**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



MAY 2015


I cannot believe it's coming up to our first wedding anniversary! Where has the year gone? I feel like my life was in slow motion until I met Jake and his wonderful family. Jacob will be starting his final term in Year Five after the Whitsun Holidays, then after the summer he starts in Year Six and has to sit his entrance exams for Grammar School. He is really happy at St. Austin's and hopes to get into the Grammar there. We are only going to make him sit that entrance exam and the Taylorbrooke Boys Grammar one.  I spoke to Jake about the many kids I have looked after, that were pushed into exam after exam by over zealous parents. Some coped with it, but the majority just ended up stressed and miserable. So together we decided we're not going to push him into taking any unnecessary entrance exams. His teachers are confident he is more than capable of getting in at the Grammar at St. Austin's, so we don't see the point in putting him under any extra pressure for no reason.


Apparently, Theo will be sitting six entrance exams...


Jake has booked us an overnight stay at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester for our anniversary. It is somewhere I have always wanted to go to and we will be there from 1pm in the afternoon today until after breakfast tomorrow. Joe and Krystal have stepped in yet again to take care of Jacob and have taken him out for the day at the Trafford Centre. No doubt, they will spoil him rotten and he will come back with some new Lego toys...

Jake has booked a taxi to take us to the train station. Our overnight suitcases are by the door and Jake waits by the window to look for the taxi, as I make the final checks that the doors and windows are all closed...

"It's here, sweetheart," he calls as I hear a car engine stop outside the door.

Jake exits the sitting room grinning at me and I lock the door behind me as he takes the suitcases out to the taxi. I set the house alarm, lock the front door, then turn and gasp in surprise.

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Jake is stood beaming at me, not by a taxi, but by a beautiful, sleek, silver limousine!

I stand frozen to the spot, staring at him. Jake holds out his hand, beckoning me.

"Your chariot awaits, Mistress..."

I walk over to him blushing. I take his outstretched hand with trembling fingers, and he pulls me sharply against him.

"Happy first wedding anniversary, Mrs. Martin." He whispers and places a soft kiss on my lips.

I kiss him happily back. "The first of many, Mr. Martin."


We sit back and sip champagne as we tour the streets Enrique to the station. Pop videos play on a screen and neon lights glow and dance around us.

"Enjoying the ride, Mrs. Martin?" Jake asks as he kisses my temple.

"It's a wonderful surprise, Jake. Thank you." I sigh.

"What is it?" He asks, concerned.

"Just wishing Jacob was with us. He'd have loved this."

He tilts my head and kisses me. "Yes, he would have. And I love you all the more for thinking of him."


Our room is a beautiful executive room, with a separate combined dining and sitting room. It is kitted out in creams, browns and reds, and is very beautiful and serene. The whole of Manchester splays out in front of us, from the huge floor to ceiling windows, like a magical industrial carpet.

"It's stunning, Jake," I beam happily, looking out of the bedroom window. "I feel like I'm Anastasia at the Escala!"

Jake comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. "It's one hell of a view. Outside and inside," he breathes kissing my ear and running his tongue down the shell.

I turn slightly so I can look at him. "Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Martin?"

Jake puts on an innocent face. "Moi?" Then he immediately grins salaciously. "I live to seduce you, Mrs. Martin."


I shiver so hard I actually shake in his arms. He twists, lifting me and places my back against the warm glass. Instinctively, I wrap myself around him to hold on.

"JAKE! What are you doing! Someone will see us!"

"So? There's no law that says a man can't kiss his wife against the window of the 20th floor, in the Hilton Hotel!"

I breathe a sigh of relief. "Oh right! I thought you were about to ravish me!"

Jake looks at me and smirks naughtily. "No...but it's one hell of an idea for tonight, Mrs. Martin!"

I shiver so hard I'm sure I make the window rattle...


Twenty minutes later, we are dressed in white towelling robes and heading off to the pool for a swim. It seems incredible that we can swim so high up over Manchester. We enter the pool area and Jake stops.

"I just have to check they have us down before we go in," he says.

I nod as he goes over to speak to the receptionist, whose eyes almost double in size when she catches sight of my dear husband. She is all fake tan, fake lashes and if I'm not mistaken fake boobs too. She looks like a cheap Katie Price. Doesn't stop the green eyed monster in me, rearing up though. I walk over to claim him, as he turns.

"So I can leave my beautiful wife in your capable hands then, Leanne? Make sure she has the works and you take extra special care of her."


"Jake...what's going on?" I ask, as Leanne sashays from behind the desk.

