Bloodlust (Harry Styles Vampire Fanfiction)

Harry Styles: Dark, mysterious and holds a dangerous secret.
Rose Jennings: Pure, quiet and desperate to get away from her past.
What if the world you lived in was a complete lie? What if all those childhood monsters turned out to be real?
What if you fell in love with one?


13. Chapter 12

“Georgia?! Talk to me!” I shouted from across the room. Ever since she muttered those three words, she’s been keeping quiet and not talking for the past hour.

“Look, I know you’re probably scared, or... I don’t know..? But you need to talk to me! If what you said is true, then... Um... You know what? It might’ve just been a dream. You could of... I don’t know. But please talk to me! I can’t do anything if you’re just going to stare at a wall!” I said to her. Her eyes looked up from looking at nothing to me.

“I killed her.” She muttered under her breath. Her eyes squeezed shut and a few tears fell down her cheeks. I walked over and sat down beside her.

“Tell me, please.” I asked her quietly. Her head turned to mine and she gulped.

“When we were looking for her... I f-found her. She wasn’t herself... She looked crazy. She didn’t even look human. S-she had a knife. She tried to stab me! She kept telling me t-... to join her ‘army’, I didn’t know what was going on. She almost stabbed me in the neck but I... I wacked the knife away. And then I panicked, I took the knife and stabbed her in the chest. I STABBED HER, ROSE!” She screamed, running her hands through her hair. Her face was covered in tears now.

This can’t be true.

“Are you playing a prank on me?” I whispered; hope getting the best of me.

“A prank?! Where would all this blood be from then?! It has to be from... her! I killed her. I KILLED HER!” Her body dropped to the ground in a crouching position. I was now sobbing. I wiped eyes with my hands and sniffed lightly.

My best friend just killed our best friend.

“We’ll... we’ll work it out. I... we’ll...” I couldn’t finish whatever I was trying to say.

No! I’m going to be arrested! My life is now over! I’m going to have this guilt on me for the rest of my life! I... My life is ruined because of one silly, stupid mistake! I should’ve just let her stab me! I’m such a horrible person!” She screamed, punching the wall.

Calm down!” I yelled to Georgia. She stopped moving and looked at me.

“Calm down.” I repeated, almost whispering. Georgia was looking at me with a scared look, her lips were trembling and her fists were clutched tightly.

What do I say? Do I tell her everything will be okay? That she can continue her life like nothing happened? If I did, I’d be lying.


“Sorry miss, Georgia can’t come to babysit. She’s got the flu... Gastro. Blurgh. But I think she’ll be okay to babysit in a few days. Sorry.” I said to her.

“Oh, okay. That’s alright. I’ll call in three days and see if she’s free.” Georgia’s boss on the other line said to me.

“Okay, bye.” I said. She muttered a ‘bye’ and hung up.

“You’re free for a couple of days. Don’t think about it, okay? Do something, anything, to distract yourself.” I said to Georgia. She mumbled ‘yes’ and brought her knees to her chin and wrapped her arms around her legs. She was sitting down on the couch, watching the TV. I don’t think she was actually watching TV though. It was now the next morning since yesterday.

“Bye,” I said, grabbing the car keys and heading to work.

I stopped the car after a couple of minutes and started crying. If this is a prank, it is a pretty sick and cruel one to do. Caroline can’t be dead. Maybe Georgia was dreaming? Maybe all that blood is just... I don’t know. But, Caroline can’t be dead.

She can’t.


Work drifted by slowly. There were lots of customers since it was an okay day today in temperature wise. It was almost 6PM.

“Go serve that table,” My boss said to me, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yup.” I answered.

“Hello, what can I get for you- oh, hi. Zayn is it?” I asked, seeing the familiar face. I gulped, remembering what Harry said about him.

“Hey, beautiful. Yeah, Rose, is it?” He smiled

“Yep.” I replied.

“This is Liam,” He said, his hand motioning to the other quiet boy who sat across from him.

“Hi, Liam.” I smiled.

“Hi.” He answered quietly.

“Shy.” Zayn shrugged. I smiled nicely to Liam.

“So, what do you boys want?” I asked them.

“You,” Zayn said back cheekily. I laughed nervously, not knowing what to reply.

“Ha ha... seriously. What do you want?” I asked them, biting my lip down hard nervously.

“I’ll just have a Gin and Tonic.” He replied. I nodded, then turned my head to Liam’s direction.

“You getting anything?” I asked Liam.

“I’ll have the same, thanks.” He smiled politely.

“Alrighty, I’ll get your drinks now.” I said to them, walking off.

As I was walking around a corner, I bumped into some body, dropping my notepad on the floor.

“Oh my God, you scared- oh, hey Harry.” I smiled at him, leaning down to pick up my notepad from the floor.

