The day he left...

I had a very strange dream the other night, which resultyed in my coming up with this little... Story.
I am not exactly sure where i9t is going or anything but I really felt I needed to write it.

It is about a girl, and her story of what happened to her brother who went missing when she was younger.

Im not a hundred percent sure what the rating should be as the theme may be a little "mature" later on... I am reallly not sure yet. So up to you I guess.


11. The ride of my life

The ground was surprisingly warm. I opened my eyes slowly bit by bit, taking in my surroundings.

I'd landed on my back, and as I sat up a pain shot up through my legs and my head began to swim. I raised a hand to it gingerly, withdrawing it to see a red smear and a few hairs clinging to my sweaty palm. 

That was when it came back to me...


I had to leave quickly, Alice was probably already off the phone. I forced myself to stand up, wobbly at first but I gained my balance quickly. Ignoring the spinning of my head I began to walk, then sped into a run. I didn't look behind me, but I heard Alice screams.

"JODIE?! JODIE!!!!" 

I kept running, pushing myself forward despite the pain in my legs and head and the ragged breathing which I realised was my own after a while of looking for the culprit. 

I wasn't sure where I was going, but I was not surprised when I arrived at the fair ground.

My pace slowed and I walked slowly up to the ride. The ride of my life, I both hated and loved this ride. It was everything and nothing at the same time. 

My thoughts had previously been erratic as I ran here, but now I was here at last... My mind had gone blissfully blank. 

It was a relief. I could not think or feel any more. 

The police enquiry, my parents separating without leaving each other, Alice and the people she was on the phone to, Alice scream of pure terror for me as called my name over and over from her balcony and Nathan. 

My brother had been in my thoughts ever since the day he left, but right now... At this time he was no longer there. 

It was like everything around me had slowed down and the people visiting various other rides blurred into a mass of colours and lights as they moved around talking laughing and spending money on the fair grounds rides and stalls.

I could see him now, stood there as he always was, watching and waiting for me to say the words. To ask for a ride. The ride of my life. 

I knew him now.

He was....


And that was when my mind went fully blank and I felt myself falling to the ground as if in slow motion, but everything else around me had began to speed up as though somebody had frozen me but pressed forward on everybody else.





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