**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...





"You're absolutely sure you don't mind babysitting tonight?" I ask Krystal as I help myself to another slice of delicious chocolate cheesecake.

"Of course not, dearest! may want to go easy on the cheesecake!"

"Are you calling me fat, Mother-In-Law-dear?"

Krystal throws her head back and laughs. "Never!  I'm only thinking of you fitting into that sexy black dress you showed me!"

I stop mid-chew.

Shit! I hadn't thought of that...

"Bugger it, I'll wear something supportive! This cheesecake is far too good!"


Come on...come on...damn you...GET UPPPPP!

I exhale sharply  as I finally yank my supportive basque into position.

Krystal was right. I should have stopped at two slices...

It's Valentine's night and Joe and Krystal have very kindly offered to babysit Jacob tonight, on the most romantic night of the year. I didn't want to 'spoil' their evening, but they insisted as Jake had had a few traumatic weeks at work with a measles outbreak and had been working double shifts. I pleaded with him to book a couple of days off to recover and he finally relented, so I am going to spoil him rotten. I would have liked to have taken him out for a special meal, but we both prefer to stay at home when it's just the two of us. It's quicker to get to the bed...or the sofa...or the Jacuzzi...Mmmm...

I stand back and look at my reflection. I'm wearing a short, black chiffon Next dress, black hold-ups and the supportive, but still sexy black M & S basque underneath - minus knickers, obviously. Jake is due anytime, as he has done the school run straight after work, then taken Jacob straight to his parents.

I dash downstairs, light a couple of Jasmine scented Yankee candles in the dining room and swap FOUR for something more 'Hearts and Flowers' as Christian would say. I check on the roast and as I give the potatoes a good shake, I hear the front door.

I slam the oven door shut and walk out into the be greeted by my beloved husband who has a huge red rose and white lily bouquet instead of a head.

"OH MY GOD JAKE!" I squeal. "They're gorgeous!"

He lifts them above his head with one hand and with the other he reaches for me and pulls me into his arms, smiling his beautiful smile that causes his dimples to dance in his cheeks and his face to light up. I wrap my arms around his neck and my fingers push into his short, dark hair, pulling his lips hungrily onto mine. Our tongues entwine and I can feel him growing against the thin fabric of my dress. He pulls gently away and I reluctantly follow.

"God, you're beautiful." he breathes. "Every fibre of my being wants to throw you onto the stairs...But that roast chicken smells far too good!"

I scowl at him. "I knew one day I'd get jealous of another bird!"


"Mrs. Martin, that was deeeeelisssshhhhious." Jake grins.

I beam at him. "Glad you enjoyed it, Mr. Martin. I have chocolate fudge cake for dessert..."

"Only one dessert I'm interested in, Wench." He rasps huskily, making me all tight and wet in one go.

"Good."  I breathe. "Let me give you my present then."  I stand, open the drinks cabinet, grab a box covered in shiny red wrapping paper and a gold bow that was hiding in there, and hand it to him.

He grins and gives the box a shake. I'm sure he can guess what lies inside the box, but he still rips the paper as eagerly as a five year old at Christmas.

He lifts the lid and inhales sharply, his jet eyes heating up. He reaches inside the box and lifts out one of the shoes within - a gold sparkly number with a two inch incorporated platform at the front and a six inch stiletto high heel at the back. Imbedded into the gold fabric are a myriad of tiny white gemstones. He places it back in the box and stands offering me his hand.

"Let's go get dessert, shall we?"

I take his offered hand and stand shakily.

"And where would Sire like to have his dessert?"  I ask huskily.

"Bed."  He breathes. "Definitely bed tonight."


We race up the stairs and tumble into the bedroom, clawing at each others clothes. As Jake has come straight from work, he's still wearing his damn shirt and tie and I wrestle with them, as I feel Jake's fingers running all over my dress.

"Where the fuck is the zip on this thing?" He hisses.

