**Love story with explicit content**
The story of Fifty Shades/One Direction fan Alexa and Jake continues. Now married and settling into life in the suburbs with Jacob, can they fit their love life in between caring for an active 9 year old? How will Alexa cope with her role of Wife and Step-Mum? Is their passion and love for each other still as strong?

Only one way to find out...



I put the lasagne* into the oven and close the door. It has been nearly three weeks since Jacob's birthday party and apparently the boys in his class are all still talking about it. Jacob and I organised a personalised photo album for each boy from the same online photo shop I'd used at Halloween, with photos of the day and again, I organised a special one for Joe and Krystal with mainly photos of them with Jacob and a few of Jake and me with them thrown in and a larger, definitive one for Jacob to keep. I'd given the albums to Jacob to do the honours in class, so it was twenty four hours later when mums began to approach me in the playground to thank me for the albums. They were all a little taken aback when I refused any payment for them. They only cost around a fiver each, and it was well worth it if any of them signed up to the Playscheme or even to using the place as a party venue. I had sneakily included a page with the Playscheme details at the back of the album and Sue said she'd had quite a few enquiries and was hoping that some would come into fruition. Even Stephanie had said thank you...Sort of. She was talking to a group of mums and as most of them came over and said what a wonderful party it had been and to thank me for the albums, she sort of mumbled the same thing. I no longer despise her. I just feel pity for her. She obviously thinks being a mum means throwing as much money at your kid as possible. She must look at the way I am with Jacob and what I achieve with him, without throwing silly money at everything and wonder where she's going wrong.

There really are some things money can't buy...

My iPhone suddenly rings in my pocket making me jump. I fish it out and frown at the screen. Jake is calling, when he's meant to be on the school run...

"Jake? You okay, babe?" I ask in concern.

"I'm fine sweetheart. But Jacob isn't. Mrs, Wilding said he's gone downhill over the last hour. Apparently there's one of these twenty four hour bugs going round the school. There's a few boys off with it already."

"Oh no! Is he okay?"

"He's running a temperature and looks done in. Will you get the Calpol ready and his PJ's please? I think we just dose him up and make him comfortable as soon as he gets in and take it from there."

"Okay babe, no worries. Drive safe. I'll see you soon."


Ten minutes later, Jake swings the CDi into the garage and I open the front door. Jake emerges moments later with Jacob asleep in his arms. I take him and carry him into the living room, whilst Jake shuts the car and the garage. I can feel how hot Jacob is. The heat is radiating out of his school uniform and into me. I lay him gently down onto the 'L' of the couch and begin to undo his tie and shirt buttons.

"Alexa?" He moans, eyes still closed.

"I'm here Jacob. You're not well, honey. I need to get you out of your uniform and give you some Calpol to make you feel better. Do you think you can sit up a tiny bit for me?"

He nods and tries to move, but he just moans again. Jake enters the room.

"He doesn't have the strength to sit up. I've never seen him this ill!" I try and hide the panic from my voice and fail miserably.

"Get his shoes and socks off. I'll hold him up and between us, we should be able to do the rest." Jake says calmly.

We jiggle his small frame between us, that looks even more tiny now it's so listless. We manage to strip him down to his underwear and put on his PJ's. Jake slips a thermometer into his mouth as I shake the Calpol bottle. The thermometer beeps and Jake checks it.

"Mmmm 39.2. Give him the Calpol and I think we need some cold, wet flannels to help bring it down too."

I nod. "What do you think it is?"

"He complained his throat was sore and it was quite red when I checked it. Could be the start of a throat infection or tonsillitis, or hopefully just a twenty-four hour virus like Mrs. Wilding said."

I shudder. I had had bouts of tonsillitis as a child and remember how horrible it is.

"Jacob honey," I croon softly, running my hand over his little face, that is red and beginning to break out in sweat. "Open your mouth for me please honey, so I can give you the Calpol."

Jacob still doesn't open his eyes from where he is propped up on the cushions, just slowly opens his mouth and I gently tip the medicine in. He swallows and moans. I can feel my heart constrict.

"I hate seeing him like this." I groan.

Jake nods. "I know, me too." He sighs. "But he's a kid. With the best will in the world, kids get ill. It's down to us to manage the illnesses and get him through it." He looks up at me from the sofa where he is sat next to Jacob. "Go prepare some cold flannels, sweetheart...and maybe we just eat dinner here on the couch next to him so we can keep him monitored."

