**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



It was approaching October half-term, when Jacob excitedly gave me a torn envelope out of his school bag. I fish inside, open out the piece of paper and gape at it. Stephanie and Hugo Mason-Owen are hosting a fancy dress Halloween party for Jacob's class, at Bowvale Sports Club and Jacob has been invited. At least I think he's been invited. The invite looks like an advert straight out of OK magazine. It's A4, full colour on glossy paper. God only knows how much it cost...

"Can I go Alexa? Pleeeeeaaaassseeee?"

I really, REALLY want to say no...

"Of course you can go honey. We can go to Toys 'R' Us tomorrow after school and look for a costume if you like. Papa's working late, so we could even have tea at McDonalds..."

It's as far as I get before he jumps off the kitchen chair and throws himself at me. Laughing, I kiss the top of his head and hug him tightly.

Oh I lurrrrrrrrvvvvvve my little man...


The following afternoon, Jacob hurtles across the school playground followed by Theo and comes to a screeching halt in front of me. "Alexa! Are we going to Toys 'R' Us now?" He asks in breathless excitement.

I ruffle his hair, the only PDA that is acceptable in the playground, apparently. "Of course, honey!"

He turns to Theo. "See! I told you! I'm going to get a Dracula costume to wear at your party!"

A familiar voice cuts in from behind me. "Oh I don't think so young man!"

I spin around and face Stephanie whose immaculate features are strung tightly. "Didn't you read the invite?" She hisses at me.

"Of course I read it!" I snap, unable to control my temper.

Just who the FUCK does she think she's talking to?

She glowers at me. "Well if you read it PROPERLY, you would have seen the line about no Dracula's!"

HUH? I don't remember reading that...mind you, I was blinded by the all singing and dancing invite...

Before I can retort, Stephanie continues her rant.

"Hugo has just sealed a multi-million dollar deal in America and bought Theo's Dracula costume whilst he was out there. It's HIS party so HE'S going to be the only Dracula. Maybe Jacob can go as a wizard or failing that, a pumpkin." She grabs Theo's hand as I gasp in shock at her tirade. "Come on Theo, we've wasted far too much time here and you're going to be late for your clarinet lesson."

And with that she stalks off, dragging Theo behind her. He twists his head and pokes his tongue out at Jacob.

Little shit!

"I don't wanna go as a pumpkin..."

Turning my shocked face away from their retreating backs, I look down at the little anxious face that's looking up at me with hurt, puppy-dog eyes.

"Come on honey, let's just go to Toys 'R' Us and take it from there." I say as reassuringly as I can.

We walk in dejected silence back to the car. I'm still fuming, but I'm trying not to let it show. We drive out of the car park and head out though the village.

"Alexa...I don't wanna go to the party any more."

I glance across at him. "Oh honey, you're just upset. We both are. Don't let Theo and his Mummy spoil it for you. I'm sure it will be really good."

Jacob shakes his head. "I don't like Theo any more. He's not my friend. And I don't like Theo's Mummy either. She's a Perra."

"JACOB!" I squeal in shock.

Of all the words he could have said...

He looks towards me and from the corner of my eye I see his huge grin. I shake my head and but can't stop my giggle.

He's right of course...

On my way to the shops at Shoreheath, an idea begins to hatch in my mind. I do some mental calculations and organising and by the time I have parked outside Toys 'R' Us, I am ready to pitch it to Jacob.

" you really, REALLY not want to go to Theo's party?"


"Even though all the other boys in your class will be going and will probably talk about it for weeks after?"


"You promise you won't get upset if you feel left out?"

"I promise." He says adamantly.

"Good boy." I take a deep breath. "I've had an idea. What if we have our own Halloween party at our house? I've organised dozens of Halloween parties over the years. I bet I know more than the Mason-Owen's ever will! We can make it fancy dress, invite the neighbours and all your friends on the estate. We can do some messy games in the kitchen, then move the dining table against the wall and do the rest of the games in there. We can do things like apple bobbing, cat-lap, pass the parcel, mummy wrap, spooketti...Me and you can even bake cakes and biscuits together...What do you think?" I finish breathlessly.

The shining eyes and face-splitting smile, say it all...


"Are you insane?" Jake exclaims when I tell him of my plans.

"Hey! You weren't the one spoken to as if she was retarded! And she upset Jacob too. He doesn't need to go to their jumped-up Halloween party.  I'm quite capable of organising our own event, thank you very much."

Jake smirks. "She's really got under your skin hasn't she?"

I sigh. "I am doing my best to be civil to her, but she's impossible." I wait until Jake takes a mouthful of wine.

