**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...





Wow! I cannot believe we are almost at the end of another year! I thought last year whizzed past, but this year has been so full on with our wedding, honeymoon, Jacob starting a new school...and now to top it all off, Joe has sold his little terrace in Earls Court and is moving in with Krystal. As much as we are all delighted this is finally happening, the timing isn't great - two weeks before Christmas. Krystal is frantic, but Joe being Joe is just taking everything at his usual leisurely pace. Jake's going down tomorrow to help Joe with the final packing and Krystal and I are jiggling furniture around to make room for his stuff. A lot of it will have to go into storage for now as Krystal's apartment isn't that big and her spare room is now Jake's bedroom, so it's going to be a bit of a struggle whilst they get everything organised. They are hoping to find a property near to us in the New Year all being well...


I stand in the playground waiting for Jacob and Olga catches my eye and gives me a sly wink. If I was persona-non-grata before Halloween, I was certainly public enemy number one after it. It turned out that Stephanie had hired a professional photographer to take photos of their party, but naturally this meant it took the best part of a week before her photos went up on Facebook...In the meantime, all the mums including her, had seen all the photo's of our Halloween party. I really couldn't compete with the quality of her photos. They were all HD, 20 megapixel, etc, etc, whereas mine were just off my iPhone, but still really decent. But when you look closely at her photos, they all pretty much featured Theo. It was blatantly obvious the poor photographer had been given the directive that Theo was the star of the show and whatever happened he had to be at the centre of the photos. You can see some of the other kids, but they are literally looking bored in the background. There was no comparison with the happy, laughing faces on my photos, and Jacob was only in half of them. Not only had Stephanie put up over 200 photos - three quarters of which heavily featured her son - she had put a note with the photos, saying if parents wanted a copy of any of the prints to let her know and she would organise them. There then followed a price list! For all her wealth, she is what my dear Father would have called 'tighter than a duck's arse!"

I on the other hand, had selected around 20 prints of the party and had them made into a flip photo album on a photo website and given one - free of charge - to each child that had come to the party. I had also ordered a separate one for Joe and Krystal that featured mainly photos of them, us and Jacob, and finally a definitive one with larger photos for Jacob to keep, featuring all the photos. He proudly took it into school to show off during the 'what we did at October Half-Term', show and tell. He told me later that the boys had all looked through it and said how cool it looked and how it was better than Theo's party. I swelled with pride on hearing this and delighted in the smug smile on my little man's face...

Maybe I really am a Perra...

My photo's on Facebook got a lot of likes off the school mums and on one afternoon a few weeks later, when Theo was off sick with a tummy bug, Olga and Karina - Alex's Mum - had cornered me and told me in hushed voices that their boys hadn't enjoyed Theo's party at all. It had been all about him, he had been quite selfish with giving out treats and prizes and he had hogged all the games, so that his classmates pretty much spent all the party just hanging around being bored...

So now I'm slowly ingratiating myself secretly with some of the mums, even though there is an unwritten rule that we only utter a polite greeting and nothing else if Stephanie is there, which she generally usually is, hence the sly winks. These women who I so despised a few weeks ago, I now feel pity for. Stephanie is obviously a force to be reckoned with and no one but me, stands up to her. I stood by my decision about the lunches and haven't been again - using Jake's excuse that I've had to take on board extra Spanish lessons. That bit is sort of true as I am now also learning conversational Spanish, alongside practical Spanish, but the classes don't clash with the lunches. Instead on that Friday of the month, Carla comes to my house for lunch and we have a good catch-up. We have remained firm friends since meeting at the NSPCC fundraising ball last year. I am so lucky to have her and Krystal in my life. I trust them both implicitly and have the best girly time with them.


"Joe, how many more boxes are there?"

"Just a...couple more...mi amor..."

"You said that five boxes ago!"

I slip out of Jacob's bedroom where Joe and Krystal are having a confab about the succession of boxes from Joe's terrace, and into the street, where Jake is lifting a couple of large lidded plastic boxes out of the Joe's Range Rover.

"Jake...I'm worried about Joe. He's all breathless and looks a bit pale."

Jake puts the boxes back down, screws his eyes shut and pinches the bridge of his nose.

