**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



June 2014


"Where are we going?"

"I told you, it's a surprise. Just sit tight and enjoy the view!"

I scowl in his direction. "Very funny Mr Martin. Will I be enjoying more of your stand-up routine once we arrive at our destination?"

Jake chuckles. "I'm sure something will be standing up when we get to our destination and thanks to the sight of you in that eye-mask, it's already half-way there!"

I fold my arms and sit back in the car seat. I aim for faux annoyed and of course fail miserably. How can I possibly be annoyed at the most gorgeous, wonderful man in the world...


Even though it's been almost a week, I still have to repeat it to myself. I still cannot believe I am Mrs Alexa Martin. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death us do part. I shudder as that unpleasant thought crosses my mind.

His hand unexpectedly brushes my cheek, making me jump.

"You okay sweetheart? If it's annoying you, just take the bloody mask off. I don't want you to be uncomfortable."

I reach blindly for his hand, luckily find it first time and kiss him somewhere on it.

"No, it's fine babe honestly. I was just thinking." I say reassuringly

"About what?" He asks softly.

"About being your wife," I smile.

God I lurrrrrrvvvveee that word!

"Oh right. And the thought of you being my wife made you shudder?"

"No! I was just thinking of our vows...and the death us do part bit..." I finish in a whisper.

I feel his fingers move to the nape of my neck and he strokes the exposed skin under my pony-tail. Thanks to Ms Amanda Breen, hairdresser extraordinare, I have managed to successfully grow my hair long for the first time in my life. And with the power of length and gravity, it now hangs in a nice wavy curtain and doesn't stick up all over the place like it used to. Mind you, this heat is giving it a good run for it's money...

"Nothing's going to happen, sweetheart," he whispers back. "Please try to stop worrying."

I nod. "I know. I am trying. But I love you and Jacob so much and Joe and Krystal of course." I pause and smile. "I still can't believe you flew them over!"

I can sense his grin. "Well, it didn't seem right not to be able to have some alone time with my beautiful wife on our honeymoon. Plus, they were only too happy to help out with Jacob. You know they dote on him. And he adores them. He'll have a ball - they've already made plans to take him to the aquarium and we're not going to be too far away if they need us."

The car slides to a halt and I can hear beeping followed by a mechanical grinding noise.


We drive a little further and the mechanical grinding noise can be heard again, but this time in the distance. Suddenly the car comes to another stop and this time I hear Jake turn the engine off. Before I can move my hands, I feel his hands on either side of my face and his lips capture mine in a long slow kiss, as he gently lifts off the mask.

"Open your eyes, sweetheart," he murmurs against my lips.

I blink my eyes open. The sun has nearly set and my view is hampered slightly by the fading light. I look around from my seat in the hired convertible Jeep.


We are sat in the driveway of a gorgeous Mediterranean villa. All whitewash, red tile roof and palm trees. The scent of Jasmine hangs heavy in the air, mixed with the saltiness of the sea breeze.

"Welcome to your home for the next two days, Mrs Martin," Jake beams.

"Jesus Christ Jake! It's gorgeous!" I squeal in delight. "But how..."

"Cousin Jorge knows someone, who knows someone, who knows a man with a dog...You know how these things work. The family heard this place was available for a couple of days whilst we were here, so they clubbed together and rented it for us as their wedding present."

I gasp. "B-but they threw that wedding party for us, and gave us that gorgeous cutlery set, not to mention all the toys they bought Jacob..." my eyes begin to fill with tears as the realisation dawns on me.

"Oh no you don't Mrs Martin! No waterworks on our honeymoon! I'm your husband now and I forbid it!" He says with a loving smile.

I swallow the tears back the best I can and manage a weak smile. "Yes Sire."

He grins and kisses the tip of my nose. "That's better, Wench. Now get out of the car and lets see which room we can christen first!"

I beam and head out of the car. As we get to the door, Jake hands me the keys.

"You'll have to open the door, there's something I need to do."

I look at him questioningly, then with a sudden swoop, I am in his arms.

"Unlock the door Mrs Martin, so I can carry you over yet another threshold!"

Giggling, I unlock the door. What number does this make it? So far he has carried me over the thresholds of The Bowdon Rooms where we had our wedding reception and party, our house that same night, his Uncle Tony's house where they held the wedding party for us when we got to Valencia, the apartment where we've been staying and now this one! We walk in and he kisses me softly, then gently lets me slide down the gloriously, taut length of him. I can feel he's already set for action...

