**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



A snail is slowly climbing over my skin as I sit in a rollercoaster and ride around the streets of Manchester. I am fascinated that it remains glued to my skin, moving steadily upwards, despite the rollercoaster twisting and turning at top speed. It reaches my breasts and circulates around my nipple. How can a snail be turning me on...

My eyes spring open and I gasp. There is no snail and no rollercoaster. Just my beloved, naked husband leaving trails across my skin with his tongue.

"Good morning, gorgeous wife!" He beams.

Seriously, after what we did last night, how can he look so good? I must look like shit...

"Hi," I murmur, trying to focus and wake up. "What time is it?"

"Nine o'clock. I let you sleep as long as I could, but breakfast is only on for another hour and it's all you can eat! It had better be bigger portions than last nights bloody dinner, because I am ABSOLUTELY STARVING!"

I grin. "Too much sex and not enough food, Mr. Martin?"

"Definitely...but I don't think I could ever have too much sex with you, Mrs. Martin!"


Twenty five minutes later we are sat eating breakfast. I have opted for the continental breakfast of a couple of croissants and a breakfast muffin and Jake is having bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, baked beans, salad, toast...the food is literally spilling off his plate and he is devouring everything.

Oh my man has a voracious appetite...In all things...


Having helped himself to more bacon and a couple of croissants with jam, we head back to our room to pack. Jake suggested having one last drink in the bar before we leave, so we check out with Heidi in Reception and she keeps our suitcases in Left Luggage for us. We head up in the lift with another couple and Jake pulls me into him.

"Enjoyed your first anniversary, Mrs Martin?" He whispers softly, looking at me with adoration.

"Oh's been amazing. I'll never forget it. Thank you." I stand on my tiptoes and place a soft kiss on his lips as the doors slide open.

You don't get any time to get up to much in these bloody lifts!

We walk into the bar and there is suddenly a loud, familiar squeal.


A little dark-haired thunderbolt, flings himself at us and Jake sweeps him up into his arms.

"Hey, niñito! We've missed you! Have you had a good time with abuelo and nanna?"

What on earth...

"Si papa! It's been really good! Hi Alexa!" He swings over to me and I hug him tightly and plant a delightedly startled kiss on his cheek.

Oh my darling little man!

"Hi honey! This is a nice surprise!" I breathe in confusion. I look up to find Joe and Krystal are sat by the windows.

"Hello darlings!" Krystal beams and stands to hug us. "Have you had a lovely anniversary?"

"Yeah, it's been amazing," I begin. "But how..."

"Jake texted us to come. He said you kept going on about how Jacob would have loved the limo ride and how we should come here and have tea."

Jake drops Jacob gently into a chair. "It's supposed to be OUR anniversary and all she can think about is you lot!" He grins. "I didn't give you a second thought!"

I elbow him in the ribs. "It's a wonderful surprise. I'm so happy you guys are here to share this with us."

Joe hugs me. "Cariño, I doubt any other woman would want her in-laws tagging along on her anniversary! You really are a one-off!"


Krystal invited us back to their house and surprised us with a 'special anniversary meal' as only Krystal can - with food treats from M & S! The table is laden with canapés, sausages rolls, a selection of Chinese food, sandwiches, cakes...I tut at her as I help her set it all out, but she just beams happily at me. She looks even prettier than usual today. She is wearing a cornflower blue, embellished maxi dress and it's really bringing out the colour of her eyes and making them sparkle.

Joe comes back from the kitchen carrying a chilled bottle of Moet and Chandon champagne from the fridge, as we eat dessert. He stands next to Krystal and clears his throat.

"If I could just have your attention for a moment," he begins in his lovely warm voice. "Before I offer a toast to you two, Krystal and I have some news."

Jake and I look at each other and then back at Joe and Krystal.

Joe takes a deep breath. "After almost thirty years, I'm delighted to announce...that Krystal has agreed to become my wife."

OH MY GOD!!!!!

Jake and I both gasp, then Jake is out of his chair and launching himself at them, rapidly followed by Jacob and me.

"When did this happen?" Jake asks when things calm down again.

