Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


11. 9. They Found Me

Lily's P.O.V:

All day I was trying to avoid Niall, but it seems he had every class with me. When it was lunch time I ran to Kali's locker to tell her the boys are here. I waited at her locker then remembered she doesn't go to her locker during lunch. I ran to the lunch room and scanned to find her. When I found her I went to her and pulled her into the girls bathroom. "Lily what was that for?" Kali half yelled half whispered to me. I checked under the stalls to see if they were clear and they were. "Kali they found me and they know your here too." Her eyes got wide. "Niall had every class with me before lunch. I dont know what im gonna do if Harry sees me. I wrote them that note so I wouldn't have to see them anymore." "Wait so only Niall knows we are here?" "Yah I told him not to tell the others and Niall wanted to talk after school with me and you." "I dont know if I can go Lily. What if Niall tells them and I have to face Louis. I wont be able to bare it." I hugged her knowing how she felt. I didn't want to face Harry, not what after I did to him. "I know how you feel Kali, but we have to. They are going to find out sooner or later." Kali nodded her head and we went back to the lunch room.

Niall's P.O.V:

I cant believe I found Lily and Kali. After looking everywhere and not picking up their scent, I finally found them. I wanted to tell the boys so bad, to tell Harry and Louis that I found them but, I promised I wouldn't tell them yet. I decided to tell them. I couldn't bare to see Harry and Louis sad again if we left London and didn't find them. I sent the boys a message by my mind telling them found Lily and Kali and that they had lunch right now.

Harry's P.O.V:

I was in the middle of gym when I got a message from Niall. He that he had found Lily and Kali. I was so happy I almost bolted out of the class but I didn't. I went up to the gym teacher and asked him if I could be excused for the rest of gym. He said yes and I quickly got changed and went to go find Louis. I told his teacher he would be excused for the rest of the class and he let Louis go. "Hey Harry why did you pull me out if class?" "Louis their here. Niall found them." Louis' face lit up when I said that and I couldn't blame him. "Where are they?" "Niall said they have lunch right now." We headed towards the lunch room when two girls came out of the rest room. When they turned around their eyes got big. It was Lily and Kali. "Lily why did you just leave me like that? And then saying you never want to see me again." I said while walking to her. She stepped back and so did Kali when Louis approached her. "Lily im not going to hurt you. I never will." I stepped closer and Lily didn't step back this time, instead she said "Oh really Harry? Remember that night you had me come over for a movie night? Do you remember Harry or should I refresh your memory." "I-I dont remember." Lily started tell me about the night I invited her over.

*flash back*

I called Lily and told her to come over. The boys had told me that I shouldn't be alone with her cuz im not fully in control of my hunger state, but I ignored them. I set up movies and popcorn in the living room and I brought down blankets if Lily gets cold. When the door bell rung i went to answer the door and there stood Lily. I let her in and lead her to the living room. I put in the movie Love Actually and went to sit by Lily. In the middle of the movie I cursed myself for not eating before Lily came, but I pushed the urge away. When I looked down at Lily she was already looking at me but she got up and started to walk away from me. "Lily what's wrong?" I asked her confused. She just pointed at my face and said "Red eyes." I tried to calm her down saying that i wouldn't hurt her but the urge took over and my fangs came out. She ran up to my room and locked the door. I tried not to go after her. I ran into the walls and  anything that could help slow me down from getting to Lily. When there wasn't anything in my way I bolted for my bedroom. I knew my strength would break down the door with just a knock. When I knocked down the door, I saw Lily in a corner scared for her life. After seeing that my fangs went away and my red eyes faded. "Lily i-im sorry." I said moving towards her. She moved back into the wall trying to get away from me, but before I could get any closer to her the boys came in and took me out. The only one in the room was Niall. I felt ashamed of myself.

* end flash back*

"Lily im so so sorry. I would never hurt you and ive changed. Ive learned to control myself and I switched to animal blood." I moved closer to her and to my surprise she didn't move. I gave her a hug and I whispered in her ear "Please dont ever leave me again. I dont want to lose you again."

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