"There isn't one! Just pull it off me!"

Grinning salaciously, he grasps the hem and does just that, inhaling sharply as he catches sight of what I'm wearing underneath.

"Oh look amazing..."

"And you...are still wearing too many clothes! Why can't I take this bloody tie off?"

He moves my hands. "Damn your Dyspraxia, you've knotted it! Leave it, and start on my trousers - You should find them easier to navigate..."

I narrow my eyes at him, but reach for the zip of his trousers. I can feel how hard he is, as I slowly pull the zip down and he groans as my fingers brush against him. My arousal is gathering pace and threatening to overpower me. He tugs sharply and undoes his tie and his deft fingers soon make light work of his shirt. I pull his trousers and briefs down in one sharp tug, freeing him and he pulls me against him, planting a scorching kiss on my lips.

"Get on the bed sweetheart," He pants.

I nod, grab my sparkly shoes and clamber onto the bed. He undoes his shoes, kicks them off followed by his socks and steps out of his clothes, whilst I enjoy the floor show, as I put my shoes on. He saunters over to me, then suddenly drops to the floor and reaches under the bed.


Kneeling at the side of our bed between my legs, he hands me a box, covered in red sparkly paper.

"Happy Valentine's Day, my beautiful, sexy sweetheart," he whispers.

I beam and take the box from him. "Great minds think alike, huh?" I ask as I unwrap the shoe box. I take off the lid, but what I see inside, makes my eyes nearly pop out of my head.





I am staring at the contents of the box, which might as well be labelled 'Anastasia's Wet Dream.'  Staring back at me, is a black velvet eye mask, two, yes TWO sets of red leather and chain handcuffs lined with red fur and finally a black flogger - made from several long, suede strips with a plaited leather handle that comes a quarter of the way down, to leave a thick tail of numerous soft fronds.

"Jesus Christ, Jake..." I exhale.

"I wanted to give you them for Christmas, but with everything that went on with just didn't seem like the right time. So I kept them and kept them, waiting for an opportunity to surprise you...then before I knew it, it was Valentines and I thought..." He stops talking and cups my face. I draw my mesmerized eyes away from the box and look at him. "We don't have to play with them tonight if you don't want to, sweetheart."

Without saying a word and not taking my eyes off his, I put the box to one side, then take his hand, kiss each fingertip in turn and then drag it slowly down my front. Still not breaking eye contact, I push his fingers inside the basque crotch and against my slick mound with the other.

"Does it FEEL like I don't want to play with them?" I whisper, huskily.

He inhales sharply, then his beautiful, full lips pull into a lascivious smirk.

"Ohhhh...Wench...let's free you up a bit first, shall we?"

I lie back and he brings his other hand and pulls at the clasps at the crotch of my basque, undoing them. He then gently tugs the material upwards, exposing all the skin up to my navel. He trails his wet fingertips over my skin.

"Mmmm, much better." He places a kiss just above my pubic hair. "What would you like to play with, Wench?" He breathes over me, making my pubic hair tingle and stand to attention.

"T-The m-mask and the f-flogger, please Sire,"  I pant, my heartbeat sounding so loudly in my head, I can barely hear myself.

"Good choice," he whispers directly against my throbbing hub.


I cry out in a mixture of surprise and desire. He reaches into the box and brings out the velvet mask. Leaning over me he gently places it over my head and I wiggle it into place.

Wow! It's so lovely and soft...

I am swamped in darkness and listening acutely for Jake's next move. I hear him rustle in the box and hold my breath in anticipation. Then the numerous soft fronds, are dragged over the exposed skin at the top of my thigh and round my belly button.

"How does that feel?" He whispers against the top of my thigh.

"T-Tickly...but in a good way." I respond breathlessly. "If it was a feeling, I would say 'erotic'."

"Mmmm...erotic, huh?" He breathes.