I nod. "Good idea. I'll go get it all organised."


An hour later, we have decided to call it an early night. Jake carries a sleeping Jacob up the stairs and places him in our bed. I bring up the Calpol, thermometer and the bowl with the wet flannels, and set them on my bedside cabinet. Jake leaves the bedroom and returns moments later, dragging Jacob's mattress and duvet. He sets them down at the foot of the bed. We decided Jacob and I would sleep in the bed where I could keep a close eye on him and Jake would sleep on the mattress. I knew Jake would probably be up most of the night anyway as he hates not sleeping next to me. It's still only 5pm, but I draw the curtains and turn the telly on, bringing the volume down just loud enough to hear. I change into my nightie, climb into bed next to Jacob and Jake slides in behind me, spooning me tightly to him, but stretching his arm out so that his hand rests on Jacob's abdomen. It feels weird to be in bed so early in the evening with the sun still trying to stream in through the curtains. It reminds me of early in our relationship, when we started to experiment with dry humping in the afternoons...


The shaking awakes me. I am on my side with my arm across Jacob's waist and I can hear Jake snoring softly on the mattress on the floor. I blink awake and realise Jacob is shivering from the fever. I switch the bedside lamp on. He is still scorching hot and the timer on my iPhone indicates that he is due another dose of Calpol in fifteen minutes. I decide to just give it to him now and reset the timer for another four hours. Jacob murmurs something so quietly, I'm sure I misheard it...

I shake the Calpol and gently slip the thermometer in his mouth, stroking his cheek.

"Mama..? he moans softly.


No doubt what he said, this time. I swallow nervously, as the thermometer beeps.

Shit!'s gone up.

I remove the thermometer and stroke his little flushed cheek again.

"Jacob," I begin gently. "It's Alexa, honey. You're still not well. You're due your Calpol."

He doesn't open his eyes, but obediently opens his mouth when he feels the spoon on his lips. He swallows the medicine and I prepare a cold flannel for him. I place it on his hot, sweaty forehead and he moans.

"Mama...Donde estas..?"


I can feel my pulse-rate accelerate and my heart feels like it's going to burst out of my chest.

It's just the fever talking, it's just the fever talking, it's just the fever talking...

I stroke his hot cheek. "J-Jacob," I begin anxiously. "It's me, Alexa. Can you open your eyes, honey?"

"No..." he moans softly. "Quiero Mama...Donde estas..?"

An involuntary sob escapes me, as tears begin to fall. My heart is breaking to see him suffering and calling out for his Mama to comfort him. I slide off the bed and gently shake Jake. His eyes fly open.

"What is it? Is Jacob okay?"

"Oh J-Jake, he's b-burning up," I sob. "And he's c-calling for Manuela..." I burst out crying, unable to stop myself.

Jake jumps up and goes over to him. He shakes him gently. "Jacob, it's papa. Open your eyes for me, Niñito."

Jacob moans, but doesn't open his eyes. I dash away my tears and scramble up.

"His temperature is at 39.8 and I gave him Calpol five minutes ago." I gulp, trying to compose myself.

Jake nods and shakes him harder. "NIÑITO! OPEN YOUR EYES!" He commands sharply.

Jacob's heavy lids flutter open slightly and he tries to focus.

"Papa..?" He moans.

Jake exhales. "Yes! Yes. I'm here. We're both here. Me and ALEXA." He emphasises my name.

Jacobs eyelids close again. "Want mama..." he moans.

I clutch at my chest, as I feel my heart twist.

Jake takes the flannel off Jacob's forehead and gives it to me. "Go and soak all the flannels in cold water - don't wring them as much as you usually do. Make sure there's six of them. We've got to get this fever to break." He orders, then strokes my cheek. "He's just a bit delirious from the fever, sweetheart that's all. It's making him disorientated. He'll be fine once the fever goes."

I clasp his hand to my cheek and kiss it. "It's tearing me apart to see him suffering...then when he started to call out for Manuela..." I stop as my throat constricts.

Jake nods and strokes my lips with his thumb. "It'll be okay. Go wet the flannels. And bring a big bath towel."

I hurry off on shaky legs, into the en-suite. Running the hot tap until the water is tepid, I fill the bowl with water and soak the flannels, adding two more face-cloths to make six, then empty the bowl and squeeze some of the water out of them, as Jake had instructed. When I re-enter the bedroom, I find Jake has stripped Jacob of his PJ's and he is just lying there in his little Spiderman boxers.

