Marrying Louis

The day has come for Louis and Gina to be married but has Ginas dad forgiven therm for being put back in jail or has his anger heightened?


2. the wedding

Louis P.O.V.

the music started and every one turned to see the bridal party walking down the aisle. Then Gina came.her dress was a beautiful white tight fitting full length.Kate walked her down the aisle because her dad was in prison. 

Niall went still beside me as he saw Kate. She was beautiful as well but Gina looked way better. i was so attracted to her i didn't realize what was happening.


A red mark appeared on the front on Gina's dress and it spread quickly.

Everything was in slow motion. Kate fell to the ground with a bullet hole in the side of her head and Gina was trying to get back up

"GINA"I screamed 

"Kate no " Niall started to run towards Kate "Please no Kate"

"John" clairs father was standing at the doors next to Gina 

"Why hello there larry"he bent down and pulled Ginas hair.she screamed in agony.

"Its Louis now let her go.NOW!"i could see Niall next to Kate trying to wake her up.

"NIall get away from her. Shes dead "Zayn ran over to him and dragged him away.

i saw one of the guests hold a phone up and looked at john 

"Its over John the cops are on there way here right now!"

"DADDY. Hes hurting my Mummy"i grabbed James and picked him up

"Its okay son shes okay. Can you go with uncle Harry for me" he walked away and i could hear harry trying to make him laugh.

"So my slutty daughter had a son with you ?" he started to laugh. I could hear Niall say Kate over and over again.It made me hate John even more.

"John just go or i swear to god i will blow your brains out."Liam was standing at my side with a gun in his hands aimed at Johns head.

"Whats this ?Is my daughter sleeping with you as well?"

"he has a wife. I know what Liams like so just leave no one else has to get hurt.he looked at me in disgust.

"i have to do this. i have to kill her"

"then kill me "Liam looked at me shocked 

"what the hell man no!"

i cant let her die so kill me"

"it has to be her"he said pointing to Gina who still hasnt moved 

"you will kill her by killing me so please. Kill me "

"you asked" 




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