The day he left...

I had a very strange dream the other night, which resultyed in my coming up with this little... Story.
I am not exactly sure where i9t is going or anything but I really felt I needed to write it.

It is about a girl, and her story of what happened to her brother who went missing when she was younger.

Im not a hundred percent sure what the rating should be as the theme may be a little "mature" later on... I am reallly not sure yet. So up to you I guess.


1. Dreams

When I was younger, a lot younger, my brother Nathan disappeared. I can't remember  much, I was so very young, but I can remember being told he had ran away with the circus. That idea stuck with me until I was about fourteen, after which I was forced to face the fact that he had not. Children don't run away, they get taken.

I dreamt about him often, still do sometimes.

Always the same dream, we are walking down a path (My brother and I) snow falling onto our coats rapidly as it hangs over our head from the trees above us. As the wind stirs through the trees, causing several more falls of snow from higher branches, my brother turns away.  Walking back the way we came, slipping out of my sight. Literally melting as does the snow as it continues to fall on my nose. Soon all that is left is his voice, carrying through the wind till it reaches my ears. A quiet whisper that sounds echoed like it is under water.

"I won't be long Jodie, you'll see, I won't be long." he calls. Then soon that is gone too, the last whisper fading as a new face emerges.

A man walks forward, his torso following his head which has appeared as suddenly as Nathan went. He has dark hair and Nike trainers, that is all I can see. All I focus on in the whirling of the snow. That and his smile. More of a smirk really, as he turns to face me. Shivers erupt down my spine as I realise he has no eyes.

At least not that I can see.

Yet I can feel his gaze directed at me, as he makes two small steps this way, before turning and he too vanishes. Not before he waves. A two fingered, almost mocking wave, with his smirk still in place.

And he is gone.

Just like my brother.

Both of them gone, lost.


Leaving me to wake up, the face of my brother distorted and printed on my eyes as I hear his voice one last time though my eyes have long since opened.

"I won't be long Jodie, you'll see, I won't be long."

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