"Okay I'll lift him up, you fold the towel in half and put it under him." Jake directs and I do as he says. He places him gently back down on the towel. "Right, we need a flannel on his head, neck, wrists and ankles. I'll do the top end, you do the feet."

I nod and grab two face-cloths from the bowl fold them and wrap them round both ankles. Jake places the others into position and Jacob moans softly, but doesn't say anything. We stand back and look at him.

"Now what?" I whisper.

He reaches over and grasps my hand, squeezing it gently. "Now...we wait."

We spoon on the bed again, both watching him intently.

"What if he expects to see Manuela when he wakes and gets upset?" I whisper.

"Then we'll deal with it. Like we always do. Me and you. As a team." He reaches round and tilts my face towards him. "Sweetheart, think about it. What do all kids do when they're stressed, traumatized or ill?"

I look at his gorgeous face and for a moment, I can't think clearly. I'm feeling stressed and traumatized myself. Then the fog suddenly clears. "They regress." I whisper.

He smiles and pushes himself up so he can plant a soft kiss on my lips. "Well done, Mrs. Martin," he breathes against my lips. "Jacob has regressed by a couple of years, whilst his body tries to deal with the fever. His subconscious is trying to make sense of what's happening to him. Obviously, he's never been this ill whilst he's been with us, so his mind is bringing him back to when he's been poorly in the past...which will have all been whilst he was still with Manuela. That's all this is sweetheart." He says, reassuringly.

There is a sudden, long drawn out moan from Jacob, that has Jake scrambling off the bed and me sliding over to Jacob's side.

"Jacob...It's papa. Can you open your eyes for me, Niñito?" He asks gently.

I touch his cheek. It's no longer hot, but cool and clammy. I move my hand to his chest.

"Jake...he's cooled right down and he's soaked with sweat."


That one whispered word, is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.


We're all in the double bed. When Jacob woke he immediately started feeling cold as his fever had broken, leaving him saturated in sweat, so whilst Jake dried him off with the towel and changed him into fresh PJ's, I ran downstairs and made three mugs of warm milk with honey in the microwave. I dropped a capful of whiskey into mine and Jake's just to help us unwind after such a stressful few hours. We've just finished drinking them, and Jake lies in pretty much the middle of the bed with Jacob curled into him on one side and me on the other. Thankfully Jacob has stopped shivering. Jake's hands stroke gently down both our backs, and I wrap my arm round Jake's waist, capturing Jacob in my embrace at the same time. Jacob thankfully drifts off quickly and Jake and I aren't far behind...


I reach out in my sleep for my husband and don't touch him. I stretch further in my haziness between sleep and being fully awake and just find cold sheets. I blink awake and the bedroom is bathed in soft sunlight from behind the curtains. The bed is empty.



My mind starts to fire up and last nights events start to come back to me. I scramble out of bed to find my boys and in my panic I forget about the duvet and mattress on the floor and trip over them, landing in heap by the door, with a thud.


I try to get up as the door is pushed open.

"SHIT! Sweetheart...are you okay. What happened?" Jake is immediately in my face, hunched down with his arms around me. He smells all freshly washed and musky...Mmmmm

"I-I woke up and you weren't there, then I remembered about Jacob and thought something had happened, so I leapt out of bed and forgot about the bloody mattress on the floor! I just went flying over it!" I groan.

"Oh Alexa!" Jake chastises me gently. "Seriously sweetheart...are you okay? Have you hurt yourself? Can you stand?"

He puts his arms around me and stands gently, as I grip onto his arms and find my feet, wincing slightly.

"Yeah...knees and hands got a good old bang, but I'm okay. Where's Jacob? How is he?"

He kisses me gently on the forehead. "He's fine sweetheart. He woke up about an hour ago. He was sprawled out on top of me! You were sleeping so peacefully and I know you've hardly slept, so I just quietly carried him out. He's had cereal AND toast and two glasses of milk, so he's definitely getting back to himself, but I've rang school to say what happened and that we're keeping him off today to recuperate and he'll be back in tomorrow, all being well. We were just in his room having a play on his X-Box when I heard a bang!"

I nod and smile. "What time is it?" I ask suddenly. I've not even checked...

"Half past nine. Go get a shower and sort yourself out. We're all organised, so take your time, sweetheart."

I hug him tightly, relief flooding through me. A nice warm shower sounds wonderful...but not before I've seen my little man for myself...


