**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



I'm in the kitchen making breakfast. I had a really fitful night's sleep, constantly waking to check if Jake was okay and never falling into a deep sleep. I'd texted Krystal at 8am, knowing she'd be up doing her 'Salutation To The Dawn' Yoga, told her what had happened and asked if there was any way she or Joe could do the school run for me. Not only did she text back to say it wouldn't be a problem, she also told me to pack his overnight bag and they'd pick him up after school for a sleep-over. It was Friday, so we could sleep in tomorrow morning, which would do us all the world of good. It was so lovely to see her and Jacob creep into our bedroom and both kiss a sleeping Jake on the forehead before they left. Krystal told me to ring immediately if I needed anything and she would be in touch during the day to check on us.

It's now just after 9:30am and I have decided to go and gently wake him with breakfast in bed. I don't know what my Sire will feel like for breakfast, so I have made bacon, pancakes, toast and put a couple of mini-packets of cereals on the tray too. If Jake's feeling better, he's likely to demolish all of it...

I have just put the last rasher of bacon on the tray, when I am startled by rapid footsteps from upstairs.

"ALEXA!" Jake shouts urgently, running down the stairs. "ALEXA!"

Jesus Christ!

I drop the rasher and the fork and run into the hallway, where I nearly collide with him.

"Babe, I'm here. What's wrong?" I ask running my hands up his chest and cupping his panicked face.

"Did you ever work at The Elms Nursery in Bowham?" He pants.


"Umm..." I begin. "No...well...sort of...I did six day release placements there from college when I was sixteen. Why?"

He grips my shoulders and stares wildly at me. "I think I met you there."


I stroke his dear face and frown trying to remember and doing the math. " was twenty two years ago. You would have been four. I was always with the toddlers. I couldn't have met you."

He suddenly looks crestfallen. "Are you sure?" He pleads. "Oh Alexa, are you really sure you never looked after a kid called Jacob when you were there?"

I screw my face up, trying desperately to recall my time there. " was so long ago, I only had six sessions there. From what I remember, I was pretty awful! It was my first placement, I had no experience  and... Oh God...My first day was a complete disaster! I did everything wrong and remember coming home to Mum saying, I think I've made a terrible mistake choosing childcare! Thankfully she convinced me to stick it out!"

He lets out a sad sigh and leans against the hallway wall. He looks exhausted and dejected and I feel my heart twist in my chest. I step into him and hold him tight, resting my head against his pounding heart and stroking his back.

"Where's all this come from?" I whisper into his chest.

He lets out another sad sigh, then wraps his arms around me and nuzzles the top of my head.

"Along with my recurring nightmare about being abandoned at  boarding school, is one I have once every blue moon about when I was at nursery. It's vaguer as I was younger...and I'm on time out...I was always on fucking time out...But I'm crying, really, really, crying...And then this lady sits with me and calms me down...She strokes my face and wipes my tears away...And for the first time in that God-awful nursery, I feel happy. But...but then she disappears too...leaves me sat on time out...Alone."

I feel my heart ache so much for him, it's painful. "I'm so sorry, babe," I mumble into his chest.

His hand comes round my chin and he tilts my head back. He looks down sadly at me, his dark eyes wide and solemn. "Please don't cry, sweetheart. It's okay. Just a stupid dream. I don't even know if it really happened." He brushes my tears away. "I've never been able to see her face clearly in my dreams...But today...She turned into you..."

"Maybe it's because I'd been looking after you?" I suggest with a sniff. "It is bizarre that I was at the same nursery as you though. How did we never know this?"

Jake shrugs. "I don't like to think of being there. From what I remember it was a really shitty time. Mum said she and papa were constantly arguing at home, so they sent me to the nursery to get me out of the way. I wanted to be at home, so I played up the whole time. That's how I kept ending up on time out."

"Aww, babe. Didn't the staff know that you were going through a tough time?"

"I have no idea. I just kept getting yelled at. None of them were sympathetic or nice to me. There was just that one time...with one lady...Like I said...I might have even imagined it..."

"I hate that it still affects you so much. Please will you consider getting some help?"

He closes his eyes and sighs. "I dunno...maybe...But they do only come when I'm stressed." He looks down adoringly at me. "I honestly believe you help me more than any Psychologist ever could."

"That's because of the hot sex isn't it?"

He throws his head back and laughs. "Oh sweetheart...right there...That's why I only need you."


An hour later having demolished breakfast in bed, Jake is making good on his promise from last night, and I lie in his arms in the Jacuzzi whilst he massages my sore limbs. Much to his horror, when I had got undressed, I had bruises on my knees from falling over the mattress and bruises on my shoulders and elbows from falling backwards, pulling him out of the bath. I hadn't even noticed. I felt sore and achy, but didn't think anything of it. After what I had been through in the past twenty-four hours, it was the least of my problems.

