**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



I set out the table. Jake is due back any time. I didn't bother ringing him with what had happened as I knew he'd shoot over at 100 MPH and one disaster was enough for today. On the way back to the group, Jacob had told me he was writing up the facts about the Penguins, when Stephanie started freaking out about the bee. Because he thought she was so ridiculous to be scared of a bee, he'd ignored her when all the other boys had jumped up to help. He'd continued to write on his worksheet, but when he next looked up, he saw them all running off towards the sunken garden, so he'd followed. But when he got there, he walked all the way round and didn't see them. He'd wandered back to the Penguins thinking they'd be there waiting for him, but they weren't there either and there was no one around. Then he'd started to panic and couldn't remember where we were all meeting up, so rather than wait there on his own, he headed off to the Tigers, thinking there would be more people there and he could find a nice family to help him, whilst hoping that I would work out that's where he'd be.

When we had met back up with the group, we were loudly cheered and applauded then surrounded by the boys all eager to know how I had found him and what had happened. Stephanie then came up, apologising profusely, with bright red eyes and an even redder nose. She'd obviously been crying, but I just squeezed her hand and told her there was no harm done. I was far too happy to bear any grudge towards her at that moment. On the way back to the coach, Karina told me that Stephanie had been practically hysterical, until my phone-call and she'd been quite concerned about her. I drove back home feeling quite sorry for her in the end. She hadn't had the best of days from start to finish. I made a mental note to text her later just to tell her not to worry about anything. If it wasn't for her mad insect phobia, I'd still be a step-mum.

I hear the CDi purring into the garage and Jacob dashes into the hallway. I'd swung past Waitrose on our way back and grabbed a Chinese banquet and a large chocolate fudge cake. After the day we had, the last thing I felt like was cooking and I think Jacob and I deserved a treat! Jake enters the house and is immediately set upon by Jacob, who tells him at top speed what had happened. He picks him up and holds him on his hip as he listens in stunned silence. I walk up, wrap my arms around them both and nestle my head into Jake's broad neck, inhaling his comforting, musky scent, as Jake wraps a strong muscular arm around me and holds me to him.

Oh God, I didn't realise how much I needed to be come the waterworks again...

Jake strokes my back and alternates between kissing my forehead and Jacobs. We just stand there in the hallway, not moving, as Jacob breathlessly finishes the story. Then a little hand swipes at my face.

"Don't cry, mummy."

Jake inhales sharply, as I smile through my tears, grab Jacob's hand and place a soft kiss on his palm.

"Alexa's my mummy now, papa." Jacob explains.

"Oh Niñito! I'm so proud of you!" He exclaims. "I'm very proud of both of you. And I'm so, so happy for you Alexa. No one deserves it more."

I nod. "I'm really happy too," I gulp. "I'm so sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me! I can't seem to stop crying now."

"It's probably delayed shock sweetheart." He tightens his grip on my waist. "Don't worry," He breathes against my forehead. "I've got you. I've got both of you. You're home. You're safe."


It's 7pm and we are all in our bed watching a Simpsons DVD. The delayed shock played havoc with me and I was suddenly, practically immobile. I felt like all my energy had deserted me and Jake had ended up serving dinner, despite my feeble protests. The tears hadn't stopped, regardless of my best attempts to curb them and I had eaten my dinner with Jacob on my knee, who had refused to sit anywhere else and Jake holding my free hand, whilst he gently explained to Jacob what delayed shock was. Despite the food, I still felt utterly drained; the days exertions and stress finally catching up with me, so Jake had ordered us all to bed. I had texted Stephanie just to see how she was and to reassure her again that it was just one of those things and not to worry, but I hadn't received a reply.

Jake is propped up in the middle of the bed, with Jacob curled around him on one side, with his head on his broad chest and me curled around the other side, with my head on his shoulder and my arm resting across his chest, stroking Jacob's head. His arms are around us both, holding us tightly to him. The tears have finally ebbed away, but I feel physically and emotionally exhausted. A little murmur tells me Jacob has probably dozed off.

"Is he asleep?" Jake whispers.

I move my head to check and indeed, Jacob's eyes are closed and he is sleeping peacefully.

"Yeah," I whisper, settling back down. "Poor little soul had quite an adventure."

Jake sighs."But as always, you saved the day." He twists his head and looks at me. "Anything like that happens, call me. If I'd have known what was happening I'd have dropped everything and raced over."

