Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


18. 16. All Black

Lily's P.O.V:

(Still At Home)

After I fell asleep I dreamt of a black figure walking towards me. I couldn't tell who it was but by the posture it had, I could tell it was a human. As it walked closer to me I walked back, trying to create distance from me and the black mist. Before I could turn around and run, I tripped over something, but there wasn't anything there. Then I felt something grab my wrist and tug to bring me  off of the ground. Then in a flash I was out of the alley and into an old abandoned warehouse. The lights on the ceiling were dim but bright enough for me to see clearly. I tried to get up, but got pulled back down by the chains on my wrists that I didn't see 'til now. Then I heard deep chuckling and the black mist came out of the dark corner, but it wasn't a black mist anymore. I could see that it was a man who had kidnapped me and chained me to the wall. He had red hair spiked at the top with the tips black. His eyes were a dull blue with tints of green and red. He had broad shoulders and his height could easily intimidate me. He wore a black V-neck shirt, jeans with black patched on the knees and white converse. He looked familiar but I could place a name with the face. He walked closer to me and bent down to my eye level. Then he spoke. His voice being much deeper than I had expected. "Hello gorgeous. I'm Damon. You must be wondering why I am appearing to you in your dream yes?" I ignored his first comment and just shook my head yes. I did wonder why he came to me in my dream because no matter how hard I tried I couldn't wake up. He sat down infront of me and closed his eyes and when he opened them they were replaced with these black eyes. It honestly scared me. "Because I cant see you while those One Direction boys are around you. So I'm just gonna have to give you your gift in your dreams. He then placed both his hands on my head and kissed me. I tried to get him off of me but his lips stayed on mine. He forced his tongue into my mouth and then he pulled away. He smirked at me before touching the place where my heart is. He started muttering something in a language I didn't know. "Da mihi puellam hanc virtutem ut sit dimidium daemonium." When he was done I felt something enter me. I started to shake and then everything went black and I started to scream. I know I wasn't dreaming anymore because I felt someone pick me up an set me on the floor. I knew it was Niall because no one else was here. I kept screaming and scratching at my body to make the pain stop. I could hear Niall talking to me and then left the room but I couldn't make out what he said. After several minutes I was still screaming and clawing at myself. I dont no what is happening and I cant see. Then I didn't have control of my body and I was sitting up with my legs crisscross with what felt like a sinister grin. Then I was lifted up bridal style and we zipped away.

(At Liam's House)

I was set back down and I felt hands trying to keep me still. I  screaming and I felt tears slip down my cheeks. I don't know what is happening to me and I just want it to stop. Then the hands let go of me and I tried to grab a hold of things around me, but the people must have moved them. I heard people talk and moving around but I couldn't put together the words. Then I felt someone's hands on my hands and then they pulled away. I couldn't hear what the person said, but I did make out one word. Demon

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