Joe grins sheepishly. "It's been on my mind since we got back together again. I wanted to propose at Christmas, then I got ill and I didn't want Krystal to think I was only proposing because I was worried about my health. So I kept waiting for an appropriate time and last Sunday we were watching Top Gun on TV. It was what we went to see at the cinema on our first date and we were reminiscing about it, so I slipped off the sofa and went down on one knee. Thankfully, she said yes!"

Krystal giggled. "I wondered what on earth he was doing at first! He totally took me by surprise. I was thinking, has he just fallen off the sofa? Then he said will you marry me!"

"Aww that is so lovely you guys!" I beam with happiness. "So are you looking at rings?"

Joe and Krystal exchange looks and seem to communicate something telepathically.

"Shall we make it official, mi amor?"

Krystal nods happily and Joe grabs a little box from a shelf in the dining room. Jake, Jacob and I watch in stunned silence as Joe opens the box and places a beautiful diamond solitaire ring on her elegant finger.

"You got a ring already?" Jake asks in amazement.

Krystal shakes her head. "It was Grandma Edwards. I've always wanted to have it as my engagement ring. I thought I'd lost it as I couldn't find it anywhere for years, then I came across it by chance at the bottom of an old trinket box I used for loose change! How it got there is anyone's guess!"

I take her hand and look at it. "Oh Krystal it's perfect! It's absolutely beautiful."

She squeezes my hand. "It's from Tiffany's and will be yours one day."

My arm drops in shock and I bang our hands on the glass table. Krystal laughs, and I'm sure I wee myself a tiny bit.

Me own a Tiffany solitaire diamond ring? Jeeesssssssuuuuussss...

"So are you thinking of a date?" Jake asks.

"We don't want a long engagement or a massive wedding. We were looking at having a Registry Office wedding when Jacob breaks up for Christmas. Maybe we all go over to Valencia for Christmas and New Year and then have a wedding blessing and party there with all the family."

"Aww mum that would be wonderful! I'm so, so happy for you both."

"Thank you darling. I hope you don't mind us stealing your thunder on your special day, but we were so excited we knew we wouldn't be able to keep quiet!"

"Of course we don't mind!" I exclaim. "I knew something was up - you were glowing!"

Krystal beams, her ice-blue eyes shining with happiness.

"So will I be a page-boy again?" Jacob asks.

"Come here, niñito," Joe says fondly, opening his arms.

Jacob gets off his seat and dashes over to Joe, who pulls him onto his knee. "I was actually wondering if you would be my best man."

"REALLY?" Jacob squeals in excitement as Jake and I gasp.

"Hey! What about me?" Jake whines petulantly.

Krystal grabs his hand. "Darling, I was hoping you would give me away."

Jake and I gasp again. "Oh mum! Really?" Jake breathes. "Oh God, I'd be honoured to. Thank you." Mother and son hug happily, whilst Jacob asks Joe a million rapid-fire questions about what a best man does. I watch the scene in front of me, until my vision hazes in happiness.

"And I was hoping you would be my Matron of Honour, Alexa. Alexa? Oh not again!"

I let out a loud sob, unable to control my overwhelming happiness any more.



I fly through the air, as Jake expertly tosses me over his shoulder and I land flat on my back on the mattress. AGAIN.

It's early June and the excitement of our anniversary and Joe and Krystal's shock engagement is finally dying down a bit. They are getting married at the Town Hall the Saturday before Christmas, then we all head out to Valencia to have a church blessing and a family party. It will be so nice to have a little winter break over the holidays. I've never been away for Christmas and New Year. Jake has been on the phone to his Uncles in Valencia and they have secretly been looking at venues and I have been helping with different party ideas. We are all beyond excited about the event, even though Joe and Krystal are adamant they don't want a big fuss...

...we're not listening...

Jake's upside down face comes into view. "You okay, sweetheart?" He asks, grinning down at me.