Oh, I know what that means...

"I have been telling the stubborn old bugger to take a break for the past half hour and he won't listen!"  He growls in exasperation. "He's not stopped over the past 48 hours - packing and loading and driving...I literally had to force him into bed last night! I feel knackered and I'm only twenty five, so he must be exhausted."  He sighs and cups my face. I grab his hand and plant a kiss in the middle of his palm. He smiles adoringly at me. "Sweetheart...please try and convince him to rest. He worships you, so he'll most probably listen and not accuse you of making a fuss, like he did with me. See if you can get him to sit down and have some cola. It'll replace some lost fluids and the sugar will give him some energy. I'm fine with the last of these boxes. I'd rather just do it myself."

I nod. "Leave it to me. I'll work my charm on him!"

He narrows his eyes at me. "I need you to get him to rest, not over-excite him!"

I grin. "Okay...I'll try not to flirt! And box at a time. I don't want you too exhausted tonight. It was enough I had to sleep on my own last night, with you in London!"

He beams and kisses me. "Oh don't worry, Wench." He breathes against my lips. "The only place I am going to exert myself, is in bed with you later!"

My insides clench in anticipation and with one last hungry look at my gorgeous husband, I head inside and bump into Joe in the hallway.

"Oh no you don't, mister!" I exclaim. I thread my hand through his and look into his lovely, bemused face. "You're coming with me! We are going to have a sit-down in the kitchen, whilst I get you a nice, cold cola."

"Jake's put you up to this, hasn't he?" He asks resignedly.

I smile. "Well, yes...but I was getting worried about you too. I could hear how breathless you were I think some distance from Krystal at this point, may be a good idea..."

He smiles fondly. "Okay, cariño you win! As always, you totally disarm me with your thoughtfulness."

I squeeze his arm.

Oh I love this man!


What's that bloody noise...


I jolt awake and sit up, around four seconds after Jake had done exactly the same thing. He reaches over for his phone.

"FUCK! It's my mum!" He exclaims groggily.

Heart pounding, I reach over to my bedside cabinet and put on my lamp.

What time is it...SHIT! It's only 3:15am...

"MUM! What is it? Ah crap! Okay mum, try not to worry. Make him comfortable, ring an ambulance and describe exactly what his symptoms are to them. I'll be there in ten minutes. Just stay with him and keep calm. I love you. See you soon."

He puts his phone down and leaps out of bed.

"What's happened?" I squeak, as fear begins to creep over me.

"Papa's woken suddenly with chest pains. Mum's in a flap. I have to get over there." He shakes his head in exasperation. "I knew the silly old fool had over-done it!"

He yanks on a pair of jogging bottoms and a sweatshirt.

"What can I do to help?" I ask, my voice high with panic.

"Just stay here and look after Jacob. I'll keep you updated."

He's never run off in the middle of the night before. It's dark, it's freezing and he's going to be driving alone and getting stressed. He comes to my side of the bed and wipes away a tear from my cheek.

FUCK! I hadn't even realised I was crying...

He bends over and kisses my forehead. "I need you to be strong for me sweetheart...for all of us. I can't afford for you to crumble, not now when we all need your support." He sighs and looks directly at me. "Please sweetheart, I need you to do this for me. It'll be okay."

I nod, trying to stay strong for him, but I can't help throwing my arms around his neck and clinging tightly to him. "Be careful, please, babe," I plead.

"Always," he breathes and kisses my cheek. He gently removes my arms. "I've got to go sweetheart. I love you"

"I love you too, Jake. Please give your parents my love and tell Krystal if there's anything I can to do..."

He nods, flashes me a brief smile and dashes out of the bedroom...

...only to return moments later with a sleeping Jacob in his arms. I throw back the duvet and he places him in bed next to me, kisses his cheek and covers him. Jacob doesn't even stir.

"I'll feel happier knowing you're both together."

I nod, unable to speak past the lump in my throat. He gives me a wistful look and dashes out of the room. I hear the front door close softly, moments later. I wriggle back down the bed, wrap myself around Jacob and hold him close.

Please be okay Joe...Our Father, who art in heaven...