"Of course Mr. Martin. You leave her with me," she says in a breathy voice and a flutter of her fake eyelashes.

STOP. FLIRTING. WITH. MY. HUSBAND!! Seriously, what the fu...

Jake takes my hand and kisses me on my wedding ring. "Just a little extra treat for you, sweetheart. I booked you into the spa for a full body massage, facial and anything else you fancy. I promised to pamper you and this is the start of me making good on my promise."

The penny finally drops.

Aww...of all the sweet, mad, things he's ever done for me...

I look at him adoringly. "Thank you, Jake. You really shouldn't have - but what about you?"

"I'll be in the pool, working up an appetite," he says with a sexy wink, that makes me blush.

"Ah-hem, are you ready Mrs. Martin?" Leanne cuts in sharply.

Just hold your horses, biatch...

I pull the lapels of Jake's robe sharply and plant a hard wet kiss on his lips, then push my tongue in his mouth, for good measure. I feel him smile against my lips, but he kisses me back, just as hard. I pull off him and lick my lips.

"See, you in a bit, husband." I say huskily.

"I'll be waiting, wife," he replies just as huskily.

I catch Leanne just as she is finishing rolling her eyes. "I'm ready now," I say tartly.


An hour later I am led back out to the booking area by Dina, the masseuse.

"That was wonderful, Dina. Thank you so much. I can't remember when I last felt this relaxed!"

"Aww, it was my pleasure, Alexa. Nice to have met you. If you fancy anything else whilst you're here, just book in with Leanne and I'll fit you in."

"That's very kind of you. Thanks again."

"Enjoy the rest of your stay and a very happy anniversary to you and your husband!"

She waves me off and I give Leanne a smug, relaxed look as I walk sedately passed her and open the door to the pool area.

My darling husband is in the middle of a swimming a length and I take a moment to admire his powerful physique as he cuts through the water with consummate ease. The pool water just skims off his gorgeous biceps and rolls off his broad, muscular back. I also take a moment to notice a couple of women sat by the pool who are pretending not to ogle him as they chat away to each other. Thankfully, they look old enough to know better, so I take off my robe and slip into the water, making a bee-line for a spot in the wall, directly in his path. I hear the ladies gasp as Jake powers through the water a few feet away, heading straight for me. His head pops up and he catches my eye, then barely breaking his stride, he suddenly dives under the water, taking the opportunity to run his hands all over me, before he pushes up in front of me. I put my arms around his neck and he runs his hands down my sides, grabbing my bottom and lifts me sharply against him so that I wrap my legs around his waist.

He places a soft, chlorined kiss on my lips. "Nice massage, Mrs. Martin?"

I smile lovingly at him. "Almost as good as one of yours, Mr. Martin."

"She must be good then!" He grins. "So you feeling all nice and relaxed now, sweetheart?"

I nod happily. "You're spoiling me, husband."

He kisses me tenderly. "Oh sweetheart, no one deserves to be spoiled more than you."


We sit at Cloud 23 Bar on the twenty third floor of the Hilton, waiting for our afternoon tea. It is only accessible by a separate lift in the hotel foyer and it's clientele is closely monitored by the doorman down there. It has superb panoramic views of Manchester and the surrounding areas and we try and spot different places of interest as we sit by the window.

After leaving the pool, we almost ran back to our room, tumbled into the shower and had barely stepped out of our wet swimming gear, when we gave the shower a damn good christening! I hope to God the rooms are soundproof! Hopefully the cascading water drowned out the majority of the noise! We had both certainly worked up an appetite and as our dinner wasn't until 9pm, we'd decided to go and treat ourselves to a hot drink and something indulgent at one of most famous bars in Manchester. An over-made up waitress in a body-con, dress approaches us with a tray.

"Hot chocolate?" She asks us, then catches sight of Jake in a fitted black Nike t-shirt and black cargo shorts. Her mouth gapes slightly.

"Yes, that's for my wife," Jake begins, ignoring her completely and emphasising the word wife. He leans over, grasps my hand and kisses it softly. "It'll make you taste even sweeter."


I feel myself blush from head to toe.

"Cappucino," the waitress almost snarls, as she places the cup and saucer in front of Jake. "Your afternoon tea tray is on it's way."

"Thanks," I say not taking my eyes off Jake's.

She turns on her heels and flounces off. "She's going to spit on our cakes." I whisper.

Jake chuckles and kisses my hand before releasing it. "She reminds me of all the faceless women I shagged in Uni. By the filthy look she just gave me, I'm beginning to wonder if she was one of them!"

