Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


8. 6. New Rememberances

Little Girl's P.O.V:

Shanel said she was going to get me some clothes to change into. While she was gone, I walked around the room I was in, trying to remember my name. I can remember my house, where I went to school, and my best friends, but not my name. I sat on the floor frustrated, when i saw something in the corner of my eye. I looked in the direction and saw a book bag. I crawled over to the bag and opened it. I saw papers and pencils in the bag. Then i saw a wallet at the bottom of the bag. I picked up the wallet  and opened it. I saw a picture of me holding a dog. I looked on the back and saw 'Zhane and Lucky' on the back. Then it hit me. I remember everything. My name, my parents, my dog everything. Just as I put the wallet back, Shanel came walking in with clothes, shoes, and undergarments. I jumped up and ran to Shanel, hugging her. "Whoa kiddo, why so happy?" She said laughing. I looked up at her and said "I remember. I remember my name everything." She smiled down at me and asked "Well what is your name sweetheart?" "Zhane." I said happily. "Ok well Zhane, the doc said you could leave today, and im your guardian now 'til you get your footing and we find your parents. So hurry, go get changed." I nodded, took the clothes and got dressed. Shanel had gotten me a shirt with splots of colors on it with shorts and vans. I walked out, grabbed my book bag and left the hospital with Shanel.


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