The day he left...

I had a very strange dream the other night, which resultyed in my coming up with this little... Story.
I am not exactly sure where i9t is going or anything but I really felt I needed to write it.

It is about a girl, and her story of what happened to her brother who went missing when she was younger.

Im not a hundred percent sure what the rating should be as the theme may be a little "mature" later on... I am reallly not sure yet. So up to you I guess.


10. Escape

"Do you understand that you have been lying, Jodie?" Alice tried asking me the same question several times, each time speaking slower as though I mustn't be understanding her. 

But I couldn't this time, not just because of the lies. My throat had constricted and I couldn't even open my mouth. 

"Jodie..?" Alice tried a final time, but I ignored her. Staring down at the fluffy carpet instead, not meeting her eyes again. I couldn't let her read the "Terror" in them. I couldn't let her see. Which confused me, but it was becoming difficult to think, and so I simply stared off at the carpet and avoided thinking too much. 

I became vaguely aware of Alice reaching for her mobile, and then standing up suddenly. 

"Excuse me?" She asked, leaving without waiting for an answer, probably sure I would not answer. 

She was right of course, I didn't.

I wasn't stupid, and I knew full well that phone call was going to be about me. I may not of been able to speak, but I could hear fine. So I stood up and crept to the door frame, taking care not make a sound. It was lucky Alice always insisted on removing shoes before entering her house, my socks padded over the rug and across the laminate flooring without a so much as a creak.

"... Yes, that's what I said... No... Yes! That's what I'm trying to say she won't speak any more!" she was trying to keep her voice down, that much was clear, but I could sense the frustration under her words. "That won't be difficult, she hasn't moved since she got here." 


I didn't hesitate. I knew I didn't want to stay any longer, something was coming... I didn't know what, but it was. 

I backed away slowly the way I came, Alice was still on the phone but I did a quick count.... I had thirty seconds if that. 

It was like being backed up in a corridor. A dead end, no escape sign in sight. I was scared and didn't know where to go or what to do. 

I scanned the room again with my eyes... Door? No, she would see me leaving from her window... Window. There were no windows large enough and it was a sheer drop down to the pavement.

My eyes lit up as they fell on the large balcony's glass door which stood ajar to let in a breeze. It was my only option. 

I walked towards it and turned back briefly to check Alice was still on the phone, she was. But I knew I would not have long, it sounded like somebody was coming for me, and if that was the case I was sure she would be in again to check on me soon.

I stepped out onto the balcony, replacing the door back to its ajar state after doing so. The cold railing was almost numbing to my feet, the thin cotton socks not offering much protection, but it was too late to go back for my shoes. I placed both hands on the railing, dragging myself up till I was perched precariously on the edge, my body shaking as I looked down at the drop below me. My toes wobbled a little, but I couldn't quit now. I had to leave. Had to get away.

Turning myself round, I swung my legs and body over the edge, my arm muscles immediately screaming in protest at the sudden weight of my body, but I soon let go and then I was falling.



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