Words Revealed (One Direction Fanfic)

1 promise.

1 heartbroken girl.

4 crazy bestfriends

5 famous hearthrobs

That's all it takes to make a mess, suffer, pain, love and...



3. Chapter 3

“Tessa, what in the grapes is happening?” I asked after I snapped out of my shocked trance. The 4 other boys seemed to snap out too, but I paid no attention to them and glared at Tessa. She looked like she could kill someone now.

“He took my carrot” She snarled while pointing at the boy who was laying on the floor holding his cheek. There laid a boy holding his cheek looking down, he had brwon hair swiped to the side, but I couldn't see his face since he was looking down.

“Oh my god Tessa, you can’t just hit people because they took your carrot” I said while hurrying to the boy to see if he was okay. He looked up at me with piercing blue eyes when I touched his shoulder. He was still holding his cheek, but this time I could clearly see his face and praise the lord, he is hot.

“I’m sorry for my friend, she can get little violent when it comes to carrots” I said shyly while taking his hand from his cheeks. He was so handsome with his shaggy brown hair pushed to the side and his strong jawline. It was blue mark on his left cheek, but it didn't look bad.

“It’s ok, I actually understand her, I love carrots too and I would’ve killed whoever took it from me” He said with thick and smooth british accent. I chuckled lightly at him while looking at his swollen cheek.

“It doesn’t look bad, just hold ice at it and it would be okay” I said while standing up from my hooked position. I knew what to do because I studied nursing in college, but I don't want to become a nurse. Weird, right? 

After standing up I held my hand to him and he took it gladly, and I helped him to stand up.


“What’s your name love?” He asked with playful smile.

“I’m Bara, and what’s yours?” I said while smiling wide at him.

“I’m Louis, Louis Tomlinson” He said while he smiled mysterious smile, like he was excepting a special reaction from me

“Nice to meet you Louis and once again sorry for what my friend did” I said softly and his jaw dropped, I looked at him confused and was about to ask when I heard someone gasp. I turned around and saw the 4 other boys with their jaws dropped like Louis. I completely forgot that they were there. I looked confused to Tessa who was just munching her carrot, no idea what was happening around her. That girl, I swear.

“Y-you don’t know who we are?” A blonde one who was standing near me said with thick Irish accent, fuck he was cute. Are they all that handsome? I took glance around me and my jaw nearly dropped. Oh my god, are they some sort of angels or something. Because I swear, I though for a second that I was talking to CK models.

“Should I know you?” I asked, tearing my gaze from these boys before I drool like mad woman. I am still confused with their reaction. 

“We are One---“Louis started to say, but he was cut off by loud ear piercing scream. I immediately recognized as Tessa’s. I turned around to see what was going on, but before I could something else, I felt sharp pain in the back of my head. Then I felt dizzy and black dots played in front of my eyes and before I knew I was laying on the ground unconscious.


The last thing I heard was screaming and someone shouting my name. 

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