Bloodlust (Harry Styles Vampire Fanfiction)

Harry Styles: Dark, mysterious and holds a dangerous secret.
Rose Jennings: Pure, quiet and desperate to get away from her past.
What if the world you lived in was a complete lie? What if all those childhood monsters turned out to be real?
What if you fell in love with one?


19. Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“Oh, boom!” I said in a silly voice as I beat him in the racing game.

“I’ll admit, you were okay.” He shrugged teasingly.

“Okay?! I thrashed you!” I said laughing.

“Maybe a little.” He rolled his eyes jokily. I laughed again. “I feel like some eggs.” He said after a few seconds of silence.

“It’s like- oh my God! It’s 11:20.”I stated, surprised as I looked at the clock.

“You can just crash here, it’s fine.” He smiled.

“Thanks. Uh, do you have any spare toothbrushes?” I asked.

“Yeah, we do actually.” He replied.

“Okay, so it’s fine if I use them?” I bit my lip, my awkwardness coming out.

“Of course! It’s just a toothbrush.” He shrugged.

“Oh, okay. Cool.” I smiled. “So you wanted eggs?” I smiled.

“Yeah. I might make some. Even though it is 11:20.” He laughed. “You want some? I’m having them fried.” He said.

“Yes please!” I smiled. We both hopped out of the blanket.

“Oh. Cold.” I shivered, rubbing my bare arms.

“Do you want to borrow a jacket?” He asked with worried looking eyebrows.

“Nah, I’m fine.” I shrugged.

“Alrighty.” He narrowed his eyes. We walked into the kitchen together.

“How many do you want?” He asked me.

“How many are you having?” I asked him back.

“Uh... Two?” He said, scrunching his adorable lips together again.

“Then I’ll have the same.” I said, giving him a big grin.

“Okay, lets get to it then.” He smiled


The next 10 minutes consisted of us just basically mucking around, taking much longer than we probably should have. Oh well.

“You cooked them well.” I nodded to the plate, but my eyes were on Harry.

“Thank you.” Harry said, waving his hand around jokingly, “I’ll get forks and knives.” He said, and went off to get.

He came back, handing me both.

“Oh. Sharp.” I commented.

“Yeah. All the non-sharp ones have been used up and I haven’t done the full wash yet.” He explained.

“Oh, okay. I’m gonna eat this now, because it smells so good.” I laughed.

I started to cut it into small little peices.

“Shoot!” I said. I accidentally sliced my finger.

“Um, okay. What do I do know?” I asked Harry. “Harry, are you okay?”

He had his head in his hands.

“...Harry?” I whispered for some reason.

“Clean your finger up, please.” I heard him say quietly. “There is band aids in the... the bathroom cupboard.” He quietly said.

“Okay.” I said worriedly. I walked to the toilets because I would struggle trying to find toilet paper. What was wrong with Harry?

I had cleaned my finger, put a band aid on then walked out back to Harry.

“Hey, what was that? Are you alright?” I asked, putting a hand on his back.

“Yeah, I just got this random headache. And then you cut your finger, blood makes me really dizzy so when I saw that blood drop down it just made me feel a bit... well, dizzy.” He said. “It’s fine, nothing’s wrong now.” He smiled, lifting his head up to look at me directly in the eyes.

“Okay, well. Do you want anything? Like, some sort of tablet to make you feel any better?” I questioned him.

“No, no. It was nothing serious.” He smiled again.

“Okay, then. Well, are you all good to eat these eggs, because my stomach is having a party inside there just from the smell.” I laughed.

“Yeah, let’s eat.” Harry said with a slight grin on his face.


“Uh, where will I sleep tonight?” I asked.

“I was gonna have you sleep with me. Um, not like that... as in-“

“I know what you mean.” I laughed.

“Well, yeah. I was gonna have you sleep in my bed with me.”He smiled.

“I’m cool with that.” I smiled back.

“Cool.” He replied.

“Cool.” I repeated after him. He and I had already brushed our teeth.

“I’ll go get you some clothes to wear.” He mumbled, before walking off into his bedroom.

He came back with some boxer shorts and a ‘Rolling Stones’ shirt.

“Thank you.” I said. “You like the Rolling Stones?” I asked.

“Yeah, they’re pretty good. I mainly got that shirt because everyone seems to be wearing it.” He laughed. I laughed as well.

“I’m going to get changed.” I said, pointing to the direction of the bathroom.

As  I was going to get changed, I really thought through everything that as happened. Harry and I were a couple. I have only had two boyfriends in my life, the first one was when I was 14, it was only one that lasted for a month, so I guess that didn’t count. The other one I had when I was 17, it was serious. It lasted until graduation and then we separated our ways. I didn’t feel the same with him as I felt the same with Harry. Harry was... perfect. There wasn’t one flaw that I’ve discovered yet. I still don’t understand why he’d be interested in me.

I smiled, pushing away my thoughts and just trying to enjoy the moments I had with him.