"Jacob called her a Perra."

I affectionately rub my darling husband's back, as he chokes on the wine.


I have spent the week organising and planning our Halloween Party. Jacob designed the invites himself on the computer and printed them off. Afterwards we rode our bikes whilst we hand delivered the invites to all of Jacob's friends on the estate and to our neighbours on our road. I also texted the Mum's of his old friends from St. Joseph's to invite them too. I then went a bit mad in all the pound shops, supermarkets and cheap outlet stores, whilst I bought as many Halloween decorations and treats as I could carry. Jacob has a brilliant Dracula costume and I found a really nice, feminine pirate dress from eBay. Jake on the other hand... He keeps saying he will go out and get one and refuses point blank to let me get one for him.

He better turn up with one tonight or I am putting my Wench outfit into storage...

"Can I have a crispie cake, please Alexa?"

I climb down off the step-ladder. "Well, seeing as you did such a good job of helping me make them, I don't see why not!"

He grins his Daddy's I love it when I get what I want grin, and helps himself to a Rice-Crispie tombstone cake*.

I grab another garland and begin to hang it in place. Trust Jake to be called in at the last minute to cover on his day off. He was supposed to be at home to help me, but I couldn't stop him from going in. Not when he does such an important job. Besides, Joe and Krystal will be coming to help shortly...

"You're a bit wonky."

I have to grab onto the ladders to stop myself from falling off them.

Jesus...Out of the mouth of babes...

"What's wrong, Alexa?"

I straighten up and adjust the garland.

"Nothing honey." I smile down at him. "That was one of the first things your papa ever said to me." I say, fondly.

"He said you were wonky?" Jacob askes me in surprise, through a mouthful of chocolate-covered Rice-Crispies.

I laugh, as memories of that fateful day seven years ago, come flooding back. I will never forget turning around and seeing Jake that first time, or the spectacular fall at his feet, that followed immediately after. I glance at my watch.

"Right honey, Abuelo and Nanna will be here soon. We need to go and get you dressed, then hopefully papa won't be much longer."

He beams and hurries up the stairs with me hard on his heels.



"Well, if it's not the little Prince of Darkness himself!" I hear Jake laugh from the hallway.

Thank God, he's home at last.

"Oh darling, you look wonderful!"

Yay! Krystal and Joe must have arrived too. Perfect.

I had put my outfit on and had just finished applying Jacob's face-paint, when we heard Jake come in. Jacob had literally flown out of the room and dashed down the stairs to him. I remained in the en-suite and applied the finishing touches to my own face-paint.

"Alexa?" I hear Jake call as he enters the bedroom.

"Just doing my make-up, babe. Be out in a sec." I call back. "How are things at work?"

"Bit calmer now, thank God. Jacob looks awesome by the way - as does the house! You really know what you're doing!"

"Thanks. A little less surprise in your voice would be appreciated!" I say in mock sarcasm. "Did you get a costume?"

"Yeah...just finishing getting changed into it now."

Thank Christ...

"Are Joe and Krystal, okay?"

"If you mean Gandalf and the Wicked Witch of the West, then yeah they're good!" He laughs.

"JAKE!" I giggle and open the door to the en-suite.


Standing with his hands on his hips in the middle of our bedroom, is my darling husband, dressed in black pants, a black shirt with a red waistcoat, full length red velvet cloak and a sculpted, horned, red velvet mask. He is one sexy Devil and looks as hot as hell.


We stand and gape at each other in stunned silence for a moment...

...then simultaneously launch ourselves at one another.

Jake hoists me into his arms and I wrap myself around him, as we hungrily kiss each other, our tongues dancing against each other. He plants me against the closed bedroom door, as his hands yank up my dress. I pull back immediately.


"Are you fucking kidding me?" He growls. "This is happening Wench. Right here and right NOW!"

"B-but...Jacob...Your parents..." I whimper.

He steps back, pulling us away from the door and opens it slightly.

"MUM?" He calls.

"Yes, darling?" Krystal replies.

"Can you two watch Jacob for a bit whilst Alexa helps me with my costume, please?"

"Of course darling! Take your time."

"Thanks Mum."

He closes the door, using my back.

I narrow my eyes at him. "I can't believe you just did that!" I hiss.

He grins salaciously at me. "Oh Wench...I'd pretty much do anything if it means I get to be inside you."

I smirk. "You really do look as sexy as hell like that." I breathe. "Where did you get it?"

His hand finishes pulling up my dress and his fingertips touch the bare skin at the top of my thighs, making me shiver.

