loving Louis

Gina finally escapes from her fathers torture and turns to the streets. she goes to her favourite place and meets a stranger who turns into her hero. will he give up life in boy band one direction to be with her or will they figure things out


1. Finally free

I heard as he came back up stairs and turned towards my bedroom . "Gina come here NOW!" I slowly walked to the door and pulled it open 
"Yes?" I could feel tears in my eyes and I willed my self not to let them fall
"Where did you go last night ?"
"I -I- nowhere I was here all night " I am really bad at lying . 
"Do you think I'm stupid !?"
"You look it " I tried to mutter but he heard me . 
"What did you say !?"
"I didn't say anything !"
He walked over to me and slapped me . Hard . I fell in a heap and the tears spilled .
"You look like a baby . That's what you are a blubbering bitch just like your mother !"
"Is that why you hit me ?! Because I'm like her ?! Why don't I leave like her then !"I tried to walk downstairs but he pushed me to the ground and sat on top of me 
"Get off me you bastard !!"
He started laughing and I took the chance . I punched him in the chest and he fell to the side gasping for air . I stood up kicked him in the face then bolted it outside .
"Bitch I will find you and I swear I will kill you just you wait !!"
I didn't stop running I kept going until I couldn't breath . I remembered a place that my mother took me to when I was a kid so I started to run . It only took about 10 minutes from here .
The waterfall was hidden on top of a steep hill but there was a door that lead you to stairs that took you to the top . I love it here beside the waterfall and only me and my mum knew about it .

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