"How's this?" He asks softly against my temple, as his strong hands massage my aching shoulders.

"Mmmm..." Is all I can manage. I have my eyes closed in bliss.

I feel him smile against my skin. "Glad you're enjoying it. It's the very least you deserve after what we've put you through."

My eyes spring open and I turn my head. "Oh Jake, it's fine. You both got sick. What else was I going to do, but take care of you both? You know I'd do anything for you and Jacob."

He nods solemnly. "I don't know what we'd do without you," he whispers.

I twist in his arms, stopping his massaging fingers. "I'm not going anywhere babe." I stroke his lovely face. "You do know that don't you? I have the most amazing family and everything I could ever want in life. And it's all thanks to you."

He suddenly grabs me, presses me to him and kisses me like his life depends on it. Full on, all singing and dancing tongue action. When he finally pulls off, I'm breathless. He strokes my face, takes a couple of deep breaths and looks at me intently.

"Sweetheart, before we met up again, I had nothing. Okay...I was a newly qualified Doctor and I had a nice place I was renting - but my life was totally empty. My parents hadn't spoken in years, both of them were miserable - although neither of them would admit how unhappy they were.  I drifted between the two of them, trying to make them happy and feeling like a failure."

My heart twists again and I wrap my arms tightly around him. "Oh Jake, I'm so sorry you felt like that."

He strokes my back. "I knew. I just KNEW I had to do whatever it took to find you and to make you mine. I knew you would be the only person who would make me feel complete. The fact that you did that, got my parents back together and also became the perfect step-mum to the son I never knew existed, just blows me away. I wake up next to you every day and think - how did I get so lucky?"

I gasp.

REALLY? He thinks HE'S the lucky one?

I twist further in his arms and straddle him, taking him by surprise. I kiss him hard on the lips with everything I have.

"Make love to me," I whisper against his lips.

I don't have to ask twice...


I turn in my sleep, snuggle back down against my snoozing husband and smile sleepily. It feels very illicit to be having an afternoon snooze after making sweet love in the bath and the bed in quick succession. I wrap myself around him and he moans softly in his sleep, but continues to breathe deeply. I wish I could help him with his nightmares. I know that he says I help just by being here, but it's obviously not enough. And now the latest revelation about his time at nursery! I cannot believe we were both at the same place, at the same time. Maybe our paths did cross at some point, but I certainly never looked after him, he would have been too old. I had enough problems looking after the toddlers! My mind hazes, as I think back to my first day there and how traumatic it had been...

It had been one bloody disaster after another that first day. First I was too early and the cook had found me waiting in the car park, so she had taken me into the kitchen to help her till it was 8am. Somehow I had totally lost track of time, which then had actually made me late and by the time I had found where I was meant to be, I was faced with a room of pissed off staff! I was so inexperienced and so nervous, I totally messed up a painting activity and was instead ordered outside to pick leaves for the kids to paint. I was that upset and distracted, I was fighting tears as I yanked leaves off a bush. I then suddenly looked down and the cutest little boy was stood next to me. It was the first time in the near three hours I'd been there that I'd had some actual interaction with a child. I picked him up and he delighted in pulling leaves off the tree with me. Naturally, that was totally wrong too, as it turned out the little devil had run out of his room and as muppet here had left the door to the garden wide open, he'd managed to get outside. We'd then both got a total bollocking and the poor kid had just clung to me and bawled his eyes out. He refused to go with the other Nursery Nurse, so I ended up carrying him into his room and sitting with him for a bit...

I jolt upright dragging air into my lungs, my heart pounding in my chest and threatening to explode out of it.




It couldn't be...


Trembling from head to foot, I shake my husband.

"Jake. JAKE! WAKE UP!"

His dark eyes spring open and he grabs me. "WHAT? Is it Jacob?"

"It was me!" I pant excitedly.

He looks at me in total confusion. "What was you, sweetheart? What's going on?"

"The lady in your dream! It WAS me! I remember!" I say breathlessly.

He sits bolt upright. His dark eyes large and wide. "WHAT? HOLY FUCK, ALEXA! Are you sure?"

I nod excitedly. "I'm so sorry I didn't remember earlier, but like I said, I'd had a pretty hard time there and my first day was so terrible, I'd put it right to the back of my mind. But that's when I met you. You were the best thing that happened to me that day!"


I sit in his lap, as I tell him what I remember of that day. Slowly a smile tugs at his lips and by the time I've finished, he is smiling his all-dimples-all-worshipping smile.

"Now you say it, I do remember bits of it. I'd totally forgotten I'd run into the garden. That was my favourite place in the nursery. I liked playing outside." He cups my face with both his hands. "You were nice to me, you stroked me and calmed me down. But then you left me." He sighs.

"Oh Jake I didn't really leave you - I just had to get back to my room with those leaves, before I got thrown out on my first day!" I smile, taking his hands off my face and kissing them. "It broke my heart to leave you there. You looked so sad and upset. But I couldn't stay any longer. I just assumed the staff in the room would look after you."