"I'll go grab our bags. See if there's something cold in the fridge. I could do with a nice cold drink after breathing in all that warm air on the drive here!"

I nod excitedly and potter up the corridor. The villa is a one level bungalow, with rooms coming off to the sides of the central corridor. I open the first door which is a spacious sitting room, with soft cream furnishings and a large Plasma TV. The next door is the bathroom, again in beige and creams with a large shower and bath (whoo!). The opposite door opens into a large sized bedroom with two single beds, then there is a spacious dining room, what looks like a wonderfully equipped substantial oak kitchen and the final door opens out into the master-bedroom.


It's not so much a master bedroom as a master showroom. It's a huge square shape, decorated in golds, beiges and creams and is dominated in the centre of the room by a gloriously over the top, four-poster bed. There's an en-suite and at the far side of the room behind the voile drapes, are massive French doors. I cross the room and tentatively turn the key. The doors open onto a tiled private terrace complete with bar-be-cue area, outdoor seating and small swimming pool...


Beyond that is a small gate, which leads out onto the beach...

"Wench...where the hell are you?" Jake calls from somewhere inside the house.

"Umm...on the terrace. Master bedroom." I call back in an awed voice.

Barely a minute later, his arms are around my waist and he's pulling me back against him.

"I didn't notice these doors were open when I put my head round. Some place, huh?" He says against my ear.

"It's paradise, Jake. It really is. I can never thank your family enough..."

His hand moves and tilts my head so I can look at him.

"OUR family, Alexa." He corrects me gently. "So...Mrs Martin, where would you like to christen first?" He asks with a suggestive smirk.

I grin and point to the gate. Jake's eyebrows shoot upwards in surprise.

"The beach?" His jet eyes alight from within.

I nod excitedly. "I've always wanted to make love on the sand, under the stars..."

Jake grins salaciously. "Well, I suppose seeing as you love going commando so much, becoming a naturist would be the most natural progression for you!" He says in a low growl, that resonates through me and gets me all hot and moist.


Ten minutes later, both dressed just in vest tops that cover the essentials, we walk hand in hand in the moonlight, through the gate to the beach. I carry our beach towels in my spare hand and Jake has found an ice-bucket and two bottles of San Miguel in the fridge. He goes to the waters edge and fills the bucket with sea water, then pushes it firmly into the cool wet sand. He straightens up and turns towards me.

"I have to say, there's a lot to be said for going commando. It's quite a nice feeling having a warm breeze whistle round my balls!"

"JAKE!" I can't supress my laugh as I lay out one of the large towels just off the wet sand, then cover it with the other one. Peeling the top towel back halfway, I slip inside, look round furtively, then remove my vest-top, all under the heated gaze of my beloved husband. Within seconds, his vest has joined mine on the sand. I pull the top towel over the lower half of his body as he settles in between my legs and I wrap myself around him.

"Comfortable, Mrs Martin?" He asks huskily, as he begins to rub himself against me, inflaming my already heightened libido.

"Yes thank you, Mr Martin." I answer just as huskily as my juices start to flow over him.

He grins sexily down at me, his beautiful face and torso alternating in highlights and shadows from the moonlight.

"Good." He takes his eyes off my face for a few moments as he scans the area around us. "I don't know how many of the villas in this gated community are occupied at the moment, but there's quite a few lights on, so we need to be pretty subtle about this."


"Yes...I'm sure that even you, my wonderful, Dyspraxic sweetheart, can manage to be subtle when you are just lying on your back!"

I narrow my eyes at him and dig ten beautifully manicured nails into his glorious, pert behind.

He bites his lip and stifles a groan. "Jesus Alexa, leave that for the bedroom please sweetheart! I'll don't want a Policia helicopter shining a spotlight beam on my arse!"

"Then hurry up and make love to me...Husband..."

He beams his all-worshipping smile. "Oh with pleasure...Wife..."

And in the next breath, he eases himself inside me and covers my mouth with his, to stifle our moans.

Oh God... this feels AMAZING!

We rock slowly against each other in perfect unison, borne from two people who have an indelible knowledge of each other and each other's bodies. We fit each other perfectly, even though I am at least, a good eight inches shorter. I can easily wrap myself around him and hold him close and technically, when we're lying down it doesn't matter. Oh God, I want to drag my nails across his skin, to tug his hair and run my tongue across his chest, but I know he'll lose control if I do and we can't risk drawing attention to ourselves. The combination of the warm Spanish breeze, the cool Mediterranean at our feet, the risk of exposure and my gorgeous husband making love to me on the soft sand, is enough to make my insides tighten and plead for release.

