**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



"Alexa dearest! Come in!" Krystal gives me a beaming smile and a tight hug, which I happily return.

Who would have thought after our more than shaky start, that we would end up being BFF's?

"Thank you so much for helping me with this Krystal. I really didn't know where to start."

"Not a problem! It'll be fun. Go into my bedroom - I'll just grab us some Pinot from the fridge and some nibbles."

I walk through the hallway with a silly grin on my face. Gone is the show-home and in its place is a much warmer, but still relatively pristine apartment. Joe's green, quilted wax jacket hangs next to her matching navy one on the rack and on the mat are his and hers hiking boots.  I push the open door to what has become Jacob's bedroom when he stays over and peek inside. There are boxes full of cars, Lego, board games and books. A large multi-frame hangs on the wall over his bed with a montage of photos of him - ranging from ones taken at our wedding, to various ones with Krystal and Joe. Under the window sits a desk with a laptop, next to a wall-mounted flat-screen TV and a shelf full of DVD's!

"Looking at his master's bedroom?" Krystal asks coming up behind me.

"No wonder he loves staying over, you spoil him rotten!" I say shaking my head in mock exasperation.

Krystal laughs. "If someone had told me eighteen months ago I would look forward to having a boisterous nine year old running around the apartment, I would have had them certified! Now I can't wait for his visits!"

I laugh. "I know! He has certainly changed all our lives for the better. I can't imagine life without him now!"

Krystal turns and pushes open her bedroom door. "Come in dear and take a seat. Lets have some wine and see what we can dress you up in!"

I follow Krystal into her bedroom. It is all set in pinks and silvers and quite, quite beautiful. By the window is a couple of white wicker armchairs and a small table. Krystal places the tray with the drinks and nibbles on the table and gestures for me to sit down. On the wall behind the bed hangs a beautiful large canvas print of Krystal and Joe on our wedding day and on the opposite wall, a slightly smaller one of me, Jake and Jacob on the same day.

"It's a beautiful room, Krystal." I grin. "I love what you've done with the photographs."

Krystal smiles. "It was a wonderful, wonderful day. My darling boy married the love of his life and I got to share it with the love of mine."

"Aww...Krystal..." I feel a lump form in my throat.

"No! No! No bloody tears Alexa! Really, I thought you were getting better!"

"Yeah...I'm working on it. Failing miserably, but working on it!"

Krystal leans across and squeezes my hands. "Don't ever change, dearest. We all love you just the way you are - every emotional, Dyspraxic, interfering inch of you!"

"Thanks! Don't forget about my Turrets!"

"Wouldn't dream of it!"

I grin and take a sip of the delicious cold wine.

I do love this woman! And Joe of course...

"Joe back this weekend?"

"Yes, thank goodness! I have really missed him whilst he's been on this course. No doubt he'll come back with a suitcase full of dirty clothes and missing socks!"

It's so heartening to see how she changes at the mention of his name. Her face softens and her pale blue eyes light up from within. I'm so happy they are back together.

"At least he's home for your anniversary."

"I know! A year this weekend since our first official date after we got back together. I can hardly believe it. I hope now this course is over, he can concentrate on finding a buyer for his house. Once that's sorted he can transfer up here permanently. I don't like all the commuting he does." She sighs sadly.

I nod and decide to change the subject. " suggested I started with a column of black - is this okay?" I ask pointing to my M&S black smart pants and black fitted shirt.

"Perfect, dear."

"You don't think it's too harsh?"

"Not at all! The whole point is to brighten it up with fabulous accessories. You will find out dearest, it is all about the bags, jackets, jewellery and shoes with the women around here."

I nod, remembering Mrs Stephanie-Hunter-wellies-designer-Mac-ridiculously-large-umbrella-Mason-Owen.

"Try the black the first time, then if you find it's not for you, the other colour is a column of navy. In high summer you can change to a column of white, or a maxi dress in either one colour or two-tone black or blue with white. You can of course wear a long skirt in a block colour if you prefer. But never anything above calf-length. Otherwise you'd have to wear black opaque tights and you end up looking like an office worker. Not that there's anything wrong with office-workers, but that's not what you are trying to achieve."

Christ, my head is spinning! It's only lunch with a few Mums - I didn't realise there would be this much protocol involved!

Krystal glides to her wardrobe and opens the door. "We'll start with jackets. I do recommend you invest in a couple of nice blazers dear - one black and one navy. They will see you through the entire year and go with absolutely anything. You should be able to pick out some really nice ones next time you are in Debenhams." She pulls out a couple of blazers and puts them onto the bed. "But I think as it's your first time and we are going for the 'wow factor', it needs to be a box jacket."