"From an American website. I wanted something that looked like what Christian Grey would wear - if he went to a Halloween Party!"

I gasp. "Are you serious? You bought this... for me?"

"Who else would I dress-up for?" He breathes. "I wanted it to be a surprise, so I got it sent to mum's apartment. I picked it up on my way here." His fingers find the edge of my knickers, which are getting damper by the second. "Not going commando today, Wench?" He rasps.

"I wasn't exactly expecting to be ravished this early in the evening!" I squeak, as my body begins to throb with desire.

He laughs huskily. "Oh, Wench! I am SO going to ravish you...and thankfully due my raging horn, it won't take long!" He takes a deep breath. "You will have to help me though...Pull your knickers to the side."

I nod eagerly and slide my hand down, as he moves his hands away and unzips himself. I hold onto his shoulder with one hand and pull the legband of my knickers away with the other, as Jake slides in. I grip his shoulders and his tongue joins mine again. His hands grasp my buttocks as he lifts me up and down his strong, hard length, my back sliding against the door and my legs wrapped around his waist. For possibly the first time ever, I don't close my eyes. I am totally mesmerised by the vision in front of me. Jake was right. He IS what I imagine Christian Grey would look like if he went to a Halloween party...

I want to fight the feeling, to make this delicious encounter last longer, but I am so inexorably turned on, that there is no going back and I begin to feel the unstoppable tingling and tightening.

Jake gently withdraws his tongue, his scorching dark eyes not leaving mine. "Yes...yes...sweetheart...Ohhhh Chrriisssttttttt..."



"I've never had a quickie against a bedroom door." Jake grins as he tucks himself back in.

"Neither have I," I grin back, changing into clean knickers. "I wouldn't mind giving it another go...we do have quite a few doors in this house after all..."

"Oh I totally agree. I think that it's only fair that every door be given the same treatment!" He laughs. "Where did you find this Wench outfit by the way? You look awesome."

I frown at him. "I'm a Pirate!"

He gasps in surprise. "You are?"

"Yes!" I laugh. "Christ, and you call me a pervert!"

He grabs me by the hips and pulls me against him. "Maybe it really does take one to know one!" He plants a hard kiss on my lips. "And this pervert is looking forward to round two in bed later, Wench!"


We enter the dining room where Krystal is arranging the party buffet and Joe and Jacob are stacking up napkins under each Halloween pumpkin plate.

"Hi guys!" I say excitedly. "WOW! You two look amazing! Thank you so much for going to all this effort for us."

Krystal comes and hugs me. "No problem dearest. It's all quite exciting isn't it...?" Her voice trails off as she looks at Jake. "Darling, what exactly was so complicated about your outfit, that you needed Alexa's help?"

Jake smirks, whilst I try to fight a severe blush. "Umm...yes, well. I'd better get boiling the spaghetti for the Spooketti Lucky Dip game*." I hurriedly say. "Jake can you come and fill the large plastic tub with water for the apple bobbing, please?" I turn and head out of the room as I feel my ears turning crimson.


An hour later we have twelve over-excited children running around from room to room, whilst their parents help themselves to wine, beer and nibbles. We have played musical chairs, scary statues and musical bumps in the dining room - all to a One Direction mix CD I made - and have now moved into the kitchen to start a couple of messy games. I kneel down by the large plastic tub full of water and floating apple quarters.

"Right kids! Who would like the first go at apple bobbing?"

"OOOH! ME MISS! ME! ME!" An exaggerated voice squeals. My husband pretends to push the kids out of the way, as they laugh at him. He kneels the other side of the tub in front of me and moves his mask to the top of his head - not taking his dark smouldering eyes off mine the whole time.

"Right Martin, let's see what you can do in twenty seconds!" I grin. "Ready? GO! Nineteen, eighteen, seventeeeeeeen..."

Jake not only emerges with an apple in his mouth, he spurts cold water all over my chest!

"JAKE! FOR Fu...Frankenstein's sake!" I gasp.

He grabs one of the standby-towels and hands it to me. Then offers me his hand as he helps me up. "Don't bend over the tub, Wench." He growls. "In fact, leave me with this. You go do the ghost cake.*"

The children giggle as I dry myself.

Goddamn my over-protective, boob-obsessed husband! He could have just said...

I split the kids into two groups between the apple bobbing and the ghost cake - where the children have to put their hands behind their back and try to retrieve a sweet from a pile of flour, just by using their mouths. I constantly rotate them so everyone has a fair go at both games. Krystal and Joe are on hand to dry the kids off and wipe the flour off them and I take several photos of the merriment. I have asked all the parents if they mind if the photo's go on my Facebook page so Jacob's relatives can see them in Spain. Happily, they've all agreed. But I do have an alternate reason behind this...