I squeezed my eyes together, trying to adjust to the light. I then remembered that I was actually in Harry’s house. I looked to my left to see Harry sleeping peacefully, his chest going up and down. I smiled at the sight.

Looking at the alarm, I saw it was 10:26.

 “Good mornin’.”

I jumped at the voice.

“Morning, Harry.” I smiled.

“What are you doing today?” He asked me, rubbing his eyes.

“I have work in an hour and a half.” I sighed.

“Oh, damn. I was hoping to spend the day with you.” He said, pouting his lip.

“Same here.” I said, pouting them back.

“Well, what do you want for breakfast?” He asked, a bit more energetically.

“What do you have?” I asked in reply.

“Pancakes, eggs, French toast or... cereal? All that we have.” He smiled sheepishly.

“I’ll just have whatever you’re having.” I shrugged.

“Well, okay. I’m gonna get started on pancakes. You rest for a bit more.” He smiled widely, kissing me on the lips and then walking  into the kitchen. I smiled as a watched him walk out.

He is so damn polite and cute and just... perfect.


“For Christ sakes, Rose! You scared me!” Georgia said as I walked inside our house.

“I’m sorry I forgot to call, really, I am! I just got so caught up with my boyfriend that I forgot.” I said, emphasizing the word ‘boyfriend’ so she’ll get the message I am trying to tell her.

“What?!” She squealed.

“Unless I just heard wrong, you said ‘boyfriend’? So, he finally asked you?” She smiled. I nodded happily.

“That’s so good!” She smiled again.It was silent for a few seconds.

“Did you do anything today?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I babysat for like... two hours. Then, I talked with my family today, I am going to go with them this Christmas.” She said.

“Oh! Christmas... That’s really soon. What’s the date today?” I asked.

“It’s the 5th.” She replied.

“Oh.” I answered. What am I going to do for Christmas? My parents were... not here. Harry would probably go to his family. The only family left would be my grandparents. I didn’t really want to spend Christmas with my grandparents. They owned a big house over in Australia. I rarely saw them so I wasn’t really that close. I only saw them at the funeral, I had a mini conversation with them, but all of us were a bit too sad to talk about much.

What would Harry be doing? I hadn’t heard him ever mention anything about his family, ever.

I decided to just drop it until Christmas was closer and get ready for work.


The next 5 hours consisted of serving people, taking people’s orders and cleaning up all around the cafe. It was finally time for my shift to end.

Once I had finished up, I drove home.

Georgia jumped when I had arrived.

“Hey.” I said in a bit of a confused voice. “Why so scared?”

“Come look at this.” Georgia said, her voice in a whisper.

“What? What is it?” I asked. I sped walked over to where she was sitting on the couch. She had her phone in her hands.

“Some one just sent me a video... it was of me. But, the video was taken from out house. And, it was of what I was doing from about five minutes before I got sent that.” She whispered. I gulped, furrowing my eyebrows, taking the phone from her and watching the video.

It was of her, wearing the same outfit she was wearing now and just cleaning around the lounge room.

“We need to call the police.” I whispered.

“No. Don’t.” Georgia shook her head.

“What? Why not? We could hire an investigator to figure out who the hell has been sending us all of this, put them in jail then they’d stop being so... stalker-ish.” I said, trying to reason with her.

“This person seems to be capable of a lot. I don’t want to risk it. Wait til’ we have more evidence.” She said back.

“Good point.” I bit my lip. “Where would they have recorded it from?” I asked.

“Somewhere in the kitchen, judging by the angle.” Georgia replied, fiddling around with her hands.

I tip-toed over to the kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Georgia asked. I put a finger to my lips with warning eyes. They could still be in here? Georgia must’ve noticed if they walked out, even if she didn’t notice them walk in.

Georgia nodded slowly in confusion.

I took a deep breath and opened the cupboard doors. Nope. I moved to the pantry. Nope.

I checked the whole entire kitchen where a person could fit.

“I was checking for the person.” I explained to Georgia. “No one seems to be in here. I don’t know how they took it.” I said.

“Yeah...” Georgia mumbled. We were silent for a bit, lost in our thoughts.

What if the person was in our house? Just under our beds? Or hiding in the shower? I shivered at the thought. I was about to gab Georgia to go check, but my phone beeped.

“Georgia.” I whispered. I took a big gulp. It was another video.

Georgia walked up quickly and went straight to me, looking down at the phone. I heard her take a deep breath, then she pressed play.

“What are you doing?” I heard Georgia’s voice say. You could just see her head in the video. It was silent for a couple of more seconds.

“I was checking for the person. No one seems to be in here. I don’t know how they took it.” I heard my voice say.

“Oh my god.” Georgia whispered, shaking her head next to me. I turned around. Georgia did the same.

“Look!” Georgia said suddenly. She went up to the wall that we were facing.

“A camera.” She whispered to me. I looked more closely. It was a tiny, little lens looking thing. Only about two inches wide and tall.

“Someone has been recording us.” I whispered.




Chapter End Notes: Hiii again. 


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