I doze flitfully over the next few hours. I wake at 7:25am, struggling to turn over. I open my eyes and find Jacob in his default position - wrapped around me with his head on my boobs. I wriggle my arms free, stroke his back with one and reach for my iPhone with my other. Angling my arm I take a photo of us and send a picture message to Jake.

*Apple didn't fall far from the tree :) Have tossed and turned since you left. What's happening? Is Joe OK? xx*

*Hey! They're my boobies... :) Still running tests on Papa - ECG, chest x-rays etc. Taken bloods and given him pain relief. He's a bit more comfortable now, which is more than can be said for me and Mum! Just waiting for news. Most likely they'll keep him in for now xx*

*Aww babe you must both be exhausted :( I feel so helpless. Please bring Krystal here with you when you leave. She can stay with us as long as she wants. I'll get the inflatable mattress for Jacob and she can have his room. The last thing she needs is to be in the apartment alone or thinking about cooking. I think it's best we all stay together till Joe gets out xx*

A few moments later, I get a text from Krystal.

*Jake's just told me what you said. Thank you dearest, that would be much appreciated x*

*Not a problem. Please don't worry about anything. I'll take care of it all. Lots of love xx*


Two hours later I am making bacon sandwiches and tea, and a pot of chicken soup is simmering away. Mum used to always make me chicken soup when I was ill or stressed and it always worked. Early indications are that Joe may have a narrowed artery so they are keeping him in and sending him for an MRI. Jake said he may also need an Angiogram at a later date. But at the moment, the Doctors are continuing to observe and assess him and we can go back at 4pm to visit. I have called in a favour and Jake has gone to his friend Billy's house, a couple of roads away. Billy's mum has even offered to have him sleep over if we need.

"Krystal - Jacob's room is ready for you. I've put a nightie and a onesie on the bed. Feel free to have a bath or shower - whatever you need."

Krystal smiles weakly. "Thank you, dearest. I think I will finish my tea, have a shower and get straight into bed. I want to keep my strength up for later."

"No worries," I smile reassuringly. "Just make yourself at home. If you need anything at all, just say."  I turn to my exhausted-looking husband. "What about you, babe?"

Jake nods. "Yeah, I might hit the sack myself and see if I can catch a couple of hours."

His phone rings.

"Hello? Papa! What's happening?"

I slip out of the kitchen and race upstairs. I have a little surprise planned for my darling husband.


Joe rang to tell us he was back from his MRI and there are no more tests planned for now, so he was going to try and get some sleep and that he was feeling much better than he was earlier. That pleased us all immensely, so now we were all heading upstairs. Krystal walks into the bathroom, and I lead Jake into our bedroom and lock the door behind us. I hear Jake gasp in surprise.

Earlier, I had drawn the curtains, lit a French Lavender Yankee Candle, put a towel on the bed and got my Coconut Body Oil ready.

"I thought after the stress of the last few hours, Sire might like a relaxing massage."

He beams at me. The first time I have seen him properly smile in the last twenty four hours. "Oh always have the best ideas. A massage would be awesome. Thank you."

I smile lovingly at him. "Then if Sire would like to undress and lie face-down on the towel, I'll grab the oil."

Jake complies and within a minute he is stripped and lying on the bed. I climb over him and sit down on his glorious, pert bottom. I pour some oil onto my hands, rub them together, then start to massage his neck, just below the hairline. I can feel how tightly strung his tendons are. He sighs softly as I flex my fingers over his skin, working on releasing the tension I can feel. Once his neck starts to feel a bit softer, I drizzle my hands with sweet smelling oil again and move down to his broad shoulders. I can feel the knots under the skin and I go to work. He groans and my body tightens in response. I shake my head, this is not the time to get turned on. I am trying to make my beloved relax and feel better. But I love the feel of his muscular, warm skin under my slick fingertips... I move my hands lower and he groans louder as I connect with him. This time I cannot stop my answering moan, as desire soaks through me.

"Are you getting turned on, Wench?" Jake growls.

"I can't help it. You keep groaning and you know what that does to me! Sorry, I know sex is the last thing on your mind right now..."

