Words Revealed (One Direction Fanfic)

1 promise.

1 heartbroken girl.

4 crazy bestfriends

5 famous hearthrobs

That's all it takes to make a mess, suffer, pain, love and...



2. Chapter 2

*1 Year later*


"ISA AND TESSA! Get your trouble ass here" I shouted from my room and I heard the whole house go silent for a minute then I heard footsteps coming upstairs.

Tessa and Isa appeared in my bedroom door with their heads low.

"Can you explain this?" I said while holding my favourite black tank top. It had two big holes in the breast areas and smiley in the middle.

We were going to grocery shopping this morning and I was about  to change when I found half of my wardrobe with holes in different areas.I don't want to name the areas, Cause I swear they are... just... ok, just forget about it.

"It was her!" They both shouted at the same time and pointed at each other. I swear, these kids. You wouldn't believe they are 18 years adults.

"Just forget about it, go to your rooms and change" I ordered and they nodded fast like a bunch of kindergarten children.

I sighed and turned around to finish my half finished make up.

I then grabbed some skinny ripped skinny jeans and a large white jumper. I tied my dark red hair in a ponytail, not bothering to style it, With that, I skipped downstairs just to be met by a complete mess. Isa and Tessa were running around the kitchen while frustrated Nasra and laughing Linda chased them.


"EVERYONE" I shouted rather loudly and everyone froze in their place and looked at me.

"What's going on?" I asked while jumping from the last steps in the stairs.

"Isa and Tessa has the car key and they insist to drive, but hell no, I would not allow that, I'm too young to die" Nasra said in fast speed and I struggled to keep up. Then smirk formed in my mouth.

"PASS IT TO ME" I shouted and throwd myself in side-position. Tessa throw the key to me and I catched it in mid-air just before touching the ground. I landed with a loud thud, but I quickly stood and run while laughing eavilly.

Linda and Nasra snapped out of their shocked trance and started to chase me.


After a whole book of swearing and generation of generations ended, we agreed that if Linda and Nasra get the keys, we will decide what music we want to hear in the car and plus we can buy whatever we want and hell yeah we agreed in a heartbeat.



With sour throats we finally reached the CLIMAX (not like that you dirty minded) - Store. I mean, c'mon, what store is named CLIMAX store.


Just a second after we entered the store, Tessa and Isa run in different directions in incedible fast speed.

I just chuckled and rolled my eyes at them.

"I'll be back in sec" I said to Nasra and she nodded, turning her attention to Linda, continuing her discussion of which shampoo product is best.

I was just strolling throught the store looking for chocolate when I heard lot of shouting. I curiously followed the sound, my boot heels making the click sound. I rounded a corner and stopped in my tracks at the sight infront me.


Guy laying in the ground.  A Carrot. Tessa with clenched fists and 4 guys with shocked experriosn like me. WHAT?

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