grip it as I give it a good shake, making her boobs jiggle.

"A-Alexa. I'll be helping you this w-week."

Fuck! Does she have a speech impediment? That would be a shame, but I can live with it...JESUS! Where the fuck am I going with this? FOCUS MARTIN!

I reluctantly let go of her hand and notice mine still tingles. I also notice she is blushing for some reason as she looks at me and the blush is creeping down towards her gorgeous rack.  I can't help but think she is checking me out. I reluctantly drag my eyes away from her now pink chest and briefly catch her name tag. Alexa Wench, Supervisor.

Alexa Wench? SERIOUSLY?

I suddenly have a vision of her all trussed up in a Wench outfit, her gorgeous boobs practically spilling out of her corset as she serves me a tankard of cold beer...The vision makes me throb and I fist my hands not to have a physical reaction to it. I desperately look for a distraction and I scan the area she has mapped out for me with the cones.

"You're a bit wonky."


Alexa's green eyes widen in alarm.

"I'm sorry?" She asks worriedly.

Seriously  - my face should be black and blue with the amount of times I have repeatedly slapped it...

I decide just to brazen it out and pretend like I totally meant to say that.

"Your lines...they're a bit wonky. No worries, I'll sort them. So how many kids will be coming to the coaching today?"

Please, just have a normal conversation with me...PLEASE...



Thankfully, I manage to recover some of my equilibrium over the next few minutes as I align the cones and she asks me about my future plans. She trots along next to me and seems genuinely interested in what I have to say. I have to admit, even though I have literally only known her for ten minutes, I probably already like her far more than I should do...

How old is she? Late twenties, early thirties at the most? What is it with me being attracted to older women? Girls my age just don't do it for me. Most of my mates all have girlfriends from the local schools and bloody Jamie has three on the go from two grammars and a high school! I just find them dull. Too busy fretting about their looks, their weight and what the latest fashion trends are. I'm sure my friends think I'm weird coz I never have a girlfriend. Christ - I hope they don't think I'm gay...

We are back at the point we started at and Alexa surveys the new, straighter lines of the pitch and smiles.

"Well now you've made up for my Dyspraxia, I'll get the kids organised. In the meantime, if you could set the nets up and get your balls out..."

She stops mid-sentence in horror and goes almost purple with embarrassment. I don't know whether to laugh or give her a hug. I know which option I'd prefer...

I clear my throat to stifle a laugh and try to glaze over what she said, in the hope it makes her feel less embarrassed.

"Yeah, if you want to get the kids ready, I'll finish setting up here."

She nods at me still bright red in the face and chest and turns to go and get the kids. Propped up against the brick wall of the building are the football nets and a large bag full of footballs.

Where the hell did they get that from? It's massive...

"That's one HUGE ball bag..."  I mutter, then look frantically at Alexa's retreating back and sexy wiggling arse.

Please God, don't let her have heard that...



Even though I have done my first eight hour shift, where I spent the day haring around with a large group of kids, I find I am running home, rather than taking the bus. Today did not pan out anything like I expected it to. I've had an ace day coaching all the different ages. The kids on the whole were brilliant and I had such a laugh with them. But the highlight was definitely meeting the wonderful, sweet and very hot, Alexa. Just thinking about her makes another surge of adrenalin shoot through my system and power into my loins, as I run. I race up the drive and push my key in the lock.

"MUM!" I call out as I rip off my rucksack and throw it up the stairs.

My mother glides into the hallway and beams at me.

"Hello dahling, how did your first day go..." Her voice trails off as she looks at me. "Have you been running?" She asks in confusion.

"Yeah, it's a nice evening so I thought I'd just run back," I grin at her as I feel the sweat trickling down my back. "I've had the best day mum! I've really enjoyed it. The kids are ace and I'm being supervised by this lovely woman called Alexa..."

Shit, just the mere mention of her name, makes the blood pound round my head. I have to hit the shower before it reaches my groin.

"Oh that's nice dahling. I'm so pleased you had a good first day. It always helps."

"Oh absolutely!" I beam as I wrestle my feet out of my sweaty trainers and pull off my socks.

"Ugh...dahling, they reek! Make sure you douse them well with foot spray, or the children will be running away from you!"

I laugh. "Oh I will. I'll go grab a shower and bring my dirty clothes down after. Need to put everything fresh on for the kids tomorrow."

Mum arches a perfect eyebrow at me. "Something tells me it's not just the kids you want to get spruced up for."

SHIT! How can she tell? The fact I can't stop grinning like an idiot, maybe?

