Sunset Tour.

At the age of three they first met. He pulled her hair she stole his cookie and became the best of friends. At the age of seven they shared their first kiss. At the age of ten they became in-separable, but got told they cant be friends. At the age of fifteen they moved in together, so he could follow his dreams. Now at the age of 18 hes ready to take the next step. Follow the journey that Jace and Alison.


4. Sunset Tour 4

Alison’s POV:



The storm only got worse once we were in out apartment. I wasted no time in running to my room and changing into some PJ’s. Once I returned a saw Jace on the couch watching TV he didn’t glance in my direction only lifted his arm, wasting no time I rushed over and placed my self under is arm and rested my head on his shoulder. Once i was in a comfy spot Jace put his arm around me and Got the blanket and together we watched the TV. 


“Alison!” I heard Chloe yelling no longer the five minutes later. The door was unlocked so neither me nor Jace got up from our positions. By now I had my head resting on his chest with my legs thrown over his lap and the blanket over the both of us. Each time there was a loud thunder Jace would rub my back. He knew how much they scared me. Not only that but it brought back memories of the day my gramps pasted away. That day there was a bad storm when i got the phone call. Gramps was the only one in both mine and Jace’s family that didn’t have a problem with out friend ship. Just because our fathers companies hated each other didn’t mean mean and Jace couldn’t be friends, did it? I understand that My father and his father, nor my mother and his mother ever got along but we were just kids when they told us we cant be friends, so of corse we are going to go after what we cant have, just like when you say you cant have chocolate of corse im going to sneak off to get chocolate! 


“Ahhh theres my brides maid!” I said as Chloe came and stood in front of the TV, she didn’t  look happy. “Brides Maid?” She asked looking horrified. “Didn’t you hear? Me and Alison are getting married, I asked her not long ago and she said yes” Jace said looking at me giving a sly wink. I looked up to see Chloe looking as if she’s about to scream her head off. And thats what she did. “OH MY NO WAY!!! NO. NO. NO. YOU DIDNT EVEN TELL ME YOU WERE TOGETHER AND NOW YOUR GETTING MARRIED OH MY GOD WHAT FLOWERS DO I GET YOU! YOUR DRESS YOU NEED A DRESS.. WELL OF CROSE ITS NOT LIKE YOU GOING TO WALK NAKED, IM SURE THAT WILL GIVE PEOPLE A SHOW AND ALL BUT YOU NEED A DRESS YES I WHITE DRESS IT HAS TO BE BEAU-” I cut Chloe off before she could keep going. There was no doubt she could keep rambling on and on about this. “Chill woman i’m not getting married! we aren't even together, people jus thought jace was asking so i said yes” I giggled as i remembered everyone looking at us waiting for me to say yes. 


“But- look at how your sitting!” I exclaimed using crazy hand gestures. I did as he said and looked at the way that me and Jace were sitting. My head on his shoulder and my legs across his with a blanket over the top. I was about to