Bloodlust (Harry Styles Vampire Fanfiction)

Harry Styles: Dark, mysterious and holds a dangerous secret.
Rose Jennings: Pure, quiet and desperate to get away from her past.
What if the world you lived in was a complete lie? What if all those childhood monsters turned out to be real?
What if you fell in love with one?


12. Chapter 11

Chapter 11

“I know this amazing place downtown. It’s a cute little coffee place, perfect for this weather because there’s a little section next to the window- are you sure you’re okay? Don’t say ‘I’m fine’ again, I think that’s a lie,” Harry smiled at me, glancing at the road as we drove every so often as he spoke.

I bit my lip, hesitating to think of how to respond. “I-it’s nothing, something happened last night and it’s just been nagging me all morning,” I replied, shrugging as if it we’re nothing.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Harry asked me.

“No thanks,” I smiled at him, “That coffee shop you we’re talking about sounded pretty nice, continue with what you we’re saying?” I asked him, turning my body around showing I was paying full attention.

“Well – it’s got a really nice little spot that we can try and get. It’s far away from the rest of the coffee shop, nice and quiet. There’s a fire place right behind it and window next to one of the chairs,” He said, smiling at himself happy with his discovery.

“Sounds like you’ve been there a lot?” I said to him, the sentence coming out more as a question.

“Yeah, I’ve been there lots of times. It was the first place, other than my house, I went to when I moved here.” He told me.

“Sounds nice,” I said to him.

“We’re here,” He told me. I looked to where Harry was looking at; I assume it was the famous coffee shop he went on about in the car, since it was the only coffee shop looking building in this part of time. Harry quickly hopped out of the car with the umbrella. Before I could even grab the door handle to open the door, Harry beat me to it, opening it for me and protecting me from the heavy rain.

“Thank you!” I said to Harry happily, wiping a bit of rain that found its way onto my face.

“My pleasure!” He said, going along with my cheery tone.

We walked to the coffee shop in silence, squished together under his black umbrella.

As soon as we walked in, my whole body heated up. Harry closed the umbrella and put in a bag I didn’t realise he brought.

“Yes!” He whispered to himself. I turned around, giving him a confused look.

“The area is open, I’m going to quickly put my bag there so no one else gets there!” Harry explained, rushing of to his little spot of heaven. I took the time while he left to observe the little coffee shop; Harry was right, this place is nice and cosy. I looked over to where Harry was, to find him only a metre away from being next to me.

“This place is really cute,” I said to Harry.

“I know,” He grinned at me, pride written all over his face. “Do you want to order?” Harry asked me.

“Okay,” I mumbled, walking to the cashier with Harry.

“Hello, how are you today?” The lady at the bench said, raising her head to look at us.

“Good, thanks,” Harry replied politely, “May I have a Bacon and Egg Burger with a flat white?” He asked her.

“Yep,” She nodded, writing it down on a little notepad, “Are you ordering? She asked me.

“Yes, I will have... a Green Breakfast and a hot chocolate, please.” I said.

“Okay, here,” She said, handing us a table number.

“Thanks,” Harry muttered, taking my hand and walking to his little spot of heaven. We both sat down at the same time, Harry taking the seat next to the window, and mine next to the fireplace. Our eyes locked a stare for a short time, I moved my eyes to the stack of magazines below the arm chair.

“Tell me about yourself, you know heaps about me?” I asked him.

“Well, what do you want to know?” He asked me.

“Where you came from, hobbies... all that stuff.” I said.

“Well, I was in Italy before I came here-“

“Italy? Do you speak Italian?” I asked him. “Sorry, interrupted.” I said, smiling embarrassed, while face palming myself.

“It’s okay. Yeah, I knew enough to keep me going.” He smiled.

“Why’d you move here?” I asked him.

He was silent for a few seconds before he talked, “Fresh start.”

My face went into confusion, “Fresh start?” I asked.

“Personal...” He replied, biting his lip.

“Hobbies?” I asked him, deciding to let the other topic go.

“Singing,” He replied.

“You sing?” I asked him, surprised. I tried to imagine his voice now into a singing version. Nope, no, can’t do it.

“Yeah, with some of my friends.” He replied.

“I’d have to listen to you some time, then.” I smiled.

