loving Louis

Gina finally escapes from her fathers torture and turns to the streets. she goes to her favourite place and meets a stranger who turns into her hero. will he give up life in boy band one direction to be with her or will they figure things out


5. Are we a couple ?

Louis P.O.V

The guys decided to throw water over me to get me up. Gina was sitting on the sofa bed laughing her head off I found an ice cube and threw it at her 

"Take that!" I yelled 

"That was so mean. I didn't tell them up do it it was your mum"

The boys started laughing then went downstairs to get breakfast.

"Pancakes!" I heard Niall scream downstairs 

"Morning babe" I went over to Gina and gave her a kiss the ran to the shower 

Gina's P.O.V

Really that's us together ? Just like that? What ever at least he's mine.

"Let's go get some pancakes before Niall eats them all"Louis laughed 

We walked down the stairs and everyone was around the kitchen table.

"Finally decided to come down then" said Niall past a mouthful of pancake.

"Niall that's disgusting close your mouth while eating" said Jo"here I saved a few for you both" she said handing us both a plate. 

"Thanks mum!" He ran over grabbed the plate and kissed her cheek. 

They were really good pancakes. After breakfast I ran for a quick shower then remembered I had no clothes. I threw on the clothes I wore yesterday and walked out 

"Hey, you need clothes so we can go out shopping if you want"

"I don't have money and it would be wrong if you spent yours on me"

"I'm not bothered. You are my girl and I want to spend money on you. Lets go"he was really cute so I couldn't refuse. 



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