Midnight Darkness

Lily has to move to Britain because her parents got a promotion. She hates being the new girl but, she finds 4 girls that are amazing.


13. 11. Plans

Kali's P.O.V:

I didn't realize I was staring at Niall until Louis called my name. I looked at him and he had moved closer to me. I stepped away from him and hid behind Niall. When I saw Lily come around the corner, I bolted for her and pulled her away from Harry. "Lily I still dont trust them. The only one I trust is Niall." I said so only she could hear. She pulled me into the ladies room, checked the stalls to see if they were clear and started talking. "I know Kali, I only trust Niall too. How about me, you and Niall hang out? Only us." She suggested. I nodded my head and headed out of the ladies room.

Lily's P.O.V:

As I was coming around the corner, Kali rushed towards me and pulled me away from Harry. I was thankful that she did and she whispered something so only I could hear. I then pulled her into the ladies room and checked the stalls. When I made sure they were clear I answered her. "I know Kali, I only trust Niall too. How about me, you and Niall hang out? Only us." I suggested. She nodded her head and we headed out of the ladies room. I told her to stay her while I walked towards Niall. I avoided Harry's attempt to move towards me. When I got to Niall, I pulled him down so he was my height. "Niall would you mind hanging out with me and Kali tonight?" He looked at Kali and then at me. "Sure ill be at yours at seven?" I nodded my head and went back to Kali. "He will be at my house at seven." She nodded her head just as the bell rung for fifth period. me and Kali had chemistry with Niall. As class started, Mr. Weltch gave out a lab packet and said we could choose our partners but only three people per group. I grabbed Kali and Niall and we started our lab.

Niall's P.O.V:

When Kali and Lily came out of the bathroom, I gave Harry and Louis a glare. They could have been more gentle instead of being straight forward. I was snapped out of my thoughts as Lily was coming my way. I saw she was avoiding Harry and Kali stayed away from Louis. She pulled me down so I was at her height. She had nervousness in her voice and I could tell the boys scared her and Kali. She asked me if I wanted to hang out and I immediately answered her back, saying i would be at her house at seven. She nodded and went back to Kali. While they were talking, the bell rang for fifth period. I had chemistry with both of them and I could tell they were relieved. As we found out we were allowed partners, Lily grabbed mine and Kali's hand and we started to work. "Lily, Kali, do you want me to bring anything for tonight?" I asked them trying to lighten the mood. By the look on their faces, they were thinking. "Well I was thinking some soda and pizza for tonight. If it wouldn't be to much could you get the soda." Lily spoke up. "Sure that's no problem." Kali looked at me and said "Niall would you mind coming over after school instead of seven? I just dont want to see Louis." I could tell both of them were scared and I couldn't blame them. "Yah ill be by the front doors waiting ok." They nodded their head and we continued working on our work.

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