It's almost bedtime. God bless Joe and Krystal, when Jake rang to tell them about Jacob, they turned up with pizza, chocolate fudge cake and ice-cream! We had a lovely lunch with them and then - they only offered to watch Jacob for us, so we could go and get a couple of hours sleep! Despite my feeble protests, they wouldn't take no for an answer, so Jake and I gratefully fell into our bed and managed to grab a couple of much needed hours of restorative sleep. When we came back downstairs, we found Krystal watching QVC and Joe and Jacob asleep together on the 'L' of the sofa! They looked so adorable together, that I took a sneaky photo. It's Father's Day in a couple of months, so it'll make a lovely card for Joe...

Jake then ordered take-out Chinese for us all, which was delicious too, so despite my traumatic night, I have had a really nice, relaxing day in the end. After Joe and Krystal left, we decided to have family fun in the Jacuzzi! We dressed in our swimming gear and all got into the Jacuzzi together, taking it in turns to see who could hold their breath under the water the longest. Jacob won, but only because Jake let him. I failed miserably, got my timings all wrong and ended up swallowing bath water! At one point, I was convinced I was drowning...Like Jake would let that happen! Mind you he could always give me the Kiss Of Life...Mmmm... The Jacuzzi really helped blow the cobwebs away and left us all feeling much more refreshed and relaxed. Thankfully, Jacob seems fully recovered, so he should be well enough for school tomorrow. I slide into bed next to my gorgeous husband and hold him tight.




Nnnrrrrrrrmmmm, hmmmmm...

"Where are you...?"

Who the hell is talking...


I jolt awake.


My heart is pounding as I look round in the darkness. Something has woken me with a start, but I don't know what. I turn on the light and grasp the monitor.

Did Jacob call out?

I can hear his even breathing through the speaker. I shake my head. Maybe I had some kind of nightmare I can't remember, that woke me. I put the monitor back and switch off the light. I turn and snuggle into my darling husband.


Jake feels like he's on fire! I turn quickly, put the light on again and sit up next to him. I touch his forehead. It is scorching and covered in sweat. His pyjama t-shirt is stuck to him and I can see its covered in dark patches of sweat too.

Oh crap! Don't tell me he's caught Jacob's bug...

He writhes suddenly and wails. "NO! Don't leave me! PLEEEAASSE!"


He MUST have caught Jacob's bug and he now has the fever! I lean over and grasp his shoulders, shaking him.


He moans and writhes, but doesn't wake.

Oh God, I don't know if I can take another night of torment...

I jump out of bed and run into the en-suite. The flannels I had used for Jacob are drying on the radiator. I quickly soak them and hurry back into the room. Standing by the side of the bed I haul the duvet off Jake and begin to place the wet face-cloths in the same positions that we had done with Jacob. Jake moans and inhales sharply, his breath hissing between his teeth.

"Jake...JAKE...OPEN YOUR EYES FOR ME. PLEASE BABE." I plead anxiously.

He writhes again, his fists clenching at his sides, his body twisting left and right.

"Noooooo," he moans. "I wanna go home. PLEEEAASSEEE..."

Oh God, I can't bear it! He's caught in one of his nightmares from being left at boarding school and he's not responding to my voice. If I can't wake him, I can't give him painkillers and he's just  going to get worse...

I straddle him, grab the edge of his sodden t-shirt and yank it upwards. There is no time for niceties. I lower my head and begin to kiss and claw at his chest, working my way upwards, willing him to respond to me. I kiss round his dark areola, then draw it into my mouth and graze it gently with my teeth.

He inhales a huge gulp of air and arches upwards off the bed and I almost fall off him.

"JAKE! BABE, PLEASE...PLEASE OPEN YOUR EYES..." I'm shrieking now.

He slowly lowers himself back on the bed as I grip the end of his t-shirt and hold on.

"Alexa..." he murmurs.

Oh thank God!

"I'm here babe. Just open your eyes Jake, please. You need to wake up. PLEASE!"

His heavy eyelids slide open and hazy dark eyes try to focus on me.

"Alexa," he croaks. "What's happening?"

I lower my face so that he can see me a bit better. "I think you've caught Jacob's bug. You're burning up, babe and all sweaty. I've got the flannels on you, but if you don't wake properly, I can't give you Ibuprofen. Do you think you're able to sit up?"

I jump off him and he pushes himself upwards. I grab my pillows and prop them behind him. The flannels slide off and I grab them.