Jake suddenly pushes himself up and I fall off him and onto the mattress. He rolls on top of me.

"Oh with you is always on my mind!"

I hit his shoulder. "Jake!"

"What? Sweetheart, I love that you are trying to make me feel better, but there is only one thing guaranteed to make me relax, feel better and get off to sleep too!"

I narrow my eyes at him, then sigh.

"Oh to hell with it!"

I pull off my t-shirt as Jake kneels up and drags off my jogging bottoms and knickers in one go. I wrestle with my bra and fling that off too, then Jake reaches behind him and grabs the oil. Grinning salaciously at me, he drizzles some sweet smelling liquid onto my breasts, closes the lid and begins to gently knead the pillowy flesh, studiously avoiding my hardening nipples. I moan and writhe underneath him and he drizzles more oil onto my abdomen and rubs gently at my skin, his hands travelling downwards till they cover my mound. His thumbs slide up and down over my labia and my whole body throbs in response. His right hand continues to stroke me intimately, but his left hand travels north, till he cups my breast and the reason why he studiously avoided coating the nipples with oil becomes clear, as his mouths descends and his tongue draws circles around the hardened, pink bud.

"Jaaaaakkkkkkke..." I moan and he releases one nipple, only to immediately devour the other one.

"MY boobies," he murmurs sternly against my skin.

I giggle at his possessiveness. "Technically, I think you'll find that they're MY boobies...and aren't we teaching Jacob the merits of sharing?" I pant.

I feel him smile against my skin. "I was here first."  He says childishly. He lifts his head. "Besides Mrs. Martin, you vowed to worship me with your body, and that includes your boobs!"

I put my arms around his neck and interlace them at the nape. "You said the same vows, Mr. hurry up and get worshipping!"

He grins wickedly, his jet eyes lighting up with carnal delight. "How's this, Mrs. Martin?" He breathes and slides a finger inside me.

I gasp, arch my back and tighten around him, at the unexpected, but welcome intrusion. His lips find mine and his body slowly covers me, the oil making it easier for him to glide into position. His thumb circles me and he slips another finger inside me, as his tongue connects with mine. His mouth absorbs my moans as we slide against each other and I'm suddenly aware his fingers have stopped their pleasure-inducing dance...

...and in the next breath, he buries himself inside me.

"Roll over Jake...I want to ride you..." I pant, desire sparking through me.

He grins at me and rolls onto his back, taking me with him. There is a method to my wanton madness. My darling husband is obviously all hard, toned muscle and much stronger than I will ever be, but he is always a careful and gentle lover. Even when we go hard at it, he is always checking he's not being too rough with me. Me going on top, means I get to control the pace and as nice as it would be to have him make love to me, I need to ride him hard and fast till he explodes inside me and releases all the stress and tension of the past few hours. I start to undulate softly on top of him, my eyes not leaving his. His hands grasp my hips as I rock and I begin to increase the tempo. I lean forward and place my hands on his pecs, taking him deeper, riding him faster. I see the realisation dawn on his face, as his breath comes in sharp bursts from his parted full lips.

"Yes...yes...sweetheart...ride me...Oh...FFFFFFUUUU..."

 I clamp my mouth over his as the wave crashes over us and we ride the crest into oblivion.



"You're welcome to stay as long as you want. Please don't feel you have to go."

Krystal hugs me. "Dearest, we've impinged on you enough over the past few days. You've been marvellous as always, but it's time for us to go home."

Joe had been released from hospital 48 hours earlier, with an angina spray, a box of aspirin and would have to attend Outpatients for an Angiogram in the not too distant future. I had moved them into our room, taken Jacob's mattress off the bed, laid it on the floor next to the inflatable mattress and made a make-shift double bed for us and Jacob had slept on the sofa in Jake's study, much to his excitement. I had cooked and fussed over all of them, ignoring their protests. Jake had swapped shifts so he could be on hand and over the two days we had all spent time at the apartment too, whilst Jake, Krystal and I organised the boxes under Joe's supervision into some semblance of order, so he had the essentials to hand and Krystal didn't have chaos everywhere she turned. Jake had also got onto Matt from Redrow Homes and he had lined up a couple of properties for them to view, as soon as Joe was a bit stronger.

