Hahaha, I was feeling inspired so I wrote this.. cover editor was being a bitch so I had to hand-draw the title. Thank whoever for photoshop..


1. My name is Dennis

When I was a kid, I didn't know the meaning of unhappy. I didn't when I was older either. I've always been happy. Well, untill now. I am fourteen years old. And this is my story.



Everything happened when I went on my first date, sad, I know. i was with my crush, Anna, and I had finally had the courage to ask her out. While we were in the resteraunt, a guy who looked around my age came in. His hair was a dark raven black, and he had wide grey eyes, in his hand was a giant knife, coated thickly with blood. He wore a sadistic smile which looked carved in, and black kohl around his eyes. He looked at me and Anna, and his smile faded.  Wait, Jeff?

"Hi Jeff!" I called across the resteraunt, and A few people screamed. I could see the panic in Anna's eyes, and I felt I had to do something. "I'll be right back, don't move." I whispered to Anna, and she nodded. I got up from my table, and moved towards him. I clapped his arm and smiled. "Care to take a step outside?" I asked, and flicked my own bone-white hair out of my eyes. "Come on Jeff.." I said as I pulled him outside.

"What are you doing? Dennis.." He whined, and I laughed.

"You remember me? Hooray!" I said, and I saw a small smile flicker at his lips. A real smile, not like the one carved onto his face. "What happened to you?" I asked as I sat him on a bench. Jeff shook his head and I saw what looked like tears form behind his eyes.

"I killed them.... I killed Mother, and father and Liu.." He whispered, his voice cracking slightly, before it dissolved into a strange laugh. He looked up at me, his eyes shining crazily. ".... Now for you too!" He shouted, and I backed away, pulling out he knife I kept for emergency situations like this one.


 It was a small dagger, and I saw the customers in the resteraunt freaking out, including Anna, who looked so scared she could cry. Jeff ran at me, and drew his knife back as he got closer, and slashed it across in front of my stomach, only missing bcause I ran backwards at the right time. I saw Anna in the window, trying not to scream. I gave her a brisk smile beforte slashing at jeff's arms, leaving them coated with gashes.

"Jeff, mate, I don't wanna hurt you, but you give me no choice." I said, as i relaxed my fighting stance slightly, while stepping backwards. I could taste a bit of blood in my moth, which was probably a result of my tongue peircing. I heard a crash from the window, and when I looked towards it, Anna was gone. I looked forward as I heard a cry of pain, and saw Anna in front of me, her neck plastered with fresh blood.

"A-Anna?" I whispered as she fell into my arms. I saw the large deep gash across her neck, and I felt tears fall from my eyes. I felt my heart shatter. She had died... for me?

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