"Jake..." I breathe into his ear. "I'm so close..."

"Oh sweetheart, me too..." he rasps against my neck. He gently pushes himself up slightly on his left hand. "Follow my lead..."

He moves his right hand and places his finger against my lips. I grin and open my mouth immediately and he gently pushes his index finger into my mouth. It tastes of the sea and I begin to suck hungrily as I slip my own finger into his soft, warm mouth. He rolls his tongue around my knuckle and it's enough to push me over the edge and I come strongly around him, sucking his finger in time to my pulsating body. He tips his head back and clamps his lips tightly around my finger, as he lets go and thrusts his way home.


I don't know if it's the excitement of the past few days or the adrenalin rush of making love under the stars, but I've been in bed for twenty minutes and I can't get off to sleep. My darling husband is spooned behind me and began snoring gently within five minutes of his head hitting the pillow. Mind you, he spent almost three hours having swimming races in the sea with Jacob this morning and that was after his usual morning run, then he'd ran around organising his son, whilst I packed for our trip; then the drive up here and the exhilaration of lovemaking on the beach...

Good job he's still only twenty four...

I stroke his tanned, muscular arm that's protectively slung around my waist and try again to drift off, but my mind starts to play back our wedding day. It was so perfect. Everything I could have ever dreamt of. The only sad thing was, that my parents weren't there to see it. It was their greatest wish to see me married and happy and if they could have lived to see me marry a wonderful, successful trainee Paediatrician and also become a step-mum to such an amazing little boy...A lump forms in the back of my throat. They would have been delighted to see me so happy and they would have loved Jake and Jacob. And they would have made such brilliant Grandparents...I sigh sadly. I suddenly remember my iPhone is full of photos of the wedding day that I haven't really had chance to flick through. Maybe that would help relax me and send me off. If not, I could always play a few games of Candy Crush...

I gently slip out from under Jake's arm and pad across the huge room to where my iPhone is charging. Thinking a walk may help, I wrap my satin robe around me and head to the kitchen. The earlier exertions have made me a bit peckish...


I am sat at the kitchen table feasting on Chorizo sausage, Manchego cheese and some wonderful Spanish green olives stuffed with anchovy paste. I scroll to the first of the series of wedding photos. It was taken by my Maid of Honour, Krystal as Amanda put up my hair and decorated it with sprigs of Gypsophila. My something old was a breath-taking tiara that belonged to Joe's Grandma and every Martin(ez) bride since, had worn it on her special day. Joe had had it specially couriered over for me and although it was only cut glass and probably not worth much, the history and sentimental value alone was giving me palpitations, in case I fell and broke it. Amanda assured me it wouldn't move and had tucked and pinned my veil securely around it. So securely in fact, that the first time I made love to my new husband, I was still wearing it, as he was too impatient to wait for me to take out all the pins!


Crikey, Krystal had gone a bit snap happy with my pre-wedding preparations! These'll need to be edited down...Ah...a couple that Amanda had taken of me with Krystal, who looked resplendent in  gold and cream and then Joe had joined us...Aww...he looked so handsome and distinguished in his tux. I was so proud to walk down the aisle with him. Looks like he then got hold of my iPhone...that's a nice side-shot of me and my gorgeous husband-to-be, wearing THAT tux. Like I was going to let him wear anything else! And then there' many photos of Jacob? Okay, so he was possibly the cutest, most photogenic Page-Boy in the history of the world...My heart suddenly aches in my chest.

God, I've only been parted from him for a few hours and I miss him so much...

I sigh. I seriously doubt that I could love that child any more than if he was mine and thankfully, he's now really affectionate with me, even to the point he now only wants me if he wakes at night. Jake jokingly asked him why he now preferred me to him, but Jacob said it wasn't so much he preferred me to him, he just liked listening to my stories, whilst he lay on my boobies! Jake had howled with laughter, as I turned purple...Yep, the apple sure didn't fall far from the tree! But Jake is his idol. Not that that bothers me. He's mine too... looks like Joe then actually remembered that his son was getting married and he managed to take a few more photos of the two of us. Typically, a few are blurred and out of focus, but at least he didn't drop my phone. I never thought I'd meet anyone more Dyspraxic than I am! of the new Mr and Mrs Martin having their first kiss...well snog. It could have been the quickest annulment in history if I hadn't managed to stop Jake from pushing his tongue in! He recons he got 'lost in the moment'.