"You can stay another day, it's no bother."

Joe puts his hands gently on my shoulders. "Alexa, the sun rises with Krystal, shines with my boys and sets with you. What you selflessly do for my family, overwhelms me. I can never repay your kindness. I adore you, cariño." He kisses me softly on the forehead.

OH. MY. GOD. There is only one possible outcome to this...

"Oh...Joe..." I mumble as tears begin to form.

Jake groans, puts his arms around my waist and pulls me backwards against him. "Yeah, yeah, she knows she's special!"

I tilt my head and glare at him. "Hey buzzkill, I'm being adored here!"


It's early Christmas Day morning. Despite Joe feeling much stronger, I insisted they spend Christmas Day with us. The original plan before Joe got sick was to go to Krystal's apartment and have Christmas there. We all spent Christmas Day there last year and as it was our first Christmas all together, Krystal had gone all out, as only Krystal can. There really was no expense spared as we dined on the best food Marks and Spencer had to offer. I'm sure I put on a stone in one day. Even though Jake and I had said we didn't need anything, apart from their company, they 'popped round'  two days ago with three bags of Marks and Spencers food, treats and decorations and the final bag contained a turkey! I tried to be annoyed, but it's impossible to be annoyed at two such wonderful people. So we accepted their 'gifts' and found a place for everything. Jacob and I had made a few Christmas treats ourselves to add to the festivities. We are in an especially smug mood at the moment, my darling step-son and myself, because we totally produced the best cakes at the St. Austin's Christmas Cake Stall fundraiser, the other week.

And technically, they weren't even cakes...

The day after Jacob had given me the letter asking parents to contribute to the cake stall, I was waiting for him in the school playground and I overheard Stephanie's annoying, over-loud, posh voice, declaring how she had specially ordered Theo's contribution to the cake stall. She had organised cupcakes with the school crest, plus she had taken a class photo into the shop and they had printed off the face of each little boy onto an edible wafer, so that they could also buy their own personalised cup-cake. There were audible gasps of astonishment and yes, part of me was secretly hoping she would trip up in her Uggs and land on the bloody things...

There was no way I was going to be able to compete with some professional cup-cake designer, but right at that moment in time, my darling husband's voice came into my head: "play to your strengths, sweetheart." I smiled a secret, confident smile to myself and I knew exactly what I'd be making with Jacob...


"Ice-cream cones?"

Jacob looked at me as if I have totally lost the plot. I grinned at him and handed him a cone out of the box.

"Turn it upside down and put it on the tray." I instructed.

Giving me a bemused look that makes him look like Joe, he does so. "It still doesn't look like a cake."

"It's not meant to. Look at the shape, honey. What does it remind you of?"

Jacob frowned as he stared at it. Then suddenly his little face lit up and he turned right back into Jake.

"A Christmas tree!" He squealed in delight.

"Good boy! It's the perfect Christmas tree shape. So we're going to make thick icing in dark green and light green and cover some in white chocolate. We'll coat the cones in the icing so we have three different types, then I've got popcorn, Smarties, Midget Gems, hundreds and thousands, silver balls... we can go to town and create our own Christmas trees. Regardless of the amazing cakes Theo's Mum is going to bring in, they'll never be as special as ours, because we will have made these ourselves - not taken the easy option and went out and bought them!"


If I say so myself, the Christmas Tree cones turned out brilliantly and Jake was gutted when he couldn't have one, so I had to promise to make him some we could eat over Christmas. Honestly, I sometimes wonder who the child actually is! As Jacob and I entered the school hall to find a table, Stephanie had a group of parents around her, admiring her cakes. Jacob and I ignored them as we found a space on a table, but I could feel her eyes boring into the back of my head as we carefully unpacked the box containing our trees. Jacob had punched out some snowflake shapes out of white paper which we dropped around them and as a final finishing touch, he sprinkled some edible silver and gold balls around them too.

"Jacob!" Roman called out, coming up to us just as Jacob had finished his final flourish of sprinkles. "Come and see Theo's cakes with our faces on..." He stopped as we turned around. He caught sight of the Christmas trees and his little mouth hung open. "Did...did you make those?"

