Words Revealed (One Direction Fanfic)

1 promise.

1 heartbroken girl.

4 crazy bestfriends

5 famous hearthrobs

That's all it takes to make a mess, suffer, pain, love and...



4. Chapter 4

Have you ever hard those weird dreams? Those dreams you feel like you’re falling and falling into black hole? Well, I’m like that now, except that in my dream, I’m falling into white hole.

I feel my body start to wake up; I feel the conscious taking over me as I try to my move toes but I feel them pressed into something hard. I perk my ears up and hear car engine roaring, slowly I open my eyes just to be met with complete darkness, my body is full awake now but that doesn’t less the pain in the back of my head.  Suddenly a door opens and the whole car lights up. I blink my eyes like crazy trying to adjust them the light.


I hear someone groan behind me and the hard thing my toe was pressed to start to move. Now I can see things and I look behind me just to be met with pair of emerald green eyes and mop of curls. I open my mouth to speak, but it is glued together. Oh my god, my mouth is taped. Panic starts to fill me and I try to lift my arms so I can take the tape, but I can’t. I feel something strong wrapped around my arms. Now, I’m in full panic. I move franticly around trying to release myself but no use.

“Stop struggling” I suddenly hear dark voice; I tilt my head to the side just to see a well-built man with dark clothes stand beside the van door. I found out this was a van.


“Mmdffmdfmdfm” I say with the tape of my mouth, but it come muffled. The man just laughed heartlessly and shut the van door and once again I was surrounded by darkness. Suddenly I remember that I was not alone, I move back and hit someone’s chest.

“Ow” I hear the person whisper, but I could sense that they had been taped too.

I sigh silently and thoughts rush into my head like ocean. Where am I? Why am I taped?  Who’s the man? And most importantly, how did I get here? I search my brain for memories and suddenly everything comes rushing back.

The carrot.


 The handsome boys.


Me being hit in the back of my head which explains why an elephant is jumping in my head


After that I drowned in a world full of panic and confusion. 




Hey! I never bothered to write author notes, but now I feel to write them. Idk why :/

But thanks to everyone who read my story and don't be a ghost rider! Like, fan and comment!

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