I smile, but my heart twists slightly at the thought of him having empty sex with so many women before me. He's never revealed how many there were, but I doubt he kept count...

I drag myself away from my unpleasant thoughts and suddenly smile. "You should get Joe to bring Krystal here for afternoon tea. I'm sure they'd love it."

Jake beams. "Good idea. I'll mention it to him."

We are interrupted by the arrival of a modern three tiered cake tray laden with various sandwiches, small cakes and treats. My eyes light up and Jake grins.

"Your idea of heaven, Mrs. Martin?"

I shake my head. "YOU'RE my idea of heaven, Mr. Martin," I whisper.

He inhales sharply, then smiles his all dimples-all-worshipping smile. "As are you, sweetheart."


We spent a couple of hours enjoying our very nice and very sweet afternoon tea, then came back to our room and Jake face-timed Krystal to check how they were. They had just arrived home having been to the Aquarium, ice-cream parlour and LEGOLAND gift shop. Jacob was bouncing off the walls and had breathlessly filled us in about his fantastic day. While part of me delights in the way they indulge their grandson, my heart aches for everything Jake must have missed out on, not having them together when he was growing up. Even spoiling Jacob will never fully erase the guilt they both carry from Jake's childhood. Satisfied that our son was possibly having an even better time than us, we had started to get ourselves ready for dinner. I took my stuff into the bathroom, not wishing to spoil my surprise, of brand new M & S black lace and red rose embroidered bra and panties, matching suspenders and black stockings. I slip my red slinky dress over me, shake it into place and open the bathroom door. My husband is doing up his white dress shirt and looks up as I enter.

"Wow! You look gorgeous, sweetheart," he beams.

"Thank you, babe. You look as devilishly handsome as always," I grin. I fish into my make-up bag and bring out something else to surprise my darling husband with.

"Will you sit on the bed a minute, please babe. I have something for you."

Smiling he walks round the bed and sits down facing me. I stand between his legs and hand him a little, square black jewellery box.

"Happy anniversary, my darling husband," I breathe, my heart pounding.

"Oh sweetheart," he begins. "You really shouldn't have..." He opens the box and I hear his breath catch in his throat. He stares at the contents and says nothing.


I frown in dismay as Jake continues to stare, then slowly his fingers slide into the box and he pulls out his gift.

He holds it up and his eyes catch mine. They are bright, dark coals and shine with tears.


I open my mouth to speak, but no words come out. I hate that I have upset him...

"That's amazing, sweetheart," he breathes at last. "I love it."

I let out a relieved breath. "You do?"

"Oh, Lex, of course I do! You overwhelm me with your love and thoughtfulness." He gulps down an emotional breath. "Where did you get them?"

I take the silver necklace from his hands. A shiny pendant hangs from it in the shape of a single jigsaw piece, with a tiny heart shape cut out of the middle of the piece. I have a matching one still in the box. "Bend forwards, let me put it on you." Jake obediently leans forwards. "I've been searching for months for the perfect gift and nothing grabbed me. Then when we realised what had happened in nursery and you said that I was the missing piece of your puzzle, it gave me an idea. I found these in an online jewellery shop."

I fasten the clasp and kiss the nape of his neck. He straightens up and plants a soft kiss on my lips as he takes my necklace out of the box. I lean forwards resting my hands on his broad shoulders and he fastens it in place, also giving me a soft kiss on the nape of my neck.

"I know you only like wearing your wedding ring and your watch, but it looks really nice just resting in the dip between your collarbones."

He grabs my hands and kisses them. "Alexa, I'm never taking it off! It's perfect. I want to see it everyday and be reminded that you were always the missing piece of my heart."

I grab his face and kiss him like my life depends on it.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you...

He pulls gently off me and looks sheepishly at me. "It makes what I got you look a"

I gasp. "Oh babe, I wasn't expecting anything. You've paid for all this," I say waving my hand around. "And the massage...and the limo..."

He grins at me. "What part of 'I'm going to spoil you rotten', don't you understand, Alexa? Now YOU sit down, whilst I go and find my gift."

Beaming, I sit down on the bed whilst Jake goes over to his suitcase, unlocks it and rustles around. He snaps it shut and comes back over, carrying a little black velvet pouch.

"Happy anniversary, Mrs. Martin," he breathes, his jet eyes dark and on fire.

I open the pouch excitedly and reach in.

Oh I love, love, love, my husband...





I pull out two silver balls attached together with a black cord and stare at them in stunned silence.

