loving Louis

Gina finally escapes from her fathers torture and turns to the streets. she goes to her favourite place and meets a stranger who turns into her hero. will he give up life in boy band one direction to be with her or will they figure things out


2. Meeting at the waterfall

The boys were driving me mental so I snuck out to come here . My mother told me about how she and her friends found it and how no one else knew about it . It was the best place to think and to be alone but as I walked out of the tunnel I saw a girl . 
Her hair was dark brown and curly and the look on her face was frightened.
"It's okay . I'm not going to hurt you . What's your name ?"
"Gina " she looked really scared of me .
"I'm Louis by the way. How did you find this place, Gina ?"
She walked over to the fountain and sat beside it . A sad look crossed her face .
"My mother built it . It is the only thing I have left of her". A tear slid down her face . I ran over and wiped it away . 
"I'm sorry I shouldn't have asked "
 "No it's okay it's not that that upset me "
"Then what is it ?"
"I just left my dad's and I have no where to go now "
 "We're you going to sleep outside ?" I was amazed by her. I felt sorry for her but why did she leave ?
"Yeah if I didn't find anywhere else "
"I can't let you do that .  Come on let's go "I stuck my hand out and she looked at me like I was a monster
"You can come to mine for a night or two until you get thing sorted "
"I don't want to be any trouble "
"Na my mum won't mind come on "  
She stood up and walked back towards the tunnel 
"Come on Louis I don't know where I'm going !" She started laughing then ran back thru the tunnel 
A little part of me wanted her to stay longer than a couple of days. 

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