I sigh. "Which is exactly why I DIDN'T call you. I knew that's what you would do. I didn't want to risk something happening to you too!" I close my eyes, the thought too much to bear as thoughts of those awful hours when they were missing at sea flood back. I shudder. "Had he not been found, of course I would have rang you. And Joe and Krystal. But it turned out okay in the end and I honestly thought we were both fine. I was more worried about how Jacob would handle it, not me!"

"That's because you always put everyone before yourself, sweetheart. Me, Jacob, Mum, Papa...we'd all be treading water if it wasn't for you." He stops and catches his breath, his dark eyes moist and full of love. "You really are our salvation, sweetheart." He whispers.

Jesus...just when I'd finally stopped crying...

"Oh Jake..." I begin as fresh tears begin to fall.

"Kiss me," he breathes.

He cannot move as he is pinioned under Jacob and I, so I push up and twist and my mouth finds his. He kisses me slowly, softly, his tongue caressing mine. All the while, tears continue to fall, but he doesn't stop. He continues to venerate me with his mouth, until the tears finally cease and I fall asleep, wrapped around my beloved husband and son.


The following evening we are heading over to Joe and Krystal's for dinner. Jake, Jacob and I had spent a lovely time at the Trafford Centre earlier. Jake had driven us out there as I wanted to buy Jacob something really special to celebrate me becoming his mummy and after discussing it with Jake, he thought my idea was lovely, if a little extravagant. He took Jacob off under the pretence of looking in the Game shop to see what new X-Box games they had, so I could sneak off and make my purchase. I am going to surprise him with it later at Joe and Krystal's.

We knock on the door and Krystal flings it open. "Darlings!" She squeals. She hugs and kisses Jacob. "Oh darling, Abuelo and I are so proud of you. You've done an amazing thing for Alexa." Jacob nods as he hugs her back. "I know. I'm so happy she's finally my mummy."

I feel my heart leap in my chest.

Seriously, NEVER going to tire of hearing that word!

Jake and Jacob make their way into the sitting room to Joe, as Krystal grabs me.

"Congratulations, dearest. I'm so happy for you." She lowers her voice as Jake and Jacob greet Joe. "It was long overdue. He's so lucky to have you for a mummy."

Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together...

I hug her back. "Thank you Krystal, but honestly, I'm the lucky one."

"My turn! My turn!" Joe says affectionately, coming out of the sitting room, as Krystal lets me go. He hugs me and lifts me off the ground, making me squeal. "Cariño, you have more than merited the title of mummy. Jacob is blessed to have you."

I swallow past the lump in my throat. "T-Thank you Joe. But really, I'm the one who's blessed to have him as a son."

"Oh my God papa! Put her down! You'll find any excuse to man-handle my wife!"

Joe grins and gently sets me back down again. "Oh, if only I wasn't spoken for..."


We have just finished eating one of Krystal's special dinners, washed down with a celebratory bottle of Moet and Chandon. Krystal and Jake disappear into the kitchen, whilst Jacob and I fill Joe in about the Rhino conservation program at Chester Zoo. Half way through our discussion, Krystal re-enters the room carrying what looks like a large hand-made frosted cake.

"I pulled in a quick favour," She beams putting it on the table. "Hope you like it."

The cake has lemon yellow frosting and written in the middle of the cake in blue icing is "Congratulations Jacob and Alexa."

"Wow Nanna! Is that for us?" Jacob asks with shining jet eyes.

"Yes darling. It's from papa, me and abuelo. Specially made to celebrate Alexa becoming your mummy."


"Oh Krystal...that's amazing. Thank you. Thank you all so much." I stop and look round. "Where's Jake gone? It's not like him to miss out on cake!"

"I'm right here, sweetheart."

Jake enters the room, carrying a beautiful red and white floral arrangement. It's huge and must have cost a fortune.


"A little token of how much we all love you and to say thank you for everything you did yesterday." He says as he hands me the arrangement.

Little token? This is getting overwhelming now...

"They're...they're amazing," I breathe. "I don't know what to say. Thank you doesn't seem enough."

I turn and look at them all. "Just when did you get all this organised?"

Jake grins at me. "I text mum and told her what had happened yesterday evening and asked her if she could organise something at short notice.You know no one organises a special meal like Krystal Edwards! I then went online and ordered you the flowers and got them delivered here. "

I look at them in awe and disbelief. Then I remember.

