Marrying Louis

The day has come for Louis and Gina to be married but has Ginas dad forgiven therm for being put back in jail or has his anger heightened?


1. the grand opening

Gina's P.O.V.

me and Louis have been together for almost five years now. James is fine after everything and my dad is on his way to prison for life. Me and Louis decided to open our secret waterfall to everyone. Today we are going to take James to the grand opening.

"mummy look !" he shouted in glee 

"i see it why don't you go get a balloon from the lady"he ran away whilst me and Louis walked around for a while.

"Remember this spot right here ?"he asked 

"yes. this is where i first met you"James ran up to us and sat on my lap with a blue balloon almost the same size as him.

"Daddy your on my balloon" There he was with Harry Zayn Niall and Liam.

" oh yes i look quite nice don't I ?"

"no " James giggled 

"oh you little devil!come here!"he ran after James who was squealing with glee 

Louis came back with a bunch of balloons and sat beside me.

"these are for you babe"he laughed

"thank you"i said taking them. he handed me a large pin.

"Pop them"

"what"he looked at me and waited.

"oh okay"i sighed and started to pop them.

"give me the pin and hold the last balloon" i did as i was told "close your eyes"

i closed them and felt a small box fall from the balloon i opened my eyes and Louis was down on one knee in front of me

"Gina i love you and i want to be with you for as long as i live. Will you Marry me?" 

"YES . I love you Louis" 


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