He drags it slowly down my pubic hair, over my now hypersensitive hub, and down my labia. I let out a loud moan, tilt my head back and arch off the bed.


As I come back down, I feel him stand between my legs. I wait for the flogger, but it doesn't come. Instead I suddenly feel his finger hook into the basque between my breasts and tug sharply downwards, freeing my breasts and making me gasp in surprise. Something hard and wet traces my lips and I realise it's his tongue. I push my own tongue forwards and he sucks at it. He pulls off me gently.

"Ohhh Christ, look absolutely magnificient." He rasps. "I'm so fucking hard, it's almost painful...I have to get inside you..."

"Mmmm...hmmm..." Is all I am capable of saying at this moment in time. My body is on fire, tingling from my scalp to the tips of my toes.

I feel Jake grasp the bottom of my thighs as he pulls me towards him. I automatically wrap my legs around him and drag my feet up his hard hamstrings. With a long, loud groan he enters me, my hot slickness making it easy for him to push hard and deep. I feel myself close around him and he begins to move against me. The soft fronds return to caress my skin, but this time Jake trails them over my breasts. He drags them around each one in a figure of eight motion, then drags it horizontally and achingly slowly across both hardened pink tips.

DAMN! He's good at this!

He continues to thrust against me as the crystals on my shoes rub against his skin and the heels scrape across his bottom, causing him to groan. The fronds leave my breasts and I think that is the end of our play, when I suddenly feel something rub against my hub. It's soft and it's firm...

"J-Jake," I pant. "What's that?"

"Just the handle...of the...flogger." He pants. "Is it...too muchhhh?"

At this precise moment in time, everything is too much...But totally, utterly delicious...

"N-No...Keep rubbing...I'm gonna...gonna...JAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKE!"

I KNEW I would end up screaming!

I erupt, clenching and pulsating around him. Everything from my head to my toes, throbbing wildly. Somewhere in the haze of my orgasm, I can hear Jake about to come.


I feel him detonate explosively inside me, but he sounded weird. Worriedly, I push up my mask.


My beloved husband is still standing, buried deep inside me, with his head tilted back...

...And he's sucking on the handle of the flogger.


"Where did you get all that stuff from?" I ask, as Jake slides into bed next to me. "Fifty Shades R Us?"

He grins. "No, but that's a great name for a sex toy supplier! They were all off the web. It's amazing what you can find." He snuggles into me as I lie on my back and he kisses my breast. "Did you enjoy yourself, Mrs. Martin?" He asks sexily, as he gently sucks on my nipple.

"Best. Valentines. Ever. Mr. Martin." I answer just as sexily. I run my fingers through his hair and stroke his scalp as he suckles. "Did you like YOUR present?"

He releases my nipple and beams. "Best. Shoes. Ever. Mrs. Martin." He smirks. "Buying me shoes with crystals on for extra sensation, was just genius...although how I'm going to be able to sit down comfortably tomorrow, is anyone's guess!" He reaches up and strokes his thumb over my lip. "Sex with you is always amazing, sweetheart, but Fifty Shades sex with you, is just mind-blowing!"

I beam proudly. "I know. I feel the same." I close my eyes, take a deep breath and muster all the courage I can find within me.

"Sweetheart?" Jake asks, puzzled.

I open my eyes and look deep into his wonderful jet eyes, aglow with his love for me. I swallow.

Why is this so hard to say? He's my husband, for fuck's sake!

"Seeing you..." I begin, but my voice is a croak. I clear it and start again. "S-Seeing you sucking on the end of the flogger...was probably...the most erotic thing I have ever seen."

There! I said it out loud. The one thought that had been flying round my head, since I had taken the mask off. Dammit, why am I blushing! And why is the bastard smirking at me?

He pushes himself up and plants a scorching wet kiss on my lips, taking my breath away.

"Oh my dear Mrs. Martin," He breathes against my lips. "Most erotic thing you have ever seen...SO FAR..."








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