"Say something, sweetheart, please..." he whispers breathlessly.

"I have my own balls," I breathe.

Jake lets out a relieved laugh and strokes my face. "Yes you do! I've wanted to get you some for ages, but I didn't want to freak you out. Then when you reacted so well to the flogger, I just thought I'd get them for our anniversary. You don't have to try them tonight..."

"Are you joking?" I exclaim eagerly. "I'm getting wet just holding them! Shall I start sucking on them?"

Jake grins and takes them off me. "Sweetheart, no offence, but I'd be terrified you'd choke on them! You don't have the greatest track record..."

I fold my arms and pout, whilst he fishes into his toiletry bag.

Okay, so he does have a point...

"I've bought lube," he says waving the tube at me. He squirts some on his hand, then massages it over the balls whilst I watch, fascinated, getting more and more turned on. "I thought I may need to use it on you to help with getting them in, but I have a feeling, you don't need it..."

Shit how can he tell? My flushed face and heavy breathing possibly..?

"Roll your dress up and move your knickers to the side for me," he rasps.

Shit! It's effecting him too!

I hurriedly begin to lift my hem up, then stop.


"Fuck, I've just remembered. I've got a surprise for you under the dress," I pant. "Will you shut your eyes and let me guide your hands?"

He grins salaciously at me. "Of course, sweetheart. Even if I do have to wait to see my surprise!"

He kneels between my knees and shuts his eyes. I wriggle my hem up and lie back on the bed. With my left hand I pull the leg of my already damp knickers as far over as I can and reach down for his hands.

"Okay babe, I'm ready."

I guide his hands to the entrance of my sex. He blindly probes a finger forward until it slides in.

"Okay, got it. Just relax sweetheart. I don't know how they are going to feel, or how you are going to take it, but if it feels weird in any way, tell me and I'll stop."

"Okay," I pant breathlessly.

I feel the cool, wet metal press against me, then slip inside. I inhale sharply at the new sensation. It feels really cold inside my scorching body.

"You okay?" Jake's warm breath brushes the top of my thigh.

"Y-yeah. Keep going."

I feel the second ball press against me, then slide inside to join it's mate. It's a really bizarre feeling having something lower than my body temperature inside me. Jakes lips find the inside of my thigh.

"Let go of your knickers and grab the cord handle," he instructs with a kiss. "You need to tuck it inside them."


He stands up and turns away from me. "Let me know when you're done, sweetheart."

I find the cord loop that is attached to the second ball and tuck it inside the gusset of my knickers. I pull my hem down and sit up. The balls move slightly inside me and I gasp.

"Ooh...Okay...I'm ready."

He turns and looks at me. "How do they feel?"

"Cold and strange at the mo...but okay." I get to my feet and the sudden gravity, pulls them downwards. I clench automatically around them to stop them falling out.


Jake immediately grips my shoulders. "You okay?"

I grasp his elbows. "Y-yeah. You may have to hold me up for most of the night though!"

Jake laughs. "A man has to do what a man has to do..."


We set off for dinner in the downstairs Podium restaurant. The gravity during the descent of the lift has me whimpering into Jake's chest as the lift is quite full. He pulls me against him and kisses my forehead. I exit the lift on shaky legs and Jake wraps his arm around my waist as I hold onto him for support, and we walk the short distance across the foyer and into the restaurant, all the while the balls move up and down inside me. By the time we are shown to our table, I am flushed and panting and feel like I have been working out. I order a Pepsi and a jug of cold water. I am feeling ridiculously hot. Jake reaches over and runs his thumb over my knuckles.

"How are you doing?" He whispers.

"Let's just say, I'm glad to be sat down at last!" I whisper back.

"The toilets are just there. If they get too much, just go and get rid of them."

I nod. "Thanks. I really do want to keep them in for as long as I can. They should be easier to cope with, now I'm not moving."

Our drinks arrive and I gratefully gulp down half my glass of Pepsi then fill a glass with water and gulp half of that down too.

Shit! Slow down idiot! What'll happen if I need a wee?


The food was beautifully prepared and tasted fantastic, but Jake wasn't impressed with the portion size, or the 'nouvelle cuisine' style.

"Do you fancy checking out the cloud bar again for a drink, before we head back to our room?" Jake asks as we finish off dessert.

We go out so rarely at night, much preferring to stay in on our own when Joe and Krystal have Jacob staying over. But it is our first anniversary after all...

"Yeah, why not. It would be quite nice to see what it's like at night."

