The day he left...

I had a very strange dream the other night, which resultyed in my coming up with this little... Story.
I am not exactly sure where i9t is going or anything but I really felt I needed to write it.

It is about a girl, and her story of what happened to her brother who went missing when she was younger.

Im not a hundred percent sure what the rating should be as the theme may be a little "mature" later on... I am reallly not sure yet. So up to you I guess.


12. The day he left

Whenever people had tried to ask me what happened that day with Nathan, I had always given a variety of responses. When I was younger I used to say he left, that he ran away with the circus. It was as I became a bit older and the lies became a block for me, that I simply refused to answer at all. It was safer that way. It meant I did not have to lie. Which was something I had always avoided doing. 

As I lay there though, having collapsed, I became aware of the fact I had been lying for the past year or so anyway. 

I did know something. I knew Nathan had left. 

He wasn't made to. He had left. The day he left, he had told me he wouldn't be long. That he would be back. Despite this though, he had left. 

I could of told them. 

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