“What were you doing talking to them?!” Harry asked me, nervously.

“Taking their order..?” I replied uneasily.

“Well, just stay away from them, they’re dangerous and I don’t want you to get hurt.” Harry whispered.

“Why are you whispering?” I asked him, whispering back.

“Because I- doesn’t matter. Please don’t? It’s for you safety.” He said to me. I raised an eyebrow.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I asked him.

“Rose, get to work, no chit-chat. We’re busy this morning. Go clear those tables!” My boss ordered angrily from behind me.

“Sorry, sorry! I’ll go do it now!” I replied. She nodded and walked away.

“Please?” Harry asked me one more time.

“Okay, okay! No promises, but I’ll try!” I said. Harry sighed, knowing that was the best he’d get out of me.

Harry smiled and walked away to a table.

I walked into the kitchen where all the drinks were and made a two Gin and Tonics. Once I was finished I went to their table with their drinks in each hand.

 “I still have to serve them, though,” I mumbled to Harry as I walked through the room. Harry mumbled some words which I didn’t catch.

“Here we go, enjoy your drinks.” I smiled, putting the cups in front off them.

“Thank you, beautiful.” Zayn smirked at me.

“Y-your welcome.” I replied, stuttering at his words and walked off.

I stopped at Harry’s table, where he was eating alone.

“Are you gonna have something here tonight?” I asked him, smiling.

“Yeah, haven’t eaten since we went out. I think I’ll just have a burger... and a ‘ Heineken’ beer.” He smiled.

“Okay... Are you going to eat alone?” I questioned him.

“Yeah.” He chuckled.

“Well, my shift ends in half an hour... I could join you so it’s more... fun?” I asked him, then mentally cursed at myself for saying that. He basically spent a whole day with you! He won’t want to spend dinner with you-

“Yeah, that’d be way better then eating alone.” He chuckled. Okay then., guess he doesn’t mind.

“Cool.” I said, giving him awkward thumbs up.  He looked at me oddly, slowing repeating my action. I blushed at what I just did.

“Okay, I’ll go... do your order,” I said, walking off to the kitchen, clearing some tables as I went.

“Burger for table... 14!” I called out to some cooks in the kitchen.

“I’ll do it!” Somebody yelled back. I walked to the drink section and got out the beer he wanted, putting it into a cup an walking to his table.

“Here we go,” I smiled at him widely, showing my teeth.

“Thank you, it looks good.” He nodded at the drink.

“You’re welcome.” I smiled, and walked off to serve some other tables.

“Hey, Rose!” I heard the familiar voice call out to me as I passed their table.

“Yes?” I asked Zayn.

“We’re ready to order food.” He smiled.

“Okay, what would you like?” I asked them.

“Pork ribs with tomato sauce for me, thanks. Liam?” Zayn directing his head to Liam.

“Butter chicken curry,” He said, nodding his head.

“Okay,” I replied. After writing it down and looking at their table number, I went to the kitchen and told the same cook the order I was given.


“Oh god!” I laughed as Harry told me a story from when he was a kid.

“Shut up.” Harry mumbled at my reaction. I put a straight face on, looking him in the eyes; which caused me to giggle.

“Okay, okay. I’m calm.” I nodded to Harry, pursing my lips so I wouldn’t laugh.

“Good,” He said, straightening up with a smile.

“Have you tasted these burgers?!” Harry asked me after a few seconds of silence.

“No, but I’m guessing they’re good..?” I asked him.

“Yeah, definitely! Do you cook food here?” He asked me.

“No. No, no, no. I am a terrible cook,” I answered, laughing, “But I do make drinks.” I added.

“Oh, okay. I can cook!” He said proudly.

“Really?” I asked him, laughing at the picture of him in a pink apron that just came into my head.

“Yes! I’ll have to show you some time! And, I bake cakes real well. I actually made a passion fruit/lemon slice thing yesterday.” He grinned, happy with himself.

“Congratulations?” I said to him, not really knowing what to reply. He gave me a silly grin. I looked up at the clock on the wall, seeing it was just a bit past seven.

“I got to go, it was nice seeing you though,” I smiled.

“I might go too. And yeah, it was.” He smiled back.

We both got up and went to cashier to pay.

“I’ll pay,” I said to Harry.

“No! It’s fine, I’ll pay.” He said.

“I get 10% off, though?” I said.

“Fine.” Harry mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest.

The lady took the money and we left the cafe together.

“Good bye, I’ll call you soon.” Harry smiled at me.

“Bye,” I smiled back, except Harry didn’t move.

His face inched closer to mine, his eyes glancing down at my lips every so often. After another second of hesitation, he crashed his lips onto mine.




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