Yeah, right! iPhone seems to have been handed to just about everyone at some point...Okay we didn't have that many people there as Krystal's an only child and her parents are both deceased and obviously Joe's family were all in Valencia. I liked the fact that the wedding was small and intimate. It made up for the party afterwards, that seemed to contain most of Wythenshawe hospital, a good smattering of Chemical Researchers and I'd also invited the girls from work. Vicki hadn't been able to make it at the last minute because Brayden came down with chicken-pox, (and at the risk of sounding bad-minded, part of me was glad she wasn't there), but the rest of the girls and Sue were there and actually, I last saw Sue leaving with some bloke from Radiology...

Aww... At least I'd managed to take one photo myself before my phone lost power that day. I'd put it on the chest of drawers in our bedroom when we got back that night, set the timer, then jumped on the bed and properly snogged my new husband, tongues and all, for the first time - without an audience! Good job the phone didn't take any pics of what followed...

The rest of the photos all seem to be from our honeymoon so far. Loads of photos of our surprise wedding party... us with all different friends and relatives of the Martinez family... How I'm ever going to remember all their names, I don't know. I can't even pronounce some of them... And finally some from this morning at the beach. With me being the way I am, my iPhone not only has a protective cover on at all times, but I also have a  waterproof cover for it when we go to the beach. I know it's a bit cheesy, but I bought myself a white, halter-neck bikini as I wanted something 'bridal'. I'm not exactly Myleene Klass in the Australian jungle, but Jake said I looked hot in it and it looks fab with my developing tan. Aww...Jake's taken an ace pic of me and Jacob laughing as we kick sea-water at each other...

I stifle a yawn and look at my watch. Christ it's 2:30am and I am finally feeling sleepy. I put my plate in the sink, grab my iPhone and head back to the bedroom. I push open the door...

...and collide with something hard...

...and warm...

...AND NAKED...!

My iPhone drops from my hands and goes skimming across the tiled floor and it's only because my assailant possesses lightning reflexes and tremendous balance, due to his years of martial arts, that I don't end up on the ground next to it. I let out a loud, shocked yelp, as the ground moves from under me, before I am steadied against a wonderfully familiar, muscular chest.

"FUCK! ALEXA! Sweetheart, are you Okay?" Jake's voice is high with panic.

I regain my composure and place my hands on his strong biceps.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep." I look up into his wild dark eyes. I can feel his heart pounding rapidly in his chest. I reach up and cup his face. "Babe, I'm okay. You should have just shouted out for me."

Jake exhales and leans into my hand. "I reached out for you in my sleep and when you weren't there, I automatically thought something had happened to Jacob, so I sat up and got totally disorientated for a few moments, until I remembered where I was and realised Jacob wasn't even with us," his words are all rushed as he tries to calm down. "Then I thought something must have happened to you and I just leapt out of bed and started running..."

I frown and run my thumb over his lips. "Babe, the only time I ever see you panic is when you wake and I'm not in bed beside you. I don't get why you freak out. There's only so many places I can be..."

Jake closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. "I know. There's just something ingrained in my psyche, that I can't shake off from my childhood. I think it has something to do with the feeling of being abandoned at boarding school...I dunno. It just seems to manifest itself in a recurring dream that wakes me in a panic, then I can't really remember it." He wraps his arms around me tightly and kisses the top of my head. poor love...

My heart aches for him as a child being left suddenly at boarding school aged four. His whole world must have fallen apart as he tried to make sense of what was happening and why Joe and Krystal had suddenly disappeared...

I place a soft kiss on his sternum and stroke his back. I can feel his heart beat slowing down and the tension leave his body. I look up at him and find him gazing adoringly down at me.

"Have you thought about seeing someone about it?" I ask softly.

He shakes his head. "You're the only person I've ever told about it. Besides Mum and Papa would be devastated if they knew how much it still bothers me." He strokes my face. "I don't need help. I just need you. In bed." He finishes suggestively as he undoes my robe and pushes it off me, so that it pools round my ankles.

I stand naked in front of him as desire starts to throb inside me. "I think we may need to find a way to relax, before we fall asleep again." I breathe.

Jake smirks provocatively at me, as his hands descend down my bare back. "Really? Do you have anything particular in mind, Wench?"