Almost an hour goes past before the kids tire of the games. Joe and Jake carry the tub out and empty the water down the drain and Krystal quickly sweeps up the spilt flour. I dry the wet lino, then I set up a game of cat lap* to wash away the taste of the flour. When the kids have had a good go at that, I open up the buffet. Jacob and I have been working up a storm in the kitchen making the tombstone and ghost crispie cakes*, witches fingers*, spider cup cakes* and blood fruit punch*. I also added an assortment of crisps and sandwiches and everything was greedily devoured by the hungry mob.


Now they were full of sugar and carbs, it was time for a couple of quiet games, so we played the Mummy wrap game*. I split the kids into two sessions of six children and each child had to grab one of their parents to help. The parent had to kneel down and the child had five minutes to wrap them up like a Mummy, using toilet paper. The second set of parents then had a secret vote on who was the winner, then we swapped and did the same thing for the second group. It was all very diplomatic and great fun and everyone helped pick up the reams of toilet paper afterwards! We had a few games of pass the parcel and then finally it was time for the Spooketti Lucky Dip game*. I left Joe and Krystal in charge of the game, whilst Jake socialised with the parents and I went and got the party bags out of the study where they had been hiding for safe keeping and to print out a thank you note to put with the party bag. I had taken a photo of each child with Jacob as they had come in, so the photos were already uploaded onto the computer, so all I had to do was attach one to each thank you note before I printed them off. One of the joys of a smaller party is that this only took around twenty minutes, as I already had everything in place and I doubt anyone noticed I was missing! I had made the party bags simply from circles cut from black and green bin liners, filled with sweets, then gathered them up into a little parcel and tied them off with a liquorice lace. Once everyone was laden with prizes from the Spooketti, I asked all the children to sit down and Jacob then personally called out each child's name and then personally thanked them for coming and gave them their personalised note and party bag, to a loud round of applause from everyone there.


"Fuck me, I'm gnackered," Jake groaned as he got into bed.The party had been a resounding success. The parents had been overwhelmed by what I'd organised and all told me they would be ringing me for advice when they had a children's party to organise - and had I considered a career as a party planner! The kids had all gone home exhausted and happy, but all had said they'd had an amazing time. I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of Joe, Krystal and Jake, but all generously deferred any praise onto me, until I felt like my head wouldn't fit through the doorway. But this all paled into insignificance, next to the huge smile that had been permanently on Jacob's face throughout the evening and when we tucked him into bed, he gave me the biggest hug and told me it was the best party he'd ever been to. That alone, made me possibly the happiest Pirate on the planet...

I turn towards my darling husband. "Aww babe, I'm not surprised. You had to do a shift, then worked non-stop at the party...and then there was the amazing door sex!"

He grins. "That was definitely the highlight of my evening!" His smile slips. "CRAP! I was planning on ravishing you again tonight, but I'm done in!"

I take his hand and kiss it. "That's okay, babe. We'll take a rain-check. I'm pretty done in myself. It's not officially Halloween until tomorrow anyway, so we can still have hot Halloween sex tomorrow night!"

He laughs. "I like the sound of that! What are you doing by the way? Can't that wait till the morning?"

I grin wickedly. "No it can't. I'm uploading tonight's party pictures to my Facebook page."

"And that can't wait till tomorrow, because...?"

"Because, my darling husband, before I had all this shit from Stephanie, I had friend requested all the Mum's in Jacob's class, thinking it would be a good way of making new friends and being kept in the loop. I did it when he started at St. Joseph's and it worked really well."

"I'm still not following. I thought you didn't want anything to do with these Mum's?"

"I don't whilst Stephanie has her evil claws into them. But I swear I could actually like some of them, if they would just step away from under her spell. But I checked Stephanie's profile and she hasn't uploaded any photo's from her party yet, so when she does..."

"She'll see all the ace photo's from our Halloween party! Jesus Alexa, you are one evil genius! She's going to be livid!"

I grin. "I know! And I have the perfect excuse. I can say Jacob had been too upset  to attend after my mistake of not reading the invite properly, so I threw our own Halloween party to cheer him up! Then she can't say I was doing it to spite her - which I was of course!"

"And all the other Mum's will be able to see your photo's too and can see with their own eyes how cool it was."

"I hope so, but again I will make up an excuse that it was so that friends and neighbours could access the photos and our family in Spain could see them."

He leans across and kisses my cheek. "Maybe I should start calling you 'Perra!'" He says with a wicked grin.

