The Opposite

Hi my name is Ariana. My full name is Ariana Wilde. I am a bff of a Directioner which drives me insane! all she can talk about are her pretty little boys and her love for Harry! she said one of them likes carrots and the other loves Disney films and the other loves Nandos......ugh its so annoying that I remember this!

Anyway, i have to take her to a stupid concert but atleast we get to go on holiday after that! alone! YAY! I have pretty cool hair i guess, but i am deffinatly fat and ugly, the only thing i like about myself is my hair........ i guess i cant be perfect, in fact i am the exact Opposite.


1. The Accident

" Ariana Cmon!!!!!!" Nancy yelled from downstairs. I yelled back in annoyance " Shut up Nancy! Its your concert not mine!". She immediately went mysteriously quiet. As I ran down the stairs my head flew into a note. I stopped nearly siding down the stairs. Hearing this, Nancy came running and said " Oh yeah I forgot, Your parents left you that list of things to do when you get back" She said it sweetly enough so I believed her. I read the note. It said:



We looked around the house before we left and found several things need doing. Can you feed the horses please? and feed the rest of the animals? All I ask is for you to look after yourself  and the animals okay?



Damn It! I thought as I walked the rest of the way down the stairs. I went to find Nancy who had wandered off again. I found her in the dog pen saying goodbye to her favourite dog, a husky called Jackson. I dragged her away from her Pal and got her in the car. As We drove  to the concert she said how great it was going to be with all the fellow fans and having a break from a certain directionater. She gestured her eyes at me when she said that although she didn't need to because I knew who she meant. I was so busy trying to block out what she was saying that I missed what she said about the holiday. "um Nancy say that again please!" she looked at me as if she knew that I had not listened to her but she said it again anyway " All I was saying was You have to pack your swim sit because we are going to AUSTRALIA!" She shouted the last bit. I was so busy whoop whooping that I lost my eye connection with the road and nearly crashed.


***1 hour later***


We arrived at the concert and Nancy rushed off to the back of the que so quickly I couldn't even say have fun! I thought to myself, It doesn't matter, I can go home now!



I am finally home! Home sweet home! I rushed off to do the things I needed to do. First feed the dogs, Jackson, Mason and Rue. Then I set off for the field. We had 8 horses between us. Us being me and my sister Niamh. Me and her and 4 each. Niamh's horses were: Milly ,Billy, Cass and Kara. Mine were: Milly Stella Zebey and Renegade. Niamh would be home soon to feed hers so I got Milly and Stella in first. I put them in their cosy mare stables and gave them their feed of: 1 scoop of sugar beet, 2 scoops of chaff and 1 scoop of pony mix. The stallions don't go in stables. They have rugs on and stay in their paddocks. there is a shelter In each paddock though. After I had done them, I started walking up to the stallions field back at the house. When I got there, Rene and zebrand had their heads hanging over their gates. That is when it happened. I went into rene's paddock and gave him his feed, same thing as the mares. And slipped his rug on while he was eating. Then I slipped out of the paddock and went to the next. Zebey looked happy to see me and I quickly gave him his feed to get him away from me as he doesn't know his own strength. I chucked it on the ground and he ate grateful for his food. I slipped his blue rug with diamonte's studded round on his back and it accidentally hit his hoof. in surprise he kicked out with his hoof, knocking me clear to the other end of the paddock, and winding m so much I passed out


*** Niamhs POV***

As I was driving down the long slopy drive way I could just see Ariana asleep on the ground of zebeys paddock. I tooted my horn loudest it would go but she did not wake up. something was not right...Ariana was a very light sleeper. I quickly snapped into action and sped down the drive way and then jumped straight out of the car. I ran into Zebrand's paddock and picked her up. She was out cold! i ran her into the house and called the doctor. He came right over and took her to the hospital. Oh.....why did i agree to leave her alone! I should never had gone to work today!


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