"Fuck...I feel shite!" Jake groans. "I was okay before bedtime. Where the fuck has this come from?"

"You probably got it when he fell asleep on top of you. Let me get this t-shirt off you Jake, it's soaked."

He leans forward and I haul it off.

"Keep talking to me, whilst I fetch the Ibuprofen." I lean down, kiss his hot, damp cheek and grab the face-cloths.

"I'm so sorry, sweetheart." He calls after me.

"What for?" I ask puzzled, as I grab the packet of Ibuprofen from the cabinet in the bathroom and fill a tumbler with cold water.

"Getting sick. It was enough with what we went through with Jacob last night. Now you're going to be playing Nurse again."

"Oh Jake, I don't mind!" I call back as I wet the flannels. "I love caring for you and Jacob. It's what I do." I pad back into the bedroom and walk over to his side of the bed. I pop two Ibuprofen out of the packet and give them to him with the tumbler. He takes them and drains the tumbler.

"Ah God...I needed that. Didn't realise I was so thirsty!"

"I'll go get you some more in a minute. Just let me get these flannels in place..."

"You would have made a very sexy Nurse, by the way." He smirks.

"Mr. Martin, do you have no morals? This is not the time to flirt!" I pretend to admonish.

"I'm ill, not dead! I can still flirt with my beautiful wife, even when I'm sick!"

I grin at him. "Well maybe my next outfit will have a medical theme. We could have some fun playing Doctors and Nurses!"

Jake closes his eyes and groans.

"JAKE?" I ask in a panic.

He opens his eyes and gives me his all-dimples-all-worshipping smile. "Sweetheart, don't say things like that to me! You're meant to be cooling me down, not heating me up further!"

I hit him playfully across his arm and he suddenly lunges and grabs both my arms, making some of the flannels slide off.

"You know," he begins, narrowing his eyes at me. "There is one thing, guaranteed to work this fever out of me..."

I gasp. "Jake! You're not serious?"

He releases his grip and frowns. "If I could summon up the energy and be guaranteed that I wouldn't make you sick, then yeah, I'd be more than happy to give it a go!"

I take his hands and kiss his knuckles. "And you call me insatiable! Let me get the rest of the flannels off and get you some fresh ones."

"Tell you what would be quicker and easier sweetheart. Just go and fill the bath with tepid water. It'll be quicker to cool me down than the flannels. I'll just sit in there for a bit, hopefully it wont take too long. Saves you faffing about and going backwards and forwards."

"You sure? I don't mind..."

He runs his thumb over my lip. "I know you don't mind." He breathes. "But I do. I'm not having you running yourself down any more than you need to, or you really will get sick. The Ibuprofen will be kicking in shortly, so fingers crossed, the fever will break soon."


Ten minutes later Jake is sitting in the Jacuzzi. I sit on the edge of the bath with my nightie bunched up around my waist, my feet in the water, with Jake between my legs. He rests his head against my thigh, as I sponge tepid water over his head with one hand, whilst he holds my other hand to his mouth, kissing and running his tongue over my fingertips.

"Mr. Martin, you're going to make me wet," I growl softly, as he sucks on my fingers.

" favourite..." he says huskily.

"I can't believe you're so sick and you still feel horny!" I say in disbelief.

He tilts his head to look at me. "How did you expect me to feel, with my head in your lap and your exquisite scent enticing my nostrils?"

I gasp and blush, fighting every instinct to try and pull my nightie down.

"Oh Alexa...I love that you can still get embarrassed about our intimacy...It's so sweet."

"I-I don't think I will ever be as confident as I would like to be with intimacy. It just took so long for me to be intimate with someone..."

Jake lets go of my hand and turns so he is on his knees between my legs. He reaches up and strokes my face.

"Sweetheart...don't ever change. I love your innocence and the fact that I was your first."  He says raspily.

I hold his wet hand to my face. "My first, my last and everything in between." I breathe.

He looks at me intently and my body spasms in response before I can stop it.

He gasps, then grins.

"Oh my dearest Mrs. Martin. Are you getting turned on?"

Bugger! I was trying to hide it!

"Noooo..." I begin without conviction.

"Alexa, you really are the worlds worst liar..." he says as he dries his hand on my nightie.

Before I can register what he's doing, he slips his fingers inside my knicker elastic and strokes me intimately, my slickness giving me away.

"Jake!" I gasp. "No! We need to be focusing on making you better..."

FUCK! That feels sooooo good...