"Nah...I much prefer Wench!"




(Can easily be adapted for any party)

Please always check for any kids with food allergies first!!



Tombstone Crispy Cakes

Firstly create your tombstones by using plain rectangular biscuits and with writing icing get the children to write RIP in spooky lettering on each one. The cool thing about this is it doesn't matter if they mess it up as it will look even more creepy. For the bases you can use either dark or plain chocolate, blocks or chocolate chips, cooking chocolate or good quality. The choice is yours. You will need at least a box of Kellogs Rice Crispies or similar unbranded puffed rice cereal. Heat desired amount of chocolate in a bowl over a pot of simmering water until melted. Different chocolates melt at different speeds and yield different amounts of chocolate, but basically you take the bowl off the pan, place it on a towel on a table and add enough Rice Crispies to the melted chocolate to make a thick, stodgy, sticky consistency. You will have to work quite quickly as the chocolate will begin to set as it cools. If it sets too quickly put it back on the simmering pan and it should melt again. Onto trays covered in foil or greaseproof paper, place a small ladleful of chocolate coated Crispies and form a mound with a couple of teaspoons. Finally place the biscuit towards the top end of the mound so that it sits proudly with RIP facing forward. The chocolate should set quickly enough to hold the biscuit upright, but they still look good even if the set a bit slanted. They will set quite hard so are easy to peel off foil or greaseproof paper.


Spooketti Lucky Dip Game

You will need a small box around a foot square or thereabouts. Seal all the sides down well with packing tape, then on one side cut a circle the size of a saucer out of one side. Push a bin liner or strong plastic bag inside the hole and tape it open around the hole with the packing tape. Over-cook a packet of cheap spaghetti and let it cool - you can make this ahead of time and pop it in the fridge until you are ready. Then empty the cold spaghetti all into the box and give it a good old shake. Now the fun begins. Wrap sweets, treats, small toys, and perhaps even some odd bits of money tightly in foil and throw them into the cold spaghetti, giving it a good shake. Then add two or three quartered hard boiled eggs, a handful of halved and squished tomatoes, cut up a couple of blocks of raw jelly, a few quartered tangerines - anything you think will feel squishy and soft when a child tentatively sticks their hand into the dark hole and feels around for a prize!


Ghost Cake - not to be done if allergic to flour etc.

Tightly pack a small mixing bowl with flour, pressing down as hard as you can. You are basically making a sandcastle from flour. Carefully tip the bowl upside down on a table and tap it to gently release it. It should stand firm and look like a white cake. Take a sweet and place it at the top of the cake. The point of the game to gently cut slices out of the cake, trying not to dislodge the sweet, whoever does has to put their hands behind their heads lean over and try to collect the sweet just by using their lips and tongue.


Cat Lap Game

(Can be done with fizzy or plain water)

Organise the children into teams. Get as many shallow bowls as there are teams. Fill each bowl an inch with first child's preference of drink. Spread out the bowls a couple of feet apart if possible. Line the children up and on your command they run to the bowl, hands behind their backs and have to suck up the liquid and be the first one to finish without touching or tilting the bowl.


Donut game - again check for allergies beforehand.

Using plain donuts with natural holes in the middle, tie a length of string round each hole then tie it to a longer line suspended by two adults (or two trees outside if you are lucky). Kids have to eat the donut without using their hands or breaking the donut off.



Simple spider cakes

You obviously can make your own cupcakes but most people are pushed for time so sometimes shop ones will have to do! The fun bit here is the decorations as you buy liquorice laces in all flavours to use the thinner ones as hair and the thicker ones for legs. Make up batches of either butter or water icing, drip food colouring if you wish into the icing to colour it then spread it onto the cakes, cut 8 equal short lengths for legs of each spider and place them around the edge of the cupcake. Add a thinner lace in a squiggle pattern at the top and finish off with two Smarties/M&M's for eyes. Done!


Blood Fruit Punch

In a large jug mix strawberry (sugar free if possible) fruit juice/cordial and top it up with sparkling water. Now add small chunks of whatever you like - buy a couple of cans of mixed fruit if you can't buy fresh in winter, but ideally avoid apples as they go brown and bananas as they go sludgy. Try chopping up strawberries, grapes, pineapple chunks, blueberries, peaches, plums, tangerine segments etc., and throw them into the punch. You could also make a green slime version with lime cordial. Add some ice to keep it cold.


Witches Fingers

Again simplicity itself, buy hotdog rolls, cut them in half then cut one end into a point. Smear with a thin layer of butter and drizzle warmed strawberry jam over them so it looks like blood. Messy but delicious.














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