Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


5. 4. At The Hospital

Little Girl's P.O.V

While the nice girl was carrying me, she said her name was Shanel. The morning breeze was making me sleepy, so I dozed off.


I was walking home and I saw something flash in front me. I turned around and nothing was there. I started walking again and I was  pulled into an alley very fast. When I looked up, all I saw were glowing red eyes. When he spoke, he had an American accent. He said "Its ok. Im just gonna take a bite."  After he said that, he bit my neck and I started feeling woozy. As he was drinking my blood, I heard someone come over towards me. I hadn't realized I was crying and someone heard me. The guy left in a flash and I put my head in my hands and cried.

*end dream*

I woke up with sweat all over my body, and I realized I was in a hospital bed. I looked over to my side and the girl, Shanel, was by my side. I didn't want to wake her up, but I wanted to thank her for saving me and for taking me to the hospital. I leaned over to wake her up when she mumbled "Im awake." I pulled my hand back as she sat up. "Sorry I didn't mean to wake you, but I wanted to say thank you for saving me and not abandoning me." you said with a smile on your face. " Your welcome and I don't see how anyone could leave an adorable little girl like you." she said ruffling your hair. I just laughed and we talked about some girl things, like make-up, boys, and Shanel brought fingernail polish with her so we did each others nails.


Kali's P.O.V

After I had realized that the boys I had lost forever and deeply feared  were back, I ran up the stairs and woke up Lily and Amanda again. I pulled Lily to the side and I told Amanda to get ready. "Lily I know I haven't known you for that long but I need to tell you something and I KNOW you know about THEM." I said. Lily's eyes got wide as I said THEM. She obviously knew who I was talking about. "I thought I had lost them. I thought I left them behind when I moved. I never even told them where I was moving." Lily said with a little bit of panic in her voice. "Lily do you know all the boys or just one?" I asked her, hoping she only knew one of them. "I know them all. Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall, and Harry." she said. "Ok well it might not be them. I mean Shanel said there was only two holes in her next and if it was the boys, there would be ten holes not just two." I said trying to comfort her and she said "Yah your right and they wouldn't feed on a little girl. They told me they wouldn't feed on children or pregnant women." Lily said and right then Amanda popped into the room we were in. "Hey guys you gonna get dressed. We have to hurry to the hospital." she said. "Yah we were done talking anyways." Lily said and we went to go get changed.

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