He slips his thumb inside the elastic and begins to circle me and I can't stop my moan as his fingers slip inside me.

When I re-open my eyes, he is gazing adoringly at me, pleasuring me with one hand...

....and pleasuring himself with the other...

He was right...I really hadn't seen the most erotic thing yet...

I reach out and cup his face and he leans into it.

"You okay?" I whisper.

He turns and kisses my palm.

"I'm fine, sweetheart," he breathes. "I'll pace myself, don't worry...we'll just take it nice and slow..."

I nod and slide my hand over his between my legs, urging  him onwards, our eyes locking as each expert stroke brings us closer to the edge. He bites down on his lip as he fights for control  and I know how much he desperately wants to rip my knickers off and just plunge inside me...

...Almost as much as I want him to do it myself...

"You're so beautiful, sweetheart..." he breathes. "I love making you come..."

"Oh Jake..." I pant. "I l-love..YOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUU!"

I arch my back and push my mound against him, clenching tightly round his fingers as he expertly brings me to my climax.

I come back down and feel the cool bath beneath me again. I open my eyes and he grins naughtily at me as he slowly withdraws his fingers. Without taking his scorching eyes of mine, he takes his slick fingers and puts them into his mouth, sucking them. I give an involuntary shiver and then I am leaning over him, pushing his other hand out of the way as I grasp him tightly and begin to rapidly pump him with one hand and hold him by the nape with the other. He throws his head back and groans loudly, his hands reaching forward to cup my breasts through the soft jersey of my nightie. I concentrate hard on my task, my eyes not leaving his. I see his pupils dilate a couple of seconds before he shrieks and explodes over my fingers. I continue to stroke him, but slow right down as he moves his hands round my back, embracing me as he shudders against me, his damp head resting against my neck. He shudders again.

"Sweetheart," he whispers hoarsely against my neck. "That was amazing...but I need to g-get out of the b-bath...My f-fever's b-broken."

I pull my hands away and cup his face. In the intensity of our passion, I had mistaken his damp skin for water instead of sweat and now he was shivering.


I quickly kiss his damp forehead and scramble out of the bath. Jake continues to kneel holding onto the edge of the bath.

"S-Sorry...sw-sweetheart...I...c-can't...m-move..." he says through chattering teeth. "I d-don't have the e-energy..."


On shaky, post-orgasmic legs, I hit the bath plug, draining the bath and grab all the towels off the rack, silently thanking God for the towel warmer. I throw one over Jakes head and wrap one round his shoulders, rubbing him as hard as I can. He continues to shake and shiver and I can hear his teeth clattering in his head.

"What do I do?" I ask, my voice high with panic.

"J-Just h-help m-me g-get out."

"Put your arms around my neck and I'll pull you out."

Jake does as I say and I wrap my arms around his back.

"Push up on three, babe. One...two...THREE!"

Jake pushes up against the slippery bath as I haul him outwards with all my might.

Naturally, I get it wrong and I stumble backwards, Jake's 12 stone frame overpowering me, and we end up in a heap on the bathroom floor.


"SH-SHIT! Sw-sweetheart, you okaaaay?" He asks anxiously.

I look downwards. I am sprawled on my back, spread out like a starfish and my poor, darling husband is collapsed on top of me, shaking uncontrollably and looking like E.T. I cannot stop the giggle that bubbles out of me, or the next one, or the next...

Jake starts to chuckle too as he continues to vibrate against me. He shakily pushes himself up. "G-get uppp, sw-sweetheart...I'll c-crawl t-to the b-bed..." He breathes. "F-fucking...s-safer..."

I slide out awkwardly from under him, grimacing from the bang I took against the floor. I stand, slightly unsteadily and Jake crawls on his hands and knees till he gets to the bed. I pull out fresh underwear and clean PJ's and hurry over to him.

"D-did I h-hurt y-you?" He asks as I wriggle his clothes onto him.

"Let's just say you owe me one hell of a massage," I say through gritted teeth.

"I w-will c-cover every inch of y-you w-with k-kisses and sp-spoil y-you rotten." He breathes. "I pr-promise."

"I'll hold you to that," I smile at him. "Do you want me to get you a warm milk, or a hot water bottle?"

"N-No...j-just get into b-bed. Let m-me spoon you and get w-warm that w-way."

I nod and scramble into the bed and Jake wraps his shivering body around me. I rub his arms as he kisses behind my ear and gradually the shaking stops and we both finally drift off to sleep.

















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