The day he left...

I had a very strange dream the other night, which resultyed in my coming up with this little... Story.
I am not exactly sure where i9t is going or anything but I really felt I needed to write it.

It is about a girl, and her story of what happened to her brother who went missing when she was younger.

Im not a hundred percent sure what the rating should be as the theme may be a little "mature" later on... I am reallly not sure yet. So up to you I guess.


4. Speak

 When the police realized I was the only one who had been present at the time of the disappearance... Of course they hauled me in to speak to me about what happened. They begged me to talk, to tell them what happened. They said how this had gone on too long, children being taken under similar situations for over a year. Children on their own, walking through dark or secluded areas... Hidden from public eye, were taken. That much they were sure of, but no evidence was left behind. The snow or muddy areas covered up footprints, and nothing but photographs of the children remained to their parents. 

This case was an exception the head officer investigating this story told me, as he leaned over the table, eyes anxious and alert as he surveyed me for some sign or revelation.

"This is the first time whoever does it has let somebody see..." He said, the stench of tobacco seeping off him as he leaned ever closer.  "You have to tell us Jodie... You want us to catch this person don't you?" 

I looked down at the table, tracing my finger over the wooden grooves and patterns. 

It's not that I don't want to help... Or not want them to catch this person... But  I do not want to lie.

It's like there is a block on my mind from that time in the woods. That's if it was a woods... Maybe that was just my imagination. 

The dreams confuse me so, and if I spend to long trying to separate dreams from reality... They mix. Congealing into one mass of sticky fantasy that leaves me powerless to escape and completely at the mercy of my mind. A scary place to be, when your on your own and not sure what's true, and what's not. 

Out of all the thoughts that confuse me... One thing I know is that desire can be an evil thing. For any action, there was a desire first. That much I knew from Gran, before she died and when she used to sit me on her knee and ask if I wanted to know anything. Once I asked why people did bad things... 

"Desire Jodie... " When I asked what made desire, she pondered a moment and then said quietly. "Thoughts Jodie." I frowned in disbelief, and she nodded vigorously  her permed hair quivering on top of her head, "Thoughts love. Thoughts left unchecked lead to actions."

"Please Jodie..." Somebody else whispers, maybe Mum... Maybe Dad... Maybe Nathan... 

Thoughts left unchecked.

Thoughts left unregulated.

Thoughts left to their own devices for too long.

I look up into the face of the police officer, who leans forward once more, holding his breath.

"Thoughts left unchecked lead to actions." It was all I could say, I tried to tell him more, but I stopped... That was all I knew. One thing I knew without a doubt. They surveyed me for a moment more, but that was all I could say. The mass of confusion pressing down on me again.

That was the day they decided, the professionals and my parents...

I needed help.

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