Krystal pulls out a beautiful short white jacket, with subtle black checks, black piping down the front and around the pockets and gold buttons. She holds it open for me. "See what you think." She says encouragingly.

I eagerly put my arms through and Krystal walks around the front, adjusting it as she goes. "Yes, definitely. That looks lovely on you. Do you have anything in this style?"

I turn to face the mirror twisting slightly from left to right. "No, I've seen them in the shops and always fancied one, but I just never had anywhere to wear it to." I run my hand over the sumptuous material. "This is gorgeous Krystal. Did you get it from Debenhams?"

Krystal's lips twitch into a smile. "No, I got it from Paris. It's Chanel."

"HOLY FUCK, KRYSTAL!" The words fly harshly out of my mouth before I can stop them. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry!" I apologise profusely in a panic. I grab the edges of the jacket. "I can't wear this!" I hurriedly try to take it off, but she puts her hands firmly on my shoulders.

"You can and you will. It looks really good on you. And it dry cleans a treat. Please don't panic over it. I've had it for years."

Brilliant! It's also vintage!!!

I stare at her dumbfounded, my rapid heartbeat resounding in my head. She smiles reassuringly at me.

"Now, I just have to find the perfect handbag to go with it. Bear with me, I have one in mind. I just have to locate it."

"It's not going to be a Chanel handbag is it?" I ask dejectedly.

"Not Chanel, no..." Krystal says in a muffled tone as she bends into the wardrobe. "Aha! Got it!" She brings out a dark velvet drawstring bag, opens it and hands me a exquisite black patent, square bag with a metal frame and gold trimmings. I am dazzled by its beauty and simplicity. It's then I notice the embossed gold tag.

"GUCCI? Krystal, SERIOUSLY...I feel like I'm going to have a seizure! I cannot wear a Chanel jacket and take a Gucci bag! Not when I'm borrowing them off YOU!"

Krystal beams. "Dearest, you worry too much. Like I said, the jacket is an old one. I've worn it to death. You really can't damage it and as for this was my mothers. I never really liked it. You can keep it."

HUH...? Okay, seriously feeling faint now...

"K-Krystal, thank you...but I can't keep it. It's a family heirloom!" I squeak.

Krystal shakes her head firmly. "Dearest, I have no sisters, no're the nearest thing I'll ever have to a daughter. I want you to have it. Please, Alexa. I'll be delighted it's going to someone I love and who will cherish it, rather than it sitting in my wardrobe gathering dust."

Okay. That just about finished me off...

"Oh Alexa!" Krystal groans and throws her arms around me, as the tears begin to fall silently down my cheeks.


Ten days later, I pull into the small car-park behind Piccolo's Italian Restaurant and pull down the visor in the Mini to check my reflection. God bless Krystal, she insisted I go to her apartment to get ready so she could help me and even organised Amanda to come and do my hair and make-up there. I don't know how much Krystal pays her, but it must be some kind of fortune, as she seems to be able to click her fingers and Amanda is always available. I gave up protesting about putting towards her payments months ago, as Krystal insisted that Amanda's time was always going to be her treat. Like the salon sessions were her treat. She automatically renewed my annual membership too and just waved a dismissive hand at me when I tried to object.

Thank God for my Turrets, on that awful night the boys went missing. Otherwise I could still be at loggerheads with her...

I sigh inwardly. I am really not looking forward to this. It is so not my scene and I feel like I am playing an exaggerated version of myself, just so I fit in. Krystal insisted I wear my diamond and emerald engagement ring, my diamond stud earrings that Jake gave me for Christmas and my silver and diamond Rolex watch. The watch is part of a matching pair given to us on our wedding day, from Jake's overly-generous parents. I hardly ever wear any of the jewellery as I am utterly paranoid of losing it, even though it's all highly insured. And even though it looks amazing, it is only serving to make me even more nervous. I check my reflection one last time. Well, I look as good as I possible can do, so I take a deep breath and exit the car, carrying the vintage Gucci handbag that holds nothing but my iPhone and purse. Stephanie had texted to say we were meeting at the restaurant and the table was booked in her name for 12:15pm. I glance at my ridiculously expensive watch as I walk. It has just turned 12:15pm now so hopefully I won't be the first one to arrive.

