Golden Princess

A new girl named Crystal comes to town. She is lonely and had lost all her friends in the past but she still has the two both amazing girls Kate and Monica. She finds a beautiful blond boy by the name of Niall. You see Niall is a naughty boy and sneaks into Crystal's bedroom window sometimes and shows his affection to her. Because all the other boys try's to flirt with her.


1. All Alone

Crystals P.O.V



I miss being back in Australia, I have friends there but now I'm a nobody again. I don't want to go to school today. I felt sick, I don't want to be the geeky kid that everyone teases. I leap up out of bed knowing what exactly I would do! "Beautify!" I do my hair in a messy bun, Have foundation and brownish eye shadow. "Clothes, clothes, clothes" I say trotting up to my large dresser. "Ooooh Yes!" I get changed and but the clothes on. I looked perfect, I had skinny ripped light jeans on and a singlet that had the words 'Golden Princess'



"Bye mum, Of to school now!" I kiss my mother on the cheek "My baby girl is growing up so fast. Just don't have to much fun without me!"

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