"Mmmm...I seem to remember Christian tying Anastasia to a four poster bedpost and having some seriously hot sex with her..."

Jake's eyes widen, then light up from within. "Oh Mistress...I didn't bring a tie, but I'm sure we can improvise..."

I grin mischievously at him. "Oh I'm sure we can."  I pant, desire beginning to take over. I look around. "Now... where the fuck is my phone?"


I find it down the corridor by the door to the bathroom. Thankfully due to it's protective cover, it has escaped unscathed. I bend and pick up my robe, enter the room and put my phone back on charge. Turning, I am stopped dead in my tracks...


Jake is stood in front of the bed with the curtain tie-back cord hanging loosely round his neck . His hands hold the ends against his chest and he is ready and waiting for me...

...and I am rooted to the spot! I stand there frozen, taking in the sight of my darling husband in all his glorious nakedness.

 All his HARD...glorious... nakedness...

"Are you just going to stand there and perv over me, Wench?" He growls. He takes the cord from around his neck and flexes it tightly in front of his chest.


Jake shakes his head in mock exasperation and saunters over to me. He winds the cord around his left hand, then cups my face with his right, his fiery black eyes boring into me and his lips brush against mine.

"Give me your hands," he murmurs against my lips.

Finally my body obeys and I do as he says. Smirking sexily, he binds and ties them in a strong knot then tugs gently on it and leads me to the bed. I am panting heavily now and my knees are feeling spongy, but I will them to stay strong.

"Hold onto the post, Alexa and I'll secure your hands to it." He whispers

I nod and do as he says. I can feel my arousal starting to seep out of me. He ties my trembling hands to the post with a bow and tugs on it.

"If it gets too much, just say and I'll undo you." He gently strokes up my arms. "Do you want the blindfold too?"


I shake my head sadly. "I t-think it's best I can see what I'm d-doing, with it being the first time." I pant.

Jake smirks. "You're probably right. Last thing I want, is you falling over!" He cups my face and kisses me softly. "Okay sweetheart, bend forwards and find a comfortable position."

I nod and shuffle back, as he walks around me, his hand stroking down the length of my spine and over my behind. I hear him inhale sharply, as he feels how wet I am already.

"Oh...Alexa..." he moans in appreciation, as he stops behind me.


It's as far as I get, as in the next breath, he's grabbed my hips and pushed himself inside me. I wobble slightly at the wonderful sensation, then remember to grip onto the post. Jake stills, still holding me firmly by the hips, my bottom pressed tightly against him.

"You okay, sweetheart?"  He breathes, as he begins to leave little wet kisses across my back.


Yep, lost the power of speech again. How does he do that to me?

I feel him smile against my skin. Still he doesn't move, but he releases my hips and his hands travel up the underside of me, along the length of my abdomen, until he cups my breasts. His fingers flex and fondle the soft flesh and he groans.

"Ohhhh...sweetheart. Your boobs feel amazing in this position. So full..."


Wait...did he just call me heavy...?

I lose all train of thought as he begins to move slowly in and out. I brace myself between him and the post and soon my hips are rocking in tempo with his.

"How do you want to do this, Alexa?" He breathes kissing across my shoulder blades.

"Do what?" I murmur, not understanding.

"Do you want to go slow...or do you want me to speed up?"


"I-I honestly don't m-mind..." I pant. "You decide."

"Mmmm...Okay..." He whispers against my skin. "HOLD TIGHT, SWEETHEART..."

Oh, I know which option he's chosen...!

He releases my breasts, grasps my hips and begins to pound into me. I grip the post as hard as I can and plant my feet against the cool, hard tiles. Our thighs begin to make a slapping sound against each other as our skins break out into a fine sheen of sweat. The feeling of being tied up, bent over and totally possessed from behind, is incredible and I can feel the tidal wave building inside me. His right hand releases my hip and he cups my breast again, rolling and tugging at the nipple between his thumb and fingers. The blood has pooled in my nipples and the sensation is exquisite. I feel like my skin is on fire. I can't hold on much longer...

His hand moves again, and this time slinks round the front of me, in search of my hyper-sensitive hub.

"Come for me, sweetheart, pleeeeeaaasssseeeee..." he groans as his fingers connect with me.

It's all the encouragement I need and I scream his name as I let go. He follows seconds later and with one swift tug, releases me from the post and we fall onto the bed, whilst our names reverberate around the vast room.










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