There is possibly only one thing worse than being the first one to arrive. Being the last one to arrive. On entering the restaurant and mentioning Stephanie's name, I am shown to a large table full of guffawing women. For a couple of moments no one notices me, then I catch Stephanie's eye. She looks at me, then realises who I am and she can barely stop her mouth from gaping open. She hurriedly stands and beckons me over.

She taps the back of her rings against a wine glass to get the table's attention. The guffawing quietens down as all heads turn towards Stephanie and me.

"Ladies," she begins in a loud clear voice. "This is our newest addition. Alexa Martin, Jacob's Step-Mum."

Yep, my original suspicions were right. You ARE downright rude! What's with the emphasis on Step-Mum...?

The reason soon becomes clear as Stephanie makes the introductions. Seemingly, I am the only Step-Mum. Everyone else actually gave birth to their little boys...I recognise most of the Mum's from the playground, but this is the first time I have formally been introduced to them all. After feeling like a prize exhibit whilst everyone gives me the once over, I thankfully slip into the only empty seat on the table as everyone resumes their chitter-chatter and guffawing. No one so much as makes an effort to begin a conversation with me, so I resignedly open my vintage Gucci bag, being very careful not to bend the clasps and fish out my iPhone. I don't know if it's nerves or paranoia over the bag, but somehow my iPhone slips from my grasp and clatters onto my cutlery with a loud clang. I snap the bag shut and hurriedly reach for the phone which has sprang into life - the screensaver displaying a gorgeous photo of my boys in matching white vests, taken during our summer holiday in Valencia. They are both tanned and smiling and Jake's got a nice sheen on his gorgeous guns...

There is a sudden squeal from the Mum next to me and she grabs my phone before I do.

"OH MY GOD! HE'S YOUR HUSBAND?" She asks excitedly, her face lighting up.


What the fuck..?

"Ladies! LADIES! Guess what?" She addresses the table, as the other Mum's quieten down and look at her. "Alexa's husband is Hot 4x4 Dad!"

He's who...?

There is a collective gasp, then everyone starts talking at once.

"Really? Let me see!"

"Oh my God, you are sooooo lucky!"

"We were wondering who he was married to!"

My iPhone disappears from view as it is handed round from one excited hand to the other, like some mad pass the parcel. The only woman that remains unmoved, is of course Stephanie, who is obviously Queen Bee. She clears her throat.

"Now that Alexa has managed to get you all over-excited, shall we order before the lunch descends into chaos?" She asks sharply.

Amazingly, the excited chatter automatically dies down and everyone hurriedly opens their menus. My phone is slipped under my menu by an unseen hand, as I begin to read what's on offer.

Holy fuck...How much? I am so out of my depth here...

One thing I forgot to ask Krystal amongst the panic about what I should wear, is what the protocol is about ordering food. Do I get a starter? Just a main? Am I even allowed a pudding? Most of these Mum's look like they never ate a carb in their life! Whilst everyone is distracted, I send Krystal a quick text and set my iPhone to silent.

*HELP! What do I get to eat? Terrified of looking like a pig :( XX*

Thankfully she replies almost immediately.

*Salad for starter, followed by chicken or fish for lunch. No chips. And absolutely NO dessert. Sorry dearest. Go to the bakery and get yourself a treat afterwards. I'm sure you'll need one. Good luck!! XX*

Krystal is an utter legend. Almost everyone at the table ordered a salad starter followed either by a chicken or fish dish. No one even mentioned a dessert. Thank God I checked...A waiter collects our menu's and the chatter starts again. This time, I am finally drawn into a conversation by Olga, who is Mum to Roman and who had originally snatched my iPhone.

" did you two meet?" She asks eagerly.

"I worked at a children's Playscheme. Jake came and did some work experience there one summer, during his Uni holidays."

Jake and I have worked on this response. It sounds much better than "We met when Jake was 18. He fell in lust with my tits and I perved over his hot body," which is pretty much what really happened. We also avoid questions about his age where possible. If people ask how old he is, I say 29. He can easily pass for being a few years older and it stops people realising he was only 16 when he became a father.

"Aww, so he's good with children?"

"He'd better be, seeing as he's studying to be a Paediatrician!"

Olga gapes at me. "Wow! He really is the total package - hunky, great physique and a Doctor! So how come you're Jacob's Step-Mum - if you don't mind me asking?"

Jesus, talk about third-degree... even David Dimbleby doesn't ask this many questions...

"Umm...Jake had a brief relationship with a Spanish Au-Pair. When she got back to Spain, she discovered she was pregnant, but because of the distance, she decided not to tell Jake and just brought up the baby alone. But eighteen months ago she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and rather than seeing Jacob go into care, she contacted Jake, told him he had a son and asked him to take care of Jacob when she died."