The waiter arrives to take our plates and Jake asks him what we need to do to get on the guest list for the bar. The waiter very kindly takes our names and table number and goes and speaks to the doorman in the foyer. He comes back and tells Jake our names have been added and just to mention them to the doorman and to tell him we were booked in by Charles from the restaurant and we should be able to go straight up. I need the loo, so I slowly make my way to the nearby toilets. I wrap toilet paper around my hand and hold it against myself whilst I wee to make sure the balls stay in place. I adjust everything back and exit the toilet to freshen up. I hardly need bother. I am absolutely glowing! My eyes shine with desire and my cheeks are flushed pink. I slick some lip gloss on and make my way slowly back to Jake.


We are ushered straight up and we exit the lift into the bustling bar. It has totally changed since the afternoon and looks like a completely different place. The lights are dimmed and subtle, music pumps out and the panoramic view twinkles with various lights from buildings and street lights. We find a seat on one of the sofas and sit down. After consulting the drinks menu, I decide to play it safe and just have a Disaronno and coke. I would have liked to have tried a cocktail, but with the way I'm feeling, I think I need a clearer head. Jake makes his way to the bar and I take yet another moment to admire my husband, as desire builds inside of me. He stands at the bar, his dress shirt stretched over his broad back, the white of the shirt defining his taut muscles underneath. He was going to wear a tie, then abandoned it and left his collar open to show off his necklace instead. His black suit pants, skim over his glorious pert behind and my fingers twitch to caress it. I can take it no longer. I take out my phone and send him a text.

*You look very fit stood at the bar. Especially your gorgeously lush arse ;) Your loving wife <3 xx*

I see him take out his phone, check it and slip it back into his trouser pocket. I am disappointed he doesn't reply, but he then takes a step back and leans further forward, so that his bottom juts out. He looks utterly ridiculous, but he turns and looks over his shoulder at me and winks. I blow him a kiss and he grins, then straightens up. I giggle.


He arrives back with our drinks and sits next to me. He lifts his beer bottle. "Happy first anniversary again, Mrs. Martin." He grins.

I return his grin and clink my glass against the bottle. "Same to you, again, Mr. Martin."

He wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me against him. "Still perving over me, Wench?" he whispers in my ear.

I nod and turn to whisper in his ear. "Well, I think I should be allowed perv over my Sire on our anniversary - especially when I'm feeling so damn horny..."

I feel him inhale sharply and he turns and kisses me, hard on the lips. "One drink and we're out of here."


I grip onto his waist with both hands as the lift descends back to the foyer. He pulls me against him again so we don't draw attention to ourselves.

Good job the lifts here are so fast or I'd end up climaxing in them!

We exit the lift and walk the short distance to the lifts up to our room. We enter one and for the first time, we are actually alone in the lift. As soon as the doors close, we pounce, mouths and tongues devouring each other. My hands skim around him and I grab his behind and push it hard against me as I grind into him. I hear him groan in his throat and it makes me almost convulse with desire. The lift stops and he swoops and lifts me into his arms. He rushes up the empty corridor carrying me, whilst I fish out the credit card room key from my bag. He drops me gently to the floor and closes and locks the door behind him. I head straight to the bathroom.

"Be ready, Jake!" I call in a high pitch tone as I enter the bathroom. I literally rip off my dress, kick off my shoes and yank down my knickers. I crouch down and holding onto the sink with one hand I pull gently on the cord between my legs with the other. The balls slip out and clink together and I whimper as my whole body almost cries out with need. I place them gently into the sink and wipe away the excess moisture from between my legs with a piece of toilet paper. I yank open the toilet door and my husband is completely naked, stood looking out of one of the full length windows. The sight of his naked form, primed and ready for action, only serves to fuel my rampant desire further. He turns and gasps.

"Oh look..."

It's as far as he gets before I launch myself at him. He staggers back and I pin him with my weight so that his shoulders are against the net on the cool window and we stand there devouring each other. His hands slip under my bottom cheeks and he lifts me as I wrap tightly around him and he walks me round the bed. I wait to feel the bed under me, but instead I feel him drop us gracefully to the floor. I open my eyes in surprise and realise he had opened one of the curtains and placed a pillow against the window and blanket on the floor.

"Seeing as we both like the view so much, I thought we'd make the most of it," he whispers against my lips.

I beam at him. "Lovely idea, husband. Now get on your back." I growl.

His eyes widen slightly, then he grins and I slip off him so that he can get into position. Angling myself over him, I push down, letting out a gasp of pure joy as he replaces the empty void left by the magical balls.