"Oh God! I almost forgot! Jacob, come here honey."

Jacob obediently stops eating his slice of cake and comes and stands in front of me.

"I wanted to get you something really special to celebrate me becoming your mummy and after what happened yesterday, I wanted you to have some way that you could contact me or papa or Abuelo or Nanna for that matter. Plus I wanted something you would enjoy to play with and you would find useful for the future. I could only think of one thing." I dip into my bag and hand him the box. Jacob gasps.

"An iPod! Oh thank you mummy! I can face-time you all now, whenever I want!"

"Er...yeah within reason, Niñito. I don't want to be face-timed at 3am because you want a glass of water!" Jake laughs.

Jacob throws his arms around my neck. "Thank you mummy, I love it."

I wrap my arms around him and hug him tight. "You're very welcome honey. It's all charged up and ready to play with." I kiss his little cheek.

He steps back, then looks sideways at Jake. Jake nods and fishes inside his jacket pocket.

What's going on?

Jacob walks over to him and Jake hands him a little black box and takes the iPod off him. He comes back over to me and smiling his newly acquired copy of his daddy's worshipping smile, hands me the box.

"I wanted to get you something special too, mummy," he beams.

What on earth..?

With trembling fingers I open the box.

Then the floodgates open.

"Oh God, I knew it," Jake groans and walks over to me with the box of tissues.

Twinkling in the box is a silver pendant on a short chain. It is in the shape of a heart and engraved on the heart are four words.

I love you Mummy.

I stare at it through watery eyes for what feels like hours but what must have only been moments. I never wanted to forget this first moment of pure love from a child I had given up on having. A child that would one day be my own and who would call me mummy. The most beautiful word in the world. I throw my arms around Jacob and hug him to me. To my utter joy he wraps his arms tightly around me and returns my hug. I don't think I have ever felt so happy. Jacob's unconditional love had healed something deep within me, that had been there since my hysterectomy, locked away deep in my psyche.

"Do you want me to put it on you?" Jacob asks gently.

I reluctantly let go of him. "Yes please, honey," I breathe.

He smiles and his nimble fingers make short work of fastening it to my neck. It sits perfectly above my silver jigsaw piece.

"My beautiful family," Jake murmurs and when I look over to him he is gazing at us, his dark eyes moist and glistening. I reach over and squeeze his hand, unable to stop my tears.


It has been a wonderful, wonderful day. I have been spoilt rotten, each surprise out-surpassing the previous one. Our son spent the afternoon downloading free Apps to his iPod and is already four levels ahead of me on Angry Birds.

Stupid bloody game. I know it makes ME one angry bird, when I play it.

I pull the duvet up to his chin as I tuck him in and place a soft kiss on his forehead.

"Thank you for my beautiful gift, honey. I'm never taking it off."

Jacob grins. "Me and Papa wanted to find you something special and when we saw the necklace, we knew that was it!"

"I'm a very lucky lady having so many beautiful pieces of jewellery, but this is extra special because it's from you."

I stroke his dear little face as Jake kisses his forehead.

"Sweet dreams, Niñito. We'll see if you can beat my score at Angry Birds tomorrow."

"Cool! Thank you for my iPod, mummy. I really love it."

"You deserve it honey. I hope you get hours of fun from it. Night my gorgeous boy."

"Night papa. Night mummy."

Yep. It's never going to grow old...


We've just sat on the sofa after tucking him in when my iPhone begins to ring.

"Who the hell's that at this time?" Jake asks.

I certainly wasn't expecting a call from anyone...FUCK! It's Stephanie!

I turn the screen towards Jake who raises his eyebrows, as I answer it.

"Hi Stephanie, how are you?" I begin tentatively.

"'s Hugo."


I inhale sharply. "Oh h-hi Stephanie okay? I've been texting her..."

"I know. I've seen the texts." I hear him sigh. "To be honest Alexa, she's not good."


"Why?" I ask trying not to sound panicked.

"She's taken what happened really badly. Totally blames herself and her stupid insect phobia for losing track of Jacob. It should never have happened."

"Oh Hugo! I told her at the time, it was just one of those things. I've been on dozens of day trips. It only takes a second to get distracted. It's done now. Jacob's fine. None of us are angry or upset at her. I have told her and told her."

