Words Revealed (One Direction Fanfic)

1 promise.

1 heartbroken girl.

4 crazy bestfriends

5 famous hearthrobs

That's all it takes to make a mess, suffer, pain, love and...



1. Chapter 1


"Please James" My words come out in a whisper. Tears are streaming down my face. I bet, I look like a mess and that just makes everything worse. I never imagined this day would come.

"Sorry Bara, but I just think we're not right for each other and besides, I don't like you anymore" He says with blank face, looking bored like this was just normal day convo. But me on the other side, my heart broke into million pieces, then got stapped in a million knives. Tears were no longer problem for me, the pain in my chest was just unreadable. I couldn't hold my self up any longer so my body fell on my knees.

"Bye Bara" He said still with the same bored voice and with that he left me in a alley. Broken and mess.

How can he be so cruel?

I reached my break point and I burst out into heavy tears. I brought my knees up to my face and rocked back and forth.

How could he? We have been together in almost a year and he just throws it all without blinking? And most importantly, how could I let myself fall in love with him so easily?

I sat in the alley in hours staring into the distance. My whole body felt numb. I think I have no tears left, just the painful feeling in my heart.

My shaking hand went to my back pocket and fished out my phone. I shakinly dialed Isa's number.

"BARA!! Where have you been? We've been so worried about you! You have been nearly gone in 6 hours" Isa shouted fast, sounding panicked.

"Isa, please can you pick me up" I said my voice sounding rough and cracking.

"What? Are you okay?" Isa said confused. I groaned because I have this massive headache and all I want to do now is curl in my bed.

"Yes, I'm okay, please can you pick me up from the alley behind James's house" I said flinching at his name. A pain instantly shooted through my chest and a single tear rolled down my cheek.

"Ok, me and Nasra will pick you up. I don't trust Tessa with my car" She said softly then shouted to someone at the other end. I heard something breaking and then followed by shouting. I rolled my eyes, knowing that Tessa did something and I recognized the shouting as Linda's voice.

"Bara, we will be there in 15. See ya soon" A new voice suddenly spoke and I recognized as Nasra's.

Before I could response, she hung up and I sighed leaning back to the wall. I closed my eyes and immediately a million of memories of me and James flashed through my eyes.

In that moment I promised myself that I would never ever fall in love no matter what happens, even if we were the last people in earth.



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