He shook his head. "They didn't. They hated me. But I was being a brat, I suppose."

"Oh babe, you were going through a tough time. Even if they didn't know the full story, they should have asked Joe or Krystal if something was triggering your behaviour. You should have been supported, not shouted at."

He pulls me into him and kisses me. "Alexa, you still believe that every child-carer is like you! They're not. You are a one-off - the standard bearer to what every child-carer should be like. I realised you were special from my first day at the Playscheme."

"Oh Jake," I breathe happily and kiss him softly. "You were the cutest little boy I had ever seen in my life. You were so tiny and perfect with your thick black hair and huge dark eyes. You had your sweet little dimples then too and when you smiled at me, your face lit up." I smile adoringly at him. "You stole my heart that day. I'm just so annoyed that I didn't make the connection sooner. Especially when I saw Jacob. I never knew your name or saw you again after that first day, but I always wondered what had happened to you." I stroke his face and gaze at him.

Jake's dark eyes suddenly widen. "Oh God...those eyes. Jesus Alexa!" He suddenly exclaims. He wraps his hands round my head and holds my face fast, inches from his, his glistening jet eyes boring into me. "It's becoming so clear now...I remember your I thought they were a pretty colour...It stayed with me. The colour green. I've always liked it. Now I know why."

If it was possible for my heart to burst with love, I'm sure it just did. I push out of his grasp and clamp my lips over his, my nails dragging over his skin. I kiss him deeply, desire exploding within me. "Take me Jake," I breathe against his lips. "I want you hard and fast and NOW!"

His arms move around me and he flips me onto my back. "Oh Alexa. I need you more than my next breath, sweetheart," he groans as he slides between my legs and grabs a pillow. "Lift your bum up sweetheart, I want to try something. Tell me if it gets too much."

I nod excitedly, and once in position, he slides inside me, kissing me softly on the lips.

Even though we have already made love twice today, it still feels sooooo gooood...

He slides his hand down my right leg, grasps my calf and slowly raises my leg, past his hips and up further, until my heel is resting on his shoulder.

"Okay?" He breathes, anxiously.

I nod, smiling reassuringly, as he does the same thing with my other leg. I am now titled at an angle, my head and chest on the bed, my bum and legs in the air, both my heels resting on Jake's broad shoulders, with the pillow supporting my lower back. My toes are almost over my head.

Jesus, I hope I don't get cramp...

He is slow and gentle and so, so deep. I don't think we have ever done it like this before. He never ceases to surprise me, this husband of mine and I love that he does. I am his, totally, utterly and irrevocably. My body just an instrument for him to play.

And he plays it so, sooooooo, well...

"You're my...salvation, Alexa. You always...have been...Right from the start..."

"I'" I pant. "So...happy...we found...each other..."

"We...were be," He groans, increasing the pace. "You were... the missing piece...of my jigsaw..."

Everything begins to tighten and my legs start to shake.

"OH JAKE!"  I shriek. "I LOVE YOU!"

I explode, shaking so much, my legs fall back to the mattress. Jake looms over me, pressing me against the bed as his hips pound rapidly against me. His jet eyes seem to catch fire as he comes, my name a cry of pure joy on his lips.



"You're sure?" Krystal asks us in amazement.

It's Saturday, we have gone round to have lunch with Jake's parents and we have just finished filling them in on our story.

"Positive," Jake beams, taking my hand and kissing the back of it. "Our stories match. We both remember it the same way. It couldn't possibly be anyone else."

Joe blows out his cheeks. "I'm blown away. That is incredible. It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves."

My eyes mist over. "Oh Joe, that's so lovely."

"That's Shakespeare!" Jake laughs.

" still works doesn't it?" He grins.

"Oh God...I've just thought," Krystal begins. "Before you started boarding school we went shopping for pyjamas and you insisted on getting these awful green ones and a matching towelling robe! All these lovely blue and navy ones, and you wouldn't even look at them!"

Jake grins. "I remember that! I loved those pyjamas!" He strokes the back of my neck. "I was always drawn to the colour. I found it comforting." He says giving me an adoring look.

"Which would explain why your bedrooms were every shade of green!" I laugh, giving his taut thigh a squeeze.

"Seriously, darling. I'm genuinely sorry you hated the nursery and the boarding school. If I'd have known, I would have got you out." Krystal says sadly.

Jake leans over and squeezes her hand. "It's fine mum, really. I dealt with it. I did actually enjoy boarding school for the most part. And technically, I doubt I would be the person I am today if I hadn't had those experiences. It made me appreciate how much I wanted to be close to my family, always. I'd have probably taken you all for granted if it hadn't happened. I certainly wouldn't have met Alexa - and who knows what mess we would all have been in if that hadn't happened!"





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