**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...





I straighten my tie and look in the mirror. Even though it is pretty much just a change of blazer, I feel really grown up in my St. Austins Academy new uniform. Everything is still a bit stiff as I needed everything brand new thanks to finally having a growth spurt over the summer. Mummy has washed everything and made them smell nice though.

I glance downwards at a photo on my chest of drawers. It's the most recent photo on there - of the three of us by the pool in Dubai. Mrs Mason-Owen took it of us whilst we were staying in their apartment with them last month. We had a really top time even though it was soooooo hot. I like the sun though. It beats the cold, wet English weather any day of the week. I pick up the photo and examine it closely. Mummy looks so pretty in the photo, but my mummy is very pretty, I think. No wonder papa fell in love with her. Her boobies look nice in her costume...I know it's really bad, but I love mummy's boobies. They are like two soft cushions. I've always loved them from the very first night she came into my room instead of papa to help me with my nightmares. I remember putting my head on her boobies and she hugged and cuddled me until I fell asleep again. She gives the best hugs and cuddles. I love snuggling up to her when we have sofa family time or when we have family time in bed together. She always makes me feel better. I love my papa loads too. He is just awesome. He is the cleverest, fittest, strongest papa on the planet. He wins all the dad's races at my sports-days and no one can beat him at swimming. He is so much fun, as is mummy. I go to other boys houses for play-dates and I realise just how lucky I am to have such brilliant parents. I smile, put the photo down and with a last look in the mirror, I head downstairs.


I stand in the kitchen doorway and watch. Mummy is trying drizzle fresh pancakes with golden syrup, whilst papa stands behind her, one arm around her waist whilst the finger on his other hand swipes at a pool of syrup. He then lifts his syrupy finger and pushes it into mummy's mouth. She starts sucking on it whilst they stare at each other.

"Eeeewww, you two!" I moan. God, they are so embarrassing sometimes.

Mummy jumps and blushes whilst papa grins at me as he retrieves his finger. Mummy pushes away from papa and rushes over.

"Oh Jacob! Oh honey! Oh you look..." She grabs my face in her hands. "You look wonderful darling and so grown up." She hugs me to her and I happily return the hug. "You look even more handsome than papa," she whispers sneakily in my ear, before giving it a little kiss.

"Sweetheart, you'll crease him," I hear papa say in mock sarcasm from somewhere behind her. She pulls back, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Oh mummy..." I groan. Honestly, she cries at anything.

"Sorry honey," she says hoarsely. "I'm just so proud of you and love you so much."

I lunge at her and hug her again to reassure her. "I love you too." I say into her boobies.

"Okay, so everybody loves everybody, so can I get a hug now?"

Mummy giggles and lets go of me. Papa pretends to shove her aside, then places his hands on my shoulders, crosses his eyes and looks me up and down. I can't help but laugh, he looks so funny.

"You look great, Ninito," He beams. "So does your twin!"

"His twin?" Mummy asks in confusion.

Papa and I both laugh as he gives me a hug in his strong arms. I can't wait to be as big and strong as my papa. He releases me with a wink, whilst poor mummy frowns at us at a total loss.


We finish breakfast and mummy clears up.

"Grab your stuff, Ninito and we'll all head off."

"Okay papa."

"I'll just nip to the loo, before we go, boys."

I jump off the stool as papa's iPhone rings. He takes it out of his jacket pocket and looks at it.

"Damn, I need to get this." Grabbing the keys from the table he hands them to me. "Go and wait in the car, son. Me and mummy will be with you in a minute."

"Can I ride in the front just for today papa? Pleeeeeaaaassseee?"

My papa rolls his eyes at me, then grins. "Go on then. I'm sure mummy won't mind as it's your special day."

I excitedly open the kitchen door that leads into the garage and open the passenger door to the Mestalla. God I love, this car! I'm going to have one just like it when I grow up. I throw my new rucksack on the floor, jump in and pull my seatbelt across and clip it in place. As I do so, something catches my eye near papa's seat-belt clip. I reach across and pull at it where it has wedged between his seat and the clip. I look at it and realise it is in fact, papa's driving licence card. It must have fallen out of his pocket. I bring it up to my face and look at it closely. I've never seen it properly before, only when papa has flashed it for I.D. HA! He looks like a weirdo in the photo. He's not smiling for some reason, which is odd as he's usually always smiling. Especially when he looks at me or mummy.

Okay - what do all these numbers and letters mean? The only thing I recognise is his date of birth. Hang on - June 7th 1989? That's not right. Papa's 31, we celebrated his 30th birthday last year when we spent a week exploring London in the Whit holidays with Nanna and Abuelo. How has papa never noticed this? It's a good job I found it. He'll be so pleased I realised there was a mistake before he got into trouble for it. Maybe he'll reward me in some way? There's a new X-Box game I've been after, so maybe I could ask for that?

The front garage door opens and papa and mummy appear, smiling proudly at me. They make their way round to the car and I grip onto the driving licence to show my papa.





Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to read my stories. I hope they brought as much pleasure to read as they brought to write. They truly were a labour of love and I will really miss Alexa, Jacob and Jake.

Especially his hot body... :)


If I'm inspired again, you'll all be the first to know. Huge thanks too for their continued love and support to my dearest @karinalovemelikeyoudo1 and @OlgaGOA without whom I would never have finished writing these stories! Love you girls xx


Very best wishes to you all







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