Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


3. 2.Slumber Party

"Hey, Kali do you wanna come to my house today? You can bring Shanel and Amanda." you asked Kali. Oh and Shanel and Amanda are the other girls I met at school. There really nice. "Yah sure that'll be great. Let me get them and we can go. Ok." Kali responded. "Ok." Kali went to go get Shanel and Amanda while I texted mom. "Hey mom im having some of my friends over today. Is that alright?" I texted her. I got a text back saying "Yes sweetie that's fine." Just as I put my phone away my friends were walking over towards me. "Ok so we have to go to your guys' houses first so you can grab clothes." I said. They all had grins on their faces and then they yelled "SLUMBER PARTY." I just laughed at their weirdness. We walked to Kali's and Amanda's house first cuz they were the closest and they were next to each other, and Shanel's house was last cuz her's was by my house. After all the girls got their clothes we headed to my house. We walked into my house and I told them my room was upstairs, second door on the right. As they went up to my room I went to the kitchen and found mom. Perfect. "Mom I kinda said my friends can have a slumber party here tonight. I promise we will be quite." I said to her. "It's fine honey. Im glad you have made new friends." she replied. "Thank you mom." I said and hugged her. I ran upstairs and saw them bouncing on my bed, and using my make-up. "Hey guys why don't we do each others make-up?" I suggested. They all said yes and we paired up. I did  Shanel's make-up, and Kali did Amanda's make-up. When we were done we switched places. After the make-up makeovers, we got popcorn and watched scary movies. I kinda got scared and didn't want to watch them anymore. "So what should we do now?" Shanel asked. "I don't know but im hungry." Amanda said. We all agreed and went to get food. We  had to tip toe down stair, even though it was seven my mom was sleeping. When we got to the kitchen me and Kali got chips, and sodas. Shanel and Amanda made sandwiches for everyone. We tip toed back upstairs and ate the food we got. By time we were done it was eight and we decided to hit the hay. My bed was big enough so we all slept on the bed. I really do hope we stay in Britain. I've made awesome friends and im starting to like it here. 

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