I hear Hugo sigh again. "I know, Alexa and I can't thank you enough. You have been more than generous. If the boot was on the other foot, I don't think I would be quite so understanding. I just don't know how to get through to her. I've never seen her this distraught."

Oh Christ, I hadn't realised she had taken it to heart so much.

I look at Jake who gives me  a quizzical look, that doesn't help. Then somehow inspiration hits me.

"Hugo, please tell Stephanie this. As you know, I am Jacob's step-mum. His actual mummy died almost two years ago from cancer. I have wanted children for as long as I can remember, but due to some problems, I had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago."

Hugo gasps. "Oh! Oh Alexa, I had no idea. I'm so sorry."

"Thank you. It's not something I broadcast, as it's still quite hard to deal with. Having Jacob has made the pain easier, but I'd always called myself his step-mum. I didn't want to upset him by calling myself his mummy and him thinking I was trying to take the place of his real mum." I sigh. "When I found him yesterday, he was so delighted that I'd worked out where he would be, he asked me to please be his mummy. Apparently, he hated that I called myself his step-mum and had got it into his little head that I'd done that because I didn't want to be his mummy! So thanks to Stephanie, I am finally a mummy to a wonderful little boy and my dream has come true at last."

Jake turns his head and places a soft kiss on my temple. I smile and squeeze his hand.

"Oh gosh Alexa! That's amazing. Oh I'll tell her, maybe it will help lift her spirits."

Amazingly, inspiration hits me again. "Hugo...if you are all free tomorrow, I'd like to invite you over. Jacob would love to have Theo round for a play-date and we can all sit together and talk. Nothing heavy, just to clear the air. Maybe if Stephanie sees we're all okay with it, it'll help."

I hear Hugo inhale a sharp breath. "Oh Alexa. I don't know what to say. That is very kind of you and it may help her. You're sure we wouldn't be imposing?"

"No, we were just going to chillax, we've had quite a busy day today. Look, speak to Stephanie and see what she says and ask her to text me. Hopefully we can make some kind of arrangement."

I hear him sigh heavily. They must have been going through a very hard time. "Thank you, Alexa. There aren't many good people left in the world. It's gratifying to know there are still some out there. I will talk to Stephanie and hopefully she'll agree to it."

"Okay Hugo, and if there is anything else I can do, just let me know. I'm always here - even if she needs to rest and you want to drop Theo over anytime, it's fine. Jacob would love it and Theo's no trouble."

There is no response.

Did he hang up and I didn't notice?

I pull the phone away from my ear and check it.

No...we're still in call...


"Yes...yes...sorry Alexa. I was just digesting your offer. Again, I can't thank you enough. I'm sure Theo would relish getting out of the house for a bit. I will speak to Steph and one of us will get back to you. Thanks again, Alexa."

"No worries. Look after her and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow. Bye Hugo."


"Fuck me, that sounded intense! What's happened to Stephanie?"

I sigh, grab his hand and kiss the back of his knuckles. "Apparently she's really taken what happened to heart. Totally blames herself for her insect phobia making her lose track of Jacob. Karina did say she was practically hysterical whilst I was off looking for Jacob and she'd been quite worried about her."

"So what did Hugo say - they coming round tomoz?"

"Dunno yet. He's gonna try and get through to Stephanie, explain what happened and how her mistake actually worked in my favour and hopefully that'll bring her round. If it doesn't, I'll just offer to have Theo, even if we have to go and get him. Poor kid must be so confused, seeing his mum in that state."

Jake nods. "Hugo's obviously struggling to deal with it all." Jake sighs. "I think they are both decent people...just lack parenting and life skills. Too much privilege and not enough living in the real world."

"Couldn't agree with you more, Mr. Martin." I turn towards him. "I have had the most wonderful day, Jake. Thank you for all the surprises."

He beams his all-dimples-all-worshipping smile.

"You deserved it all, sweetheart," he says lovingly, running his thumb over my lips. "Besides, you surprise ME often enough..."

I grin. "I do don't I? What surprise did you like best, Sire?"

Jake's dark eyes light up and he grins salaciously. "Let's just say the role play in the Mercedes is going to take some beating! I get hard just thinking about it!"

I laugh in surprise. "Oh really, Sire? We'll this lowly Wench will have to see what she can do about that..."



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