"Oh yes...Jaaaakkkkke," I moan as I begin to ride him. Through the glass, the Manchester metropolis twinkles before me, an enchanting myriad of coloured lights. Jake's hands stroke up my thighs, over my stockings and he fingers the lace of the suspenders before moving upwards to my breasts and cupping them with a groan. The sound alone is enough to make my nipples bead almost painfully and flood me with new arousal.

"Oh God, you're so beautiful, sweetheart," he breathes. "I love my surprise, but..." his hands slip round my back. "I want to see all of you..."

He expertly undoes the clasp of my bra, freeing me and my full breasts fall into his waiting hands. His breath hisses through his teeth as he inhales sharply and tweaks each pink bud to a point. It's all the encouragement I need and I explode rapidly and unexpectedly around him, the orgasm spinning and wringing me out from the inside, making me cry out. I collapse on top of him still pulsating and trembling and he softly strokes my back, then he wraps his arms around me and turns me gently, so that I am under him and staring up into his melting dark eyes.

"Feel better?"

I do actually. I didn't realise how badly I needed to come...

"Y-yeah...but it's only taken the edge off! I feel like I've been given Viagra or something! I'm nowhere near sated yet!"

Jake chuckles. "Really Wench? Well lets see what I can do about that..."

I expect him to start pumping into me, but instead, he slowly slides out and stands up.


"What are you doing?" I pant, desire still coursing through me as tremors continue to shake my core.

"Had an idea. Don't move."

He goes over to the switch by the bed and switches off the bedside lights, plunging us into darkness. The only light we have is the faint lights from the streets and buildings that surround the bottom of the hotel. He pads back over to me and kneels down on the blanket.

"Kneel up on the pillow and put your hands on the window, sweetheart."


"Someone will see us!" I exclaim in horror.

Jake strokes my cheek. "Sweetheart," he begins patiently. "We're on the 20th floor. We're higher than any of the surrounding buildings, plus I've just switched off the lights. No one can see us up here. Do you really think I'd risk anyone seeing my wife naked?"

Sex against the window of the 20th floor of the Hilton Hotel? Mmmmm...

Desire spikes through me, making me all wet and tight and I can't stop the whimper that escapes me.

"Okay," I pant.

I turn from where I'm sitting and crawl on my knees a few steps, until I am knelt on the pillow with my hands flat against the cool, hard glass.

"This okay?" I ask breathlessly, desire threatening to overwhelm me.

Jake shuffles into position behind me. "Open your legs a little wider...perfect. Now just hold that position..."

He slowly slides back into me from behind and I moan loudly, loving the sensation. The breath hisses through his teeth and he slides his hands round the front of me, cupping my breasts and squeezing the nipples between his fingers.

"Ahh...God sweetheart, you feel soooo good...You always do..."

" do you..."

I want to take my hands off the window and touch him, but I know I will topple forwards and smash my face against the glass if I do. He is hitting a spot right at the front of me, arousal is literally spilling out of me and seeping down my thighs, and Manchester glows and glitters at my fingertips. He rocks into me, building up momentum with every sharp, deep thrust.  I don't remember ever feeling this wet, this hot, this mindless with desire...

Jake takes the tempo up another level, as he begins to thrust hard against me, my slick heat making it easy for him to slide in and out with deep strokes. He lets go of my breasts, snakes his right hand around my mound and interlaces the fingers of his left hand with mine, against the window. His two fingers start to rub me and I can hear his breath coming in shallow fast pants, matching mine. It's exhibitionistic, it's hedonistic, it''s...

Everything starts to tingle and I begin to shake uncontrollably.

"Come for me, sweetheart..." he moans against my ear.


I explode into a million pieces that scatter all over the room. My whole body throbs wildly as Jake erupts ferociously with a roar of my name. I pulsate fiercely around him, unable to control my orgasm. My mind has been well and truly blown. Then the view hazes and goes black...


"Lex? You okay?"

I gently open my eyes. We are lying across the blanket, spooning. Jake is still inside me and Manchester twinkles away in front of me.


Am I okay? I feel like I have gone on a Rollercoaster a hundred times without stopping!

He kisses behind my ear. "Time for bed, Mrs. Martin."

A pang of disappointment hits me. "Aww...just when things were getting interesting..."

He chuckles. "I didn't say anything about sleeping, sweetheart. It's our anniversary and I haven't made love to my beautiful wife in bed yet..."

Well...we do have a gorgeous kingsize bed...












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