“Green Breakfast with hot chocolate and Bacon and Egg Burger with a flat white?” I heard a waiter say from behind me. My head whipped around as he spoke.

“Yep, that’s us.” Harry said. The waiter put our food down in front of us, then leaving quickly with our table number.

“Oh-h, this smells good.” I said excitedly, getting my knife and fork and digging in.

I was about to put my first mouthful in, when I felt Harry’s stare going through me.

I looked up, indeed to see Harry looking at me. “Are you going to eat that?” I asked him, a smile escaping my lips as I said it.

“Yep.” He replied, his stare still fixed on me as he lifted his burger to his lips, smirking slightly.

“Stop smiling.” I said him jokingly. Well, not jokingly, he was creeping me out.

“You’re so easy to get to,” He chuckled.

“Whatever.” I mumbled with my mouth full.


“Come in, he won’t hate you.” Harry said to me, chuckling at my nervousness. He was trying to convince me to come into his flat with him at meet his best friend, Louis.

“How do you know that?” I asked him, narrowing my eyes at him, pouting slightly.

“Because, he likes everyone.” Harry said.

“Fine.” I mumbled, stepping out of Harry’s car. Harry took my hand, clutching it tightly as we walked to his front door. He opened it and we walked inside.

It wasn’t what I was expecting... I was imagining it would be messy, but it was pretty neat.

“Harry!” I heard a voice yell out from another room.

“Louis! I brought someone for you to meet!” Harry yelled back. I heard lots of loud footsteps, until a man who looked 20 appeared. He had brown, straight hair swept to the side, wearing a grey t-shit and some basic jeans.

“Is this the famous Rose?” Louis asked us.

“Famous?” I asked, turning my head to look at Harry.

“I may have mentioned you a couple of times...” Harry replied, smiling slightly, embarrassed.

“A couple of times?! Pssh...” Louis laughed. Harry wacked him behind his head.

“Ok, ok! Feisty...” Louis muttered jokingly, plopping himself on the couch.

“Haha...” I laughed awkwardly, not knowing what to really do.

“Sit down, make yourself at home.” Harry smiled. I put my bag on a chair looking thing and walked towards Harry, who was now currently sitting on the barstool near the kitchen bench.

“So, Rosie... Rose? What can I call you?” Louis asked me.

“I go by Rose.” I said to him.

“Okey dokey, Rose – tell me about yourself.” He said.

“Uh... Um-“

“Here, we’ll play a question game: I ask, you answer.” He ordered.

“Um... Harry, a little help, if you will?” Louis asked him.

“Uh... Favourite animal?” Harry asked me, scratching his neck awkwardly.

“You’re no fun.” Louis pouted at Harry.

“It’s a... cat.” I said after hesitation.

“AYE, Harry is quite the fan of cats too.” Louis yelled out. I gave Harry a surprised look.

“Really? I expected it to be a gorilla or something... not cat-y.” I giggled.

“Louis!” Harry whined.

“Did I embarrass you, Harry?” Louis giggled.

“Next question.” Harry said, annoyed.

“Okay, where were you born?” Louis asked me.

“You’re no fun!” Harry mimicked Louis. Louis rolled his eyes and ignored him, his eyes focusing on me.

“Right here in England, born and raised.” I replied.

“Awesome sauce.” He replied. I raised an eyebrow at his choice of words. He just shrugged.




“Nope, I’m an only child.”

“Uh... Favourite drink?”

“Uh... Coke?”

“Do you like dark, bad boys or cute, adorable boys?”

This question caught me off guard. I gave him a confused look while trying to think of an answer that will not embarrass me.

“He was joking.” Harry said to me quickly, his tone angry. He glared at Louis for a second, then stopped when he realised I was watching. I nodded to Harry. He gave me a small smile.

“So... I guess the Question Game has ended?” Louis asked us, scrunching his lips and nose awkwardly.

“Yep.” Harry answered, his eyes not leaving me.

“Are you staying for lunch?” Louis asked me.

“Um...” I looked at Harry, who was looking at me. “I guess? You don’t have to invite me. I don’t to intrude on your... guy time?” I said, my answer coming out as a question.

“No, no! It’s fine! We want you to stay!” Harry said quickly.

“Okay, I’ll stay.” I smiled. “We just ate though?” I asked Harry.

