loving Louis

Gina finally escapes from her fathers torture and turns to the streets. she goes to her favourite place and meets a stranger who turns into her hero. will he give up life in boy band one direction to be with her or will they figure things out


10. The hospital

Gina's P.O.V 
We waited for almost ten minutes to get to the hospital. We waited in the waiting room for a while and a doctor come out. 

"How is he? Is he going to be okay?" Liam asked. 

"Louis is still in surgery. I'm here to tell you that he might not make it" he went back into theatre and the tears started to flow 

"Gina he will be fine. Louis is a fighter and now he has someone to fight for"

"He wouldn't have been in here if it wasn't for me!"Niall is like an older brother to me. He tried to relax me and I soon fell asleep in his arms. 

Niall's P.O.V
Gina was so beautiful. I love her like a sister. I hope Louis gets through this for her sake. The doctor came back out. 

"Louis is fine he is in intensive care right now but he will be able to go home tomorrow"

"Can we go and see him?" I asked 

"Yes the nurse will take you"

I shook Gina softly to wake her up. "Where is he ? Is he okay did he make it ?!"

"Gina breath he's fine we can go and see him" 

"Oh my god really ?!"

"Yeah let's go"

Louis P.O.V

The guys and Gina walked into the room just as I woke up 

"Louis!" Gina yelled running over to the bed grabbing my hand. "How do you feel?"

"Great now that you're here" the boys left to get something to eat and me and Gina just sat and talked. By the time the boys got back Gina had fallen asleep. 

"It's quite late we are gonna head home. Here" Liam said throwing a bag of food at me. 

"Thanks mate" they left and i slowly fell asleep still holding Gina's hand. 

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