loving Louis

Gina finally escapes from her fathers torture and turns to the streets. she goes to her favourite place and meets a stranger who turns into her hero. will he give up life in boy band one direction to be with her or will they figure things out


7. Big Macs and cops

Gina's P.O.V

"When I left he said he would kill me if I went back and now he's saying I stole from him. Louis I swear I didn't do anything wrong"

"Gina I told you. We believe you just relax okay"his eyes were so beautiful and filled with fear. 

"What if he finds me he might kill me and you!"

"He won't find us babe" 

"I wish I could believe that". The rain had stopped and the sun was shining so I went outside to relax 

"Hey mind of I join you?" I looked to see who it was and Zane was looking at me. 

"No take a seat" I answered wondering why he hadn't just sat down

"Louis is worried about you" he said out of nowhere 

"I know" I whispered in reply.

"When I first saw you I remembered how lonely we all are since the band became famous. I'm really sorry about this"he finished and grabbed my face,pulling me in for a kiss.

Louis P.O.V

I walked out the back

Then I saw them. Zayn was kissing Gina and she was trying to push him off.

"Zayn let her go!" I yelled outraged at what I just saw. He jumped back in fear and I heard it again "get inside there's paparazzi out here". We all bolted back inside and Gina ran up stairs towards my , no our room. 

"What the hell man ?!" 

"Mate I'm sorry I didn't"

"Don't mate me Zayn you just kissed my girlfriend!"

"Oh someone's in trouble" I heard  Liam say behind me. 

I brought my fist back and punched Zayn square in the face. "Next time it will be worse" I shouted down the stairs at him 

"Louis I'm so sorry. U didn't know what to do he wouldn't let me go" she was starting to get hysterical again. 

"It's okay" why do I always have to relax her

"You just broke his nose" I heard her whimper 

"Like I said I won't let anyone hurt you. Can we go out for dinner tonight I can't stay near him for any longer?"

"Yeah where do you want to go?"

"Just McDonald's to grab a burger. We can go now"

We walked out side and I saw Zayn sitting at the kitchen table with a bag of peas pressed to his nose. We climbed in the car and drove off to get Big Macs. 

Ginas P.O.V

We sat inside and waited for our meals to come a few girls came over for an autograph 

"Can't even get a burger in peace no more"he joked I gave him a quick peck and saw a flash beside me outside of the window 
"Paparazzi again " he sounded really annoyed. I could see our burgers coming. "Finally food. Thanks mate" he said to the man. 

"Hey your the girl on the news!" He shouted and grabbed his phone and started dialling a number. 

"Please don't phone in ,please"

"Yeah hello I found her the girl!"

"Run" Louis shouted an we ran.

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