Jacob has been learning Karate after school, much to Jake's delight and 'Sensei' Martin is also helping to train him. Jake also thought it would be a good idea to teach me some self defence at the same time. God forbid Paul or anyone else rears their ugly heads, Jake wants me to be prepared. I did ask if he could show me the nerve pinch, but Jake said with my Dyspraxia I could end up killing someone...

So far, my self defence has consisted of me trying to attack him and Jake expertly deflecting me onto Jacob's mattress.

"Yeah I'm great, cheers. Flat out on my back. AGAIN!"

He bends down and places an upside-down kiss on my forehead. "Just the way I like you!" He whispers naughtily against my skin.

"Eeeew! Are you two kissing again?" Jacob squeals in horror.

"Less talking and more concentrating on your Kata's, Ninito," Jake orders.

"Yes Pap...Sensei," Jacob mutters and carries on gliding across the carpet in his socks, as he practices his Karate moves.

Jake helps me off the bed. "Now sweetheart, come at me as before and see if you can get past me this time."

I nod, an evil plan hatching in my head. I approach him as I had done before, but at the last minute I duck and drive my shoulder into his midriff as hard as I can, knocking him off balance and he topples onto the bed, taking me with him. Both of us are laughing, but he suddenly grabs me and holds me tightly against him.

"PILE ON, NINITO!" Jake suddenly shouts and Jacob happily dives on top of us, his nimble little fingers tickling me, whilst his daddy holds me prisoner. I am totally at their mercy and I am tortured till I am crying with breathless laughter.


Later on that afternoon, we are having 'family time' on the sofa. I love, love, LOVE sofa family time. Partly because it was my idea and partly because it gives us all a chance to reconnect. We're all so busy with work, school, college etc., I thought it was important that at least once a week we take a couple of hours to chillax on the sofa with a DVD or select a movie from Sky. We take it in turns to choose something suitable and we all tend to pick an animation or something funny. Today it's one of our personal favourites, Despicable Me which will be followed by Despicable Me 2. When I first introduced family time about a month after Jacob joined us, he would sit in Jake's lap the whole time, whilst I sat next to Jake and sadly rested my head on his shoulder, desperate for Jacob to one day sit in my lap. After I helped him with his nightmares, Jacob started to not so much sit, as lie in my lap with his head against my boobs and his feet in Jake's lap, much to his daddy's amusement. Somehow, we have now developed this position, whereby Jake lies on the L of the couch, I lie with my head in his lap and my body across the sofa and Jacob lies on top of me, his head on my boobs, his legs in between mine and his arm around my waist. I stroke his head with one hand whilst the other hand holds one of Jake's hands to my mouth, so I can suck on his fingers. Jake's other hand rests across Jacob's back and my waist and we all lie there watching the film in utter bliss. I LOVE it. It's my most favourite thing in the world, next to Jake's kisses...

"You got your old MOT ready for me, sweetheart?" Jake whispers.

Stevie the Mini, is due his first MOT since I've had him and Jake is taking him to the local Mini garage tomorrow, who said they will do it while he waits.

"Yeah," I whisper back. "It's on the dining table with the spare set of car keys. There's no point taking my actual set, as my house keys are on there too. They'd just get in the way - plus someone could copy them."

Jake chuckles. "I didn't know you were quite so suspicious, Mrs Martin!"

"Just trying to keep my family safe, Mr Martin."

"SHHHH!" Jacob hisses.

"Sorry honey," I whisper and go back to sucking on Jake's index finger.


I wonder round the house the following day doing some housework, with a silly grin on my face. Jake has done the morning school run in the Mini, then gone straight round to the garage. I slipped my special balls in when he left the house and began to dust. I have a cunning plan for my beloved when he gets back...

I grab the vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard and switch it on.


The vibrations shoot up my arm, down my body and connect with the balls. I gasp loudly and go to turn off the vacuum, but I am cut off, as I suddenly come unexpectedly and violently. I stupidly hold onto the vacuum for support with both hands and the vibrations rock me, causing my knees to almost buckle and I cry out in shock and surprised pleasure. My body arches and I finally find the off switch.

F-FUCK M-ME! I wasn't expecting that! I wonder if  Sir James Dyson knows about this...