Again this a response both Jake and I have agreed on and so far it has stood us in good stead. What I hadn't realised in my rush to get the words out in the correct order, was that the majority of the table were now hanging on my every word.

"So what happened then?" Asks Karina, Henry's mum, gently.

I take a sip of coke. "Well...Jake went over to meet him, so he could try and forge some kind of relationship with him before the inevitable happened...and sadly Manuela passed away whilst he was there. We decided it was in Jacob's best interests just to bring him straight over and not delay."

"So, you two were already married by then?" Olga asks.

I shake my head. "No...we'd only been seeing each other seriously for seven months and had just decided to move in together, when we found out about Jacob. We only got married in May."

There was another collective gasp.

What now?

" continued with the relationship and took on board caring for his son, when you could have just walked away?" Karina asks in awe.

I frown. "I-I never contemplated walking away. I love Jake with all my heart, there is nothing I wouldn't do for him. I've spent half my life caring for other people's kids, so I knew I wouldn't have a problem loving Jacob as my own. Now I can hardly remember what life was like without him! And thankfully, he settled into life with us really well. It took him a few months to adjust, but he honestly is a great kid. I couldn't love him any more than if he was actually mine."

There is a collective 'Aww' from around the table.

You know...maybe I could fit in with these mums after all...

"You say that now, but just wait till you have your own children."

There is another collective gasp as all the Mums turn towards Stephanie, who is sat with a smug look on her face.

Okay Perra, enough is enough...

I take a deep breath and give her as hard a look as I can muster. "Actually Stephanie, that's never going to be an issue. I had to have a Hysterectomy a few years ago, so I can't have children anyway. But thanks for making the point."

Okay... I possibly may have just ruined any chances of ever fitting in...


"I'm NEVER doing that again," I snarl as I hack into my second chocolate éclair. After my comment to Stephanie, the atmosphere at the table went from warm to sub-zero. Our mains arrived shortly after and I went back to being ignored whilst the other women chatted about holidays, homework and gym sessions. Thankfully Krystal came to my aid again with a pre-arranged rescue call and I made an excuse that my mother in law had had a fall and needed me to run her to A&E. I had that many knots in my stomach from anger and frustration that I had barely touched my chicken anyway, which only resulted in pissing me off further considering how much it cost. I left my share of the money, made my apologies and pretty much ran out of the restaurant and straight across the road to the bakery. Having bought almost my body-weight in cream cakes, I headed back despondently to Krystals.

"Dearest, don't be too rash. It sounds like you're already well on track in making an enemy of Stephanie, you don't want to alienate yourself from all the mum's. You could end up out in the cold, like some sort of social outcast."

"I'd rather be 'Billy No Mates' than have anything more to do with any of them." I growl, swallowing the rest of my éclair.

Krystal sighed. "Alexa, these aren't ordinary mums. These are wealthy, influential women, used to competing and getting their own way. You are never going to fit in with them, because you're not like them. You don't have the wealth or breeding..."


"Sorry dearest, that came out the wrong way. I meant you married into money..."

"Oh yeah, gold digging cougar sounds so much better than not having any breeding!"

Krystal almost chokes on her coffee. "Stop twisting my words you horror! You and your dark sense of humour!"

I grin. My first smile of the day. "Sorry Krystal. Carry on. I'll be quiet."

She arches a beautiful, perfectly threaded eyebrow. "That would be a first!" She smiles. "Dearest, what I am trying to say is that the majority of these women have been born into wealth, then moved in those circles, so married wealth. They know no other way of life. You will never fit in as you unfortunately didn't have that privilege. You've had to work hard for everything you have achieved and I'd take one of you over ten of them any day of the week."

I reach over and squeeze her hands. "Aww, thanks Krystal."

She sighs and smiles, but her ice-blue eyes fill with sadness. "I could have so easily followed my mother and become one of these women who did nothing but throw dinner parties and go to posh lunches. But I was headstrong and determined to be financially independent. That's why I didn't come home after Finishing School. I went straight to University and pursued my career. Then what happened? It all went wrong and I ended up actually turning into my mother - living a totally materialistic lifestyle and throwing dinner parties! It took you to come crashing into our lives to change me back into the woman I wanted to be."

I don't know whether it's the stress of the day or Krystal's kindness that connects with something deep in my spirit, but it causes a reaction inside me that can only result in one way. As my vision waters and blurs I hear Krystal's exasperated voice...

"Oh Alexa! Not again!"





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