Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


17. 15. Weird Things

Zhane's P.O.V:

*before the boys found Kali and Lily*

It's been a while that Lily has been home. And when she does come home, she looks really scared. When Shanel and I left the hospital, she took me to Lily's house where Amanda and Kali were. I didn't really know the girls that well and I was kinda shy, so I hid behind Shanel's legs. A girl with black hair and brown eyes waved at me. "Hi Zhane, Im Amanda." I peaked my head out a little from behind Shanel's legs. "Hi." I spoke very low but she heard me. Next a girl with wavy brown hair and blue eyes waved at me. "Hello. Im Kali." I waved at her and hid back behind Shanel's legs. After all of the introduces, I sat on the couch with the other girls. "Where's Lily?" Kali looked scared but she didn't say anything. "I dont know actually. Maybe she's still at school." I just nodded my head.

*back to present*

I was in the living room when the phone started to ring. I got up to answer it. "Kali phone!" I answered it and there was yelling on the other end.

*phone conversation*

Zhane: "Hello?"

Liam: "Who is this? Can you please give the phone to Kali."

Zhane: "Im Zhane and yah hang on I'll get her. Who are you?"

Liam: "Im Liam. Where is Kali?"

Zhane: "Oh she's right here."

Kali: "Hello?"

Liam: "Kali? You have to get here immediately. Leave Zhane with a friend but you need to hurry."

Kali: "Ok Liam im on my way, but what's wrong?"

Liam: "I'll explain once you get here."

Kali: "Ok I'll see you soon. Bye."

Liam: "Ok hurry. Bye."

*end of phone conversation*

Kali's P.O.V:

I was busy putting away my clothes when I heard Zhane shout "Kali phone!" I hurried along with my clothes and made my way down stairs. Once I got in the living room, Zhane handed me the phone and left. I didn't know who it was so I was surprised when Liam was on the other end of the phone. He said that I had to hurry and get to his house and to leave Zhane with a friend. Im guessing she told him her name. I hung up the phone and grabbed everything I needed: phone, car keys, money. I put my shoes on and told Zhane to get in the car. I dropped her off at Shanel's place then headed the Liam's. I was driving up the drive way when I heard screaming. I sped down the drive way faster than I intended to, but someone was screaming. I bolted out of the car  and ran into the house. There laying on the floor was Lily, thrashing around and screaming her head off. "Guys you have to get her to be quite. I heard her screaming when I was driving up the drive way. Plus why is she screaming?" Liam and Harry where trying to stop her from breaking anything, and Zayn was trying to calm her down. Louis came over to me and took me into the kitchen where Niall was. "Will someone tell me why my bestfriend is acting like that?" I was getting annoyed with them not saying anything to me. Niall looked at me with pleading eyes. "She asked me to change her so I did, but when her transformation was complete she started acting like this. I dont know whats wrong with her." Niall looked back down with tears running down his cheeks. "Wait dont you guys have other abilities that just the obvious ones?" They all sprung up and headed to the living room. She was still screaming and I wanted to cry. "Hey Liam cant you tell what people's special abilities are?" Niall asked. "Oh right." Liam said, putting his hands on Lily's hands. He closed his eyes trying to concentrate, then his eyes shot open. He backed away from her with fear in his eyes.

Liam's P.O.V:

While Louis, and Kali went into the kitchen I was trying to keep Lily still. It wasn't working to well but I did get everything out of the way. Then Niall, Louis, and Kali came running out of the kitchen. Niall asked me if i could read people's abilities. I totally forgot about that so I mentally face palmed myself. "Oh right." I took Lily's hands in mine and closed my eyes trying to concentrate. Then I saw it. I shot my eyes open and moved away from her. I looked at Kali and the boys. "Well what did you see?" Harry asked. "Sh--She's half vampire, half demon. It's not her ability."

Sorry if this is so confusing. I think im going to end it soon because people keep getting confused.

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