“You don’t have to have something big.

“What are we having, Harry?” Louis asked Harry, a sly grin on his face.

“Louis, can I talk to you privately?” Harry asked through gritted teeth.

They walked out of the room, leaving me alone and really confused.

I waited for them to come out. They did, after about another thirty seconds.

Louis still had a grin on his face, not as big as it was before, but was there. Harry looked a little bit annoyed.

“So, we’re just going to McDonald’s? Is that okay for you?” Harry asked me.

“Mhm, yes.” I smiled. Even though I had eaten a full meal less than half an hour ago, a burger and fries sounded really good. We all walked out into Harry’s car. Harry sat in the front seat, myself in the passenger and Louis in the back. Harry started driving. Louis’s hand came forward to turn the radio on.

My face lightened up as my favourite band was currently on, The Fray.

“You like this music?” Harry asked me, noticing my sudden change in emotion.

“Yeah, a lot.” I smiled.

“Good, so do I.” Harry smiled back.

“Woo hoo, I’m here.” Louis said, interrupted... whatever he interrupted. Harry rolled his eyes.

“Shut up Louis.” He mumbled. Louis chuckled; probably happy he got a reaction out of him.

“We’re here.” Harry said to us. We all got out of the car and went inside.


We took a booth near the window, Harry sat next to me and Louis sat on the other side. I felt Harry’s hand hold mine under the table. I looked up to see him looking at me. I smiled at him, he smiled back at me. Luckily Louis was looking at the menu on the wall behind us above the cashier.

“So, I want a Big Mac. What about you?” Louis asked us.

“McFillet burger.” Harry and I both replied at the same time. We looked at each other with wide eyes.

“JINX!” We yelled at each other again.

Double jinx.” I said quickly before Harry could.

“Damn it.” Harry pouted at me.

“So... was that a McFillet..?” Louis asked us awkwardly, scrunching his lips to one side of his mouth. Harry sighed loudly, turning his head around and glaring at Louis. “I’ll just take that as a yes then.” Louis mumbled, before quickly walking off to the counter.

“He definitely knows how to ruin a moment, hey?” Harry laughed to me. I laughed too, nodding at his joke. I was definitely getting more comfortable around him.

“He nice, though.” I said to Harry.

“He is nice, dorky, but nice. He is my best friend so I love him.” He laughed. Best friend, Georgia. Where was she? She would’ve at least texted me, called me or something if she was ok. She was probably taken by the person who was texting us-

“Hey! Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Harry said, lowering his head down to mine, putting his hands on my shoulders and looking into my eyes.

“N-nothing. Just... tired.” I said, biting my lip.

“You must be very tired if you’re crying, then. Tell me, you can trust me.” Harry said to me. I felt the wetness go over my cheeks. Harry gently pulled my head into his chest, letting me cry into it.



“-Fine.” I said.

“If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine.” Harry mumbled to me. I had calmed down a little after that. I wiped my eyes with my hands. I hoped my face wasn’t red and blotchy by the time my head was out of his chest.

“Do I look like I’ve been crying?” I asked him.


“Tell me the truth.” I said to him, a smile tugging at my lips.

“Ok, only a little though. Here, see...” He got out his phone, putting the camera on and showing it to me. I only really had a bit of a red nose and my eyes were still a tiny bit red and watery. I quickly rubbed them with the end of my sleeves, making them dry.

“Thanks. And, I am sorry about that. I don’t know what came over me... I guess I’ve just been holding these emotions all day and I just let them all out. Sorry, seriously.” I apologised. My cheeks went up in heat, that was really embarrassing.

“It’s fine. Better to let them out then keep them in for like, ages and then just breakdown.” He shrugged. “It’s nothing.” He smiled.

“Here we go.” Louis’s voice came from in front of us. He had a tray of food. He passed me and Harry our burgers and drinks.

“I just realised you hadn’t chosen your drinks as I was ordering, so I just got you a coke?” Louis said, his statement more turning into a question.

“No, it’s good. I probably would’ve chosen that, anyway.” I shrugged to him.

“Hey, are you okay? You look like you’ve been crying..?” Louis asked me, his face softening.

“Yeah? Just allergies.” I said. Harry looked at me sideways. I shook my head and he nodded in response. Louis was already eating his burger so he didn’t see our silent conversation.