With trembling fingers, I put the vacuum away, feeling all tingly, hot, wet and a little bit guilty. It's the first time I've climaxed without Jake and it feels a bit weird. Another sudden vibration makes me panic, then I realise it's my iPhone in my jeans pocket.

*Passed with flying colours :) About to head back, so I'll see you in about fifteen mins xx*

*OK babe, thank you. See you soon xx*

I have fifteen minutes to get my plan into place. I walk carefully upstairs and into the en-suite, gently remove the balls, strip naked and pull on my wench costume. I then fish in the back of our wardrobe for our 'box of tricks' as Jake calls it, and bring out a set of the red leather and fur handcuffs. Excitedly, I run barefoot back downstairs, grab Jake's keys to the CDi and slip into the back seat, shutting the car door behind me. I put a cuff on my left wrist then thread the chain through the inside door handle, leaving the other cuff dangling for now. I am half handcuffed to the back drivers-side door and I lie on the cool leather seats at the back of the car. I reach down and take my iPhone from the top of my costume, as I hear the Mini pull up outside. I send a quick text.

*Come find me when you are ready... ;) xx*

I reach round and fix the buckle on the other cuff to my right wrist and wait, excitement building inside me. I am hot, flushed and slick with arousal. Five minutes later, the adjoining door between the kitchen and the garage is flung open and Jake's eyes find mine. His face splits into a salacious grin and he opens the back passenger door.

"Been kidnapped have we, Wench?" He rasps, his jet eyes alight with desire.

"I've been waiting for my Sire, to come and rescue me," I whisper huskily.

Please hurry Jake, I don't want cramp in my arms...

He rips off his t-shirt and eases his feet out of his trainers.

" look so hot like that, sweetheart. I'm absolutely rigid..."

"Just the way I like you," I breathe.

He yanks down his sweatpants and boxers in one go, wincing slightly as the material brushes against his hardness. He then gracefully slides in on his knees between my legs and begins to push up my skirt. He lets out a gasp.

"Christ...You're soaking..."

"I experimented doing the housework with the balls," I begin then stop suddenly.

Jake hovers over me and looks at me intently. "What is it, sweetheart?"

I look away embarrassed.

Oh am I going to tell him this...

He cups my chin. "Tell me, Alexa. Please..."

When am I ever going to exert any control over that bloody word!

"I...I switched the Dyson on...and...and..." I shut my eyes. "I came whilst I was holding it."

Oh God, why is this so mortifying? He is my husband after all...

I open my eyes and squint at him, only to find him grinning in amusement at me. "Sweetheart, why do you have a problem with this?"

" was the first time I'd climaxed without you..."

Jake takes my lips in a scorching wet kiss.

Mmmmm...that's better.

He pulls gently off me and looks lovingly at me.

"You're not angry?"

His eyebrows shoot up in surprise. "Sweetheart, why would I be angry? You're a wonderfully hot, insatiable, sexual being! I'm surprised you're not permanently orgasming!"

I turn beetroot to the point I'm sure my hair is blushing. "It felt good, but then I felt guilty..."

Jake sighs. "Oh sweetheart, don't feel guilty! I'm not going to get jealous of a household appliance!" He laughs then narrows his eyes at me. "But next time...I want to watch..."

FUCK! Why the thought of that soooo HOT..?

I gasp as I am suddenly flooded with new arousal. Jake beams sexily.

"Oh Alexa...let's see what I can do to compete with Mr Dyson shall we..."

He grasps my hips and slides in easily, thanks to how wet I am. I moan in pleasure, bending my legs either side of him on the seat and he inhales sharply.


I look at him in alarm. "What?"

"I'm so fucking turned on, I'm ready to come!" He groans and bites down on his lower lip. "Sweetheart, I'm going to have to fuck you really quickly, then we can take our time over it. Is that okay?" He breathes.

He's asking me if he can make love to me twice in quick succession? God love him...

"Oh Jake, of course it's okay!" I pant.

He grins. "Then hang on to those handcuffs!"

