Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


2. 1.New Girl


"Who are you? What are you?" You scream at the dark figure hovering over you. "You already know the answer to both those questions sweetie." the figure said, who you figured out was a guy by his raspy voice. you started to cry and someone was shaking you. * end dream* 


"LILY! Lily wake up sweetie. It was just a nightmare." your mother said comforting you. "Okay. I'm gonna get ready for school now." you say getting up. I go to my closet and pick out my favorite nirvana shirt along with red skinny jeans and black converse. As soon as mom leaves my room I get dressed and brush my curly hair. I walk down stairs and into the kitchen to see my brother, Jason eating cereal. I grab a piece of toast, kiss my brother on the head on leave to go to school. I walked into the school and went to the front desk. "Hi I'm Lily, im the new student." you told the lady at the front desk. "Oh yes here you are. Here's your schedule and your guide for the day should be here in a moment." the lady said "ok thanks." you reply. You waited for a moment til a short girl with wavy hair walked. "Hi im Kali. You must be Lily. I'll be you guide for the day, showing you too all your classes." she said. "Ok and thank you for showing me to my classes." you said being nice. Your first class was math and Kali said she had it with you. I walked over to an empty seat and sat down. A couple minutes later I feel someone tap on my shoulder. "Your in my seat." the person said rudely. "Oh im sorry. I'll move." you said getting up and moving quickly. I looked for an empty seat but the only one available was in the back of the class. I took the seat and sat through a very boring math lesson which I already learned. "Ms. Anne since you think looking out the window is more important than paying attention to my class you can answer the four problem on the board." Mr. Fitch said with a mean scowl on his face. I walked up to the board and did the problems with easy. "I had already learned the lesson Mr. Fitch. That's why I wasn't paying attention." I said then walked back to my seat. After that the bell rung and Kali and I went to Biology which we had together also. That class actually went well and next was lunch. Kali said I could sit with her and since I wasn't hungry I just sat there with my head down. All my classes after lunch went well except for gym because I had to have gym with the boys, but besides that is was fine. Maybe this year will be different and I get to stay til I graduate cuz I think I like it here.

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