“Hey Styles, hey Tomlinson,” I heard a voice say above me. Harry’s head turned around quickly, as did mine and Louis’s. Above me was a guy with a black hair that was put up in a nice, well done quiff. He was wearing a black hoodie, underneath a shirt with a picture I didn’t recognise.

“Zayn... meet Rose.” Harry’s voice said, with an odd tone. Zayn stuck his hand out in front of me. I took it, shaking it and smiling.

“Hi Zayn.” I said politely. His stare stuck onto me, a smirk forming on his lips.

“Something smells nice... Is it maybe-“

“The food. The food in front of us.” Harry interrupted Zayn quickly. I looked at Harry confused. He didn’t seem to notice, as he was glaring at Zayn.

“Are you sure it’s the food? Smells much yummier.” Zayn said to Harry, smirking. I looked at Louis confusedly, who was looking at Harry with a shocked look.

“Leave the smell you seem to like, alone.” Harry growled next to me towards Zayn.

“Whoa.” I whispered under my breath, looking in between Harry and Zayn.

“I’ll try.” Zayn said, walking off.

“Okay, I know I shouldn’t get into stuff that isn’t to do with me... but, um... What..?” I asked Harry and Louis.

“We need to get you out of this shop.” Harry said, standing up and putting his hand out for me to grab. I grabbed it and he lifted me up.

“Wait! Can I get my food?” I asked him.

“Yeah, sure. Grab your drink if you want too.” Harry said. I quickly did, and we walked out of the shop. Harry opened the car door for me and I hopped in the passenger seat. Harry walked to the driving seat and started driving immediately. I  saw Zayn at the side of the road, watching the car drive. I waved awkwardly at him.

“Okay, now you kind of have to tell me what’s going on.” I said to Harry.

“Do not, under any circumstances, trust that guy. He is bad news.” Harry grumbled.

“You’re scaring me... Like... drugs, or... steals? Or...-“ I started but Harry interrupted.

 “Murder.” Louis replied quickly from behind us.

“Wha- why don’t you tell the police?! Why do you even know a guy like that?! You aren’t joking, are you Louis? Because that’d be a weird joke. But, if you’re not... That means he’s killed somebody. Killed somebody.” I replied, scared. Harry glared at Louis, taking his eyes off the road.

“Harry! Road!” I said to him. He turned around at continued driving.

“No, he wasn’t joking. And we can’t tell the police... he’s got something on us. Something bad.” Harry said.

“Oh...” I said. What has he got on Harry? Did Harry help him with the killings? Did Harry also kill? Maybe it was just some more toned down stuff, like drugs. Part of me wanted to know, but the other part wanted me not to know. Harry was a really nice person, as weird as it sounds, I didn’t want this to ruin whatever we have going on. I decided not to question it.

“This is my house.” I said, pointing towards it.

“Okay...” Harry said, pulling into the driveway.

“Thanks for today, I had fun. Minus that whole Zayn drama,” I laughed, “And it was nice meeting you Louis.” I smiled at him.

“Bye, Rose.” Harry smiled at me. He gave me a unexpected hug, but I responded by hugging him back. I ended the hug and opened the door.

“Bye, Rose!” Louis said loudly.

“Bye.” I waved to him. I closed the door. My stomach was corrupting with butterflies from when Harry hugged me. The car reversed and started driving away, after Harry and Louis gave me one final wave. Once they left, I walked into my house unlocking the door and sighing with joy. I put my coat on the coat hanger and my shoes near the door and then walked into the kitchen.

Georgia?” My mouth gasped as I saw her, shaking in a corner quietly, covered in dirt and... blood?

“Georgia? Georgia?! Answer me!” I said as I ran to her, shaking her shoulders. Her face looked wet from tears and her eyes were blood shot red.

“Rose... Rose.” She cried.

“What’s wrong?! Where were you?!” I asked her, giving her a hug, ignoring how dirty she was at the moment.

“Rose, I did something bad.” She whispered.

“What? What did you do?” I asked her. She looked up to me, her eyes scared and filled with regret.

I killed Caroline.





Chapter End Notes: Comment away what you think, everyone! I will update when I feel satisfied I have enough comments :) xxx

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