I decide silence is the best policy, and blow her a kiss as I race up the stairs, grabbing my rucksack as I head upwards. I dash into the bathroom, tearing off my sweat-sodden t-shirt, shorts and boxers. I am already at half mast and looks like I made in here just in time. I turn the shower on, adjust the temperature and then stand under its welcome spray. I shut my eyes and picture Alexa's beautiful face with those large almond-shaped eyes and mesmerising emeralds that took my breath away, her soft wayward curls, her hot curvaceous body and especially those gorgeous, gorgeous boobs.

Christ, I want to grab hold of them and squeeze the pillowy flesh. To fondle and pull at her nipples till they are hard and upright...Then finally take them into my mouth and suck hard on them till she screams my name...

I am now rock hard and I grab hold of myself as I continue to fantasise about her. I really should stop watching porn on my computer, but if it wasn't for that, I probably wouldn't have a clue about sex, apart from that mad minute I had with Manuela. My hand slips up and down my hard length and I brace my other hand against the cool tiles of the shower walI as I feel myself building. A vision of Alexa in a Wench outfit floats into my mind again and it's all the encouragement I need to explode with a cry of her name and I throw my head back in unbridled ecstasy.





September 2007


Jesus Christ, when am I ever going to get a chance to speak to Alexa today? It's my last fucking day, I've had it all planned in my head for the past week and Sue is just thwarting me at every turn! Alexa and I had discussed going to the pub for lunch on my last day, just me and her and I was planning on finally pouring my heart out to her and telling her exactly how I feel about her and how much she has changed my life. If it wasn't for her I'd probably have spent the summer in the Valencian countryside, on some wild goose chase searching for someone I thought I was in love with. I've come to realise now what I felt for Manuela was literally just some stupid schoolboy crush. I didn't need closure, I needed to find someone special. My feelings for Alexa are so much stronger and run deeper than any feelings I ever had for Manuela, and I know I have fallen totally in love with her. She is the most amazing person - kind, caring, considerate, clever, funny and totally, utterly selfless. And of course she is -





I grind my teeth and shudder as I place another large plastic box full of toys on a shelf in the storage shed. The only thing that has been keeping me sane are my morning and evening wanking sessions in the shower. Without those, I'm sure I would have totally lost control with Alexa at some point and probably thrown her over the nearest desk and driven myself into her.

Why doesn't she have a boyfriend? She's totally, wonderfully, amazing. How is she thirty years old and still single? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I've never dared ask the question, but that was something else I had wanted to broach today. Fucking Sue! Trust her to pick today for us not to have a lunch break, as she wanted to treat us all to fish and chips whilst we packed all the summer holiday stuff away and got re-organised for the after school club.

I bend and pick up another large plastic bucket full of toys and wince slightly. The small gift I had planned on giving her during lunch, rubs against me in my pocket.

FUCK! I'd forgotten about that!

I'd spent the last couple of weeks looking for a little gift for her and not found anything that stood out. I know jewellery was probably a bit extravagant, but I wanted it to be something memorable and special but I just hadn't found anything special enough. Then ten days ago I was looking for change and I know mum usually keeps an old jewellery box full of pound coins and spare change in her room. So I was rummaging around as I grabbed some money and came across a small black velvet pouch at the bottom of the box. Curiosity aroused, I opened up the pouch and out fell exactly what I had been looking for. A beautiful, simple silver ring with a glittering white gemstone in the centre. I have never seen mum wear it and as it is just lying in a pouch in an old jewellery box full of change, I doubt she even knows it's there. I debated asking mum if I could have it for Alexa but was worried mum would say no, or just laugh at me and say why on earth would I give a woman I had only known for a few weeks, a ring.

But it doesn't feel like I've only known her for a few weeks. We've really connected and I feel like I've known her for years. I just need to know she feels it too...


Okay, I'm seriously pissed. The whole day has passed and I've only exchanged pleasantries with Alexa. How the hell has the day just flown by without me barely passing the time of day with her? This is fucking infuriating! The one day I had all it all planned and it's gone to hell. Finally, I am actually sat within touching distance of her and it's right at the end of the day when Sue has asked us for a quick meeting before we leave!

I sit listening painfully to Sue warble on about how much she appreciated our hard work over the summer and even personally thanked me for my input. I decide to make the most of it and take a bow. I catch Alexa stifle a giggle and I grin at her. She beams back at me, those amazing emerald eyes of hers lighting up in her beautiful face and I feel my heart somersault in my chest. Thankfully Sue finishes off and Rosie and Kerry fly out of the doors and that God-awful Perra Victoria hurries out after Sue like some kind of lap-dog.

