Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


10. 8. Something Weird and At School

Niall's P.O.V:

While we were in London, I got this very strong scent. I couldn't figure it out. I told the boys about it and they said they smelt it too. We applied to the nearest school since all of us never finished school. We started today and Paul took us to school because of the fans. Once at school we got our schedules and went to homeroom. I had math with Harry, Zayn had drama, and Liam and Louis had geography. While I was in math, I saw a girl that looked like Lily. I walked up to her and i tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and it was Lily. Her eyes got wide and pulled me aside. "Niall what are you doing here?" She asked me. "Lily you left Harry. You left us. We have been looking for you and Kali, and now I have found you." I told her. She looked scared that I was here. "Niall I left so I wouldn't have to be scared anymore and like I said in my note, I told you guys not to come looking for me." She said. The bell rung indicating that class was starting. "We will talk after school yeah?" I asked her. "Ok but dont tell the boys you found me and Kali. Im not ready yet and I dont think she is either." "Wait Kali is here too?" I asked her as I was sitting her. She nodded her head and the teacher proceeded with class.

Damon's P.O.V:

I moved to London thinking to get away from the five bad boys, but once again I was wrong. As soon as I left that little girl in the alley, they come to London. Everywhere I go they follow. I am stronger because I drink human blood, but all five of them together is a bad idea. They are the only vamps in the history of the world to have powers besides the usual, speed, strength, and telepathy. They can twist the minds of people, teleport, and other things.

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