Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


20. 17. "What Happened?"

Kali's P.O.V:

When Liam told us what was wrong with Lily I was shocked. How could my best friend be half demon let alone a vampire? I ran to my car not saying a word to the boys. She is my best friend but I didn't want to be there when she wakes up. I drove silently to Zhane's friends house to pick her up and bring her home. Once we got to the house, Shanel was sitting on the couch with a worried look on her face. "Kali where have you been? I was worried sick when I couldn't find you or Zhane." Shanel said embracing both of us in a tight hug. When she pulled away I gave her a sympathetic look. "Sorry. I took Zhane to a friends house and I went to go see the boys and Lily." She nodded in understanding and we followed her into the living room. "Hey Zhane why dont you go play in your room while I make lunch. Ok." She nodded her head and headed for her room. I grabbed Shanel's hand and dragged her into the kitchen. I knew I had to explain to her what was going on and now was the right time. I told her about mine and Lily's past with the boys and what they were, up 'til now about Lily being half vampire half demon. She didn't react like I thought she would. She was actually quite calm with it and it was kinda freaky. "Why are you so calm about this?" She hung her head low and looked back up at me. "Well to be honest I had a boy friend a while back and he was a werewolf, and he told me all the mythical creatures that existed. Im glad you told me though." I was shocked but relived. After our little chat, I made grilled cheese for lunch and dropped Zhane off at her friend house with a night bag when we were done. "I will pick you up tomorrow ok." Zhane just nodded her head and went to play with her friend. Now I was off to see Lily and the boys with Shanel with me.

Lily's P.O.V:

 The pain I was in had subsided, but I couldn't move. It was like I was being pinned down by this heavy force. I tried my hardest to just wake up but I couldn't. I just laid there in a pit of darkness. It seemed though I couldn't move but I could still hear. Not like earlier when the voices were muffled but they were clear and I could tell which voice belonged to who. I heard Liam talking about how I was half demon. What?! I decided to ask them when I woke up. Then I heard Niall saying it was his fault because he had turned me. I just wanted to hug him and reassure him that it wasn't his fault. All the voices stopped and I could hear then door slam shut and two pairs of feet rushing into the room I was currently in. Then the two people spoke and I recognized them. Kali and Shanel. Kali sounded so scared that I hadn't woken up yet. Just then I felt the heavy force being removed. I tried one more time to open my eyes and this time they did. I looked around the room, at all of my friends that were in here. I sat up and they all looked at me. Before they could speak I did. "What happened?"   

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