He leans forwards and still kneeling between my legs, braces his hands either side of mine on the door handle. It gives him just the right amount of leverage so that he can quickly thrust into me. His scorching dark eyes don't leave mine and after a few quick hard thrusts, I see his pupils dilate a couple of seconds before he erupts inside me.

"YES! YES! Ohhhhhh thank Godddddd..." He groans as he tips his head back.

I instinctively want to put my arms around him, but all I end up doing, is pulling on the handcuffs.

OWWW! Shit, I forgot about those...

I screw my face up against the discomfort.

"Sweetheart? Did I hurt you?"

I hurriedly open my eyes. "No, of course not." I say reassuringly. I rattle the handcuffs. "I wanted to hold you and forgot about these bloody things!"

He smiles adoringly down at me. "I must admit it feels weird not having your hands all over me, but I have to say, this is my hottest fantasy ever!"

Aww...I'm so pleased, despite the growing ache in my shoulders...

"You know what's missing..." He begins raspily.

"Killer heels?"

He nods enthusiastically as he begins to slowly slide in and out and one of his hands frees my breasts from my outfit.

"I didn't want to scratch the upholstery."

He shakes his head. "Like I would have cared!"

I arch my eyebrows. "And how were we meant to explain the scratch marks to Jacob, exactly?"

He stops momentarily, then smiles before continuing his soft thrusts. "As always sweetheart, you think of everything."

He continues to slide gently in and out of me, as our eyes lock onto each other. After the quick sharp thrusts of five minutes ago, this feels so nice. I have to admit, I love it either way. Hard, fast and passionate, or slow, gentle and loving. Either way is magical. Jake was right, when he's inside me, the world can go to hell...

I'm desperate to touch him, but then I'm always desperate to touch him. Why wouldn't I be, when he has the physique of an action man with the added extra bonus of a substantial package between his legs. His head slowly descends to my breasts and not taking his smouldering eyes off mine he begins to gently suckle each breast, his tongue dancing around each nipple. I watch until I cannot take any more and shut my eyes with a moan. I push upwards with my bare feet against the seating so I can grind against him, wanting more friction. Jake intuitively knows exactly what I want, without me having to ask. He continues to suckle me, but releases my breast and slides his hand down my dress to my mound, that almost sizzles under his touch. His two fingers circle me and my toes begin to tingle.

"Yes...Jake..." I moan.

Oh please, PLEASE make me come...

The tingling creeps rapidly up my legs, connects deep inside me and as I begin to climax, it continues to travel upwards, till my handcuffs are jingling with the tremors that take over me.


I explode in blessed relief, almost like I had been holding onto a wee for ages and finally let go. I continue to tremble as my body churns from the inside out, then Jake gasps and with loud groan, comes again, mumbling his love for me as he continues to suckle me.


"You know, I'd really like to read the Fifty Shades books again, now we've experimented a bit. I think it's only fair to pay them homage!"

We are both lying naked on the back seat of the car. I am happily sprawled on top of my husband, having taken my handcuffs and dress off, and we are both sated in post-coital bliss. Jake's long legs poke out of the car doorway and Enrique Iglesias Greatest Hits CD plays softly from Jake's iPhone, attached to the car speakers.

I tilt my head up from his chest and look at him. "Maybe you could read them to me this time?"

Jake runs his thumb over my lips. "Lovely idea sweetheart, but I don't know if I could pull off saying how wet I am and how perfectly my breasts fit into Christian's hands!"

Oh yeah! Idiot!

I giggle at the thought. "Sorry, I suppose that would sound wrong...but what if you read Christian's dialogue, or all the male dialogue for that matter? Would that work?"

Jake frowns as he considers it. "Yeah...can't see why that wouldn't be Okay. I'd like to see how I sound as Christian Grey!"

I grin at him. "You'd sound always do...and besides, you'd be even more perfect for Jose!"

He grins. "Dios mio, Alexa!" He exclaims, doing his best Jose impression. He cups my face. "Te amo, sweetheart." He whispers, smiling his all-dimples-all-worshipping smile.

I smile lovingly at him, and push myself up to kiss him. AGAIN. "Te amo, Jake. Para siempre."
















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