"Yes," Jacob said smugly. "Me and Alexa have been making them after school." He smiled up at me and I smiled adoringly back, almost bursting with pride. Roman stared for a couple more seconds, then turned and ran. "Mum. MUMMY! Come and see the cakes Jacob and Alexa made."

Olga turned from Stephanie's little group and shot me an apologetic look. I acknowledged it with a nod. Stephanie caught my eye and her lips pulled into a smirk.

"Yes, why don't we ALL go and see the cakes Jacob and Alexa have made." She said icily.

Okay Perra.




I smiled indulgently. Okay my cakes weren't made by a Michelin chef, but they were made with love, Jacob and I had a ball making them, and that's all I gave a shit about. I didn't care if they were the kind of cakes Mary Berry would trample over...

The group of mums and kids wandered over and we were suddenly surrounded by astonished gasps and words of praise for my budding Jamie Oliver. All apart form you-know-who, who stood immobile with a face like she'd just swallowed a wasp. When the time for the cake sale came round, word had spread and I had sold out within 20 minutes, with a lot of kids going home disappointed. But as I explained to their mothers - they were so simple to make, they could easily be made at home. Jacob reluctantly went and bought his cake with his face on and I gave him extra money to get a school crest one for me. I just wanted to taste what they were like. He also bought cookies from another stall and some brownies, so all in all we did really well. We were the quickest selling cake stand, went home with a big bag of treats, the mums had a simple idea of how to keep the kids quiet over Christmas and I had got one up on Stephanie again.

And her cakes were too sickly sweet even for me.



Christmas Day had been a huge success. I had woken at 7:30am to start on the turkey and had slipped on my red Fair Isle Christmas onesie and slipped quietly downstairs. Jake and surprisingly even Jacob, were still asleep and I set to work on the chestnut stuffing mixed with sausage meat with Midnight Memories CD playing softly in the background. I was in a little world of my own when a knock at the back door startled me. Thinking one of the neighbours had an emergency, I quickly opened the door, only to find Joe and Krystal beaming at me. It had just gone 8:15am and I stood staring in stunned silence as they were four hours early! But Krystal explained Jake had invited them to come round a bit earlier so they could watch Jacob opening his presents and Krystal said after all my endeavours whilst Joe was recouperating, there was no way she was letting me do all the work on Christmas Day alone. Joe then asked if I was going to invite them, in or leave them on the doorstep like a pair of carol singers!

Krystal set about helping me with the turkey and after about ten minutes Jacob had bounded down the stairs quickly followed by a grinning Jake videoing everything on his iPad. The turkey went into the oven, so with the major thing out of the way, Krystal and I were able to join the others and watch Jacob tear through all his presents. Joe then commandeered the kitchen and made a batch of his famous pancakes whilst we leisurely opened our gifts from each other. I had warned my darling husband not to buy me any kind of expensive jewellery that I could get paranoid over, so imagine my horror when I opened a box and found a set of hooped earrings and a gem-set necklace all set in white metal and diamonds. As I gasped in horrified disbelief, Jake told me to relax, it was just sterling silver and Diamonique from QVC. It looked so much like my diamond and platinum jewellery, it had me completely fooled. I threw my arms around him and kissed his lush, full lips. He smiled adoringly at me and said Krystal had helped him choose items that could be worn alone, or alongside my platinum jewellery and no one would be any the wiser. I then opened my present from Joe and Krystal and found a gorgeous matching silver tennis bracelet, set with 40 little, square Diamonique stones. I was delighted with my gifts and I even managed not to cry with happiness for once!

The rest of the day passed in a blur. Despite playing with all his new toys, Jamie Oliver Junior still came into the kitchen to help cook. Krystal and I got Joe and Jake peeling and chopping veg and Jacob made the batter for the Yorkshire puddings and made the gravy. It was a real family affair, with lots of laughs and enjoying each others company. It bought back memories of past Christmases, when I would cook Christmas dinner with my dear mum in our kitchen at home whilst dad got under our feet, under the pretence that he was helping. I looked around me at the happy, noisy scene and I wished I could freeze time and keep us all safe and happy.










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