Fucking appropriate considering what a bitch she actually is...

Thankfully Alexa seems to be hanging back whilst everyone hares out of the doors. I turn towards her.

I have to tell her and it has to be now.


"Alexa, I..."

FUCK! We've hardly spoken all day now we're both talking at once!

I smile at the irony as Alexa stops talking.

"Please, you first," I smile, ever the gentleman.

She smiles at me, digs into her bag and hands me an envelope.

"I just wanted to wish you all the best with your studies. I'm so happy you got into Sheffield."

I take the envelope from her and open it. Inside is a lovely good luck card. I can barely read what she has written on the inside, I am that desperate to talk to her.

"Oh Alexa, that's very kind of you. Look I..."

But she doesn't seem to be listening to me, instead she has delved back inside her bag and has now produced a small wrapped gift and is looking at me so eagerly, it's all I can do to take the gift off her without pushing my tongue into her mouth.

"What's this?" I ask softly, smiling at her.

She smiles shyly at me.

"Just a small gift...something to remember your time here."

She looks so adorable in her shyness, it is utterly disarming and I have to take a deep breath to compose myself.

"Aww...You really shouldn't have..."

I can't help my beaming smile. I never thought in a million years she'd end up buying me a gift too.

Just got to get it opened and done, then I can thank her and give her mine and tell her at long last how I feel.

I open the paper and I find a photo Alexa must have taken during a recent sports day I'd organised. Three year old Billy was desperate to take part with 'the big kids' but he was just too small to be able to keep up. So I had put him on my back and run the race for him. Well at least tried to, as the older kids saw it as cheating and started to try and haul me backwards by my clothes! I could almost hear the seams beginning to tear and I had visions of my clothes being torn off me. I had started howling with laughter as had all the kids and that's when Alexa must have taken the photo. I hadn't even noticed as I was more bothered about losing my clothes! It was a brilliant photo and I knew I would always treasure it as it would bring back happy memories.

"That's, that's...wonderful Alexa. Thank you so much. I'll treasure it."

I can't believe I'm starting to get emotional over this now. I have to tell her how I feel and give her the damn ring!

It's only then I realise there is something else under the photo, which I had totally missed. It's a small children's book.


Okay...I don't get it...

She grins mischievously at me.

"Nearest thing I could find to a bitch!"

It is so unexpected and comical that I can't help but throw my head back and laugh heartily.

"Oh Alexa! It's perfect! I will think of our little secret every time I see it! Thank you."

Before I can stop myself, I put my arms around her and pull her hard against me. I cannot connect totally as my hands are full and I don't want to crease the card or photo.


I am in turmoil, not wanting to pull away, but needing to so I can talk to her. I have to break my hold, but she then suddenly snakes her hands around my waist and returns the hug, pressing those amazing boobs into my chest.


Oh Alexa, Alexa, Alexa. I love you so much!


I feel my heart pounding so hard it feels like it's about to explode out of my chest. My blood is thundering round my head and I anxiously fight with it internally so that it doesn't reach my groin. I desperately want to tell her how I feel but the words now won't come out. My chin is resting against her head and I feel complete for the first time in my life. No one has ever held me like this. It is the most perfect moment in my entire eighteen years.

"I'm really going to miss you," I whisper into her soft dark curls.


I close my eyes and take a deep breath. It has to be now. But as I exhale, she suddenly releases me and steps away. My eyes spring open and her body language has totally changed. She now has her head down and is avoiding eye contact with me. She looks utterly embarrassed.


"Umm, yes I will miss you too." She murmurs. I can't believe I've embarrassed her so much.

Finally she pulls up her green eyes off the floor and looks awkwardly at me. I cannot tell her how I feel now, she'll run for the hills and I'll blow my chance of ever being with her.

No, Martin, this isn't your time. Your time will come but it's just not now. Bide your time, get qualified, get a job and then come and find her and declare your love for her then, when you have everything to offer her, rather than some silly little ring.

I take a deep breath and sigh and look into her beautiful emerald eyes. "Take care Alexa. And don't let that Perra bring you down."

She smiles back and nods. "You too Jake. Thank you for giving me something I can use against her without her knowing!"

I place my gifts from her into my rucksack and sling it over my shoulder. I look one last time into those wonderful emerald eyes of hers, give her my best smile and head off into the Autumn sunshine.


I will be back my beautiful, Alexa. One day in the future, I swear, I will come back and make you mine. I will look after you, love you and give you everything your heart desires. We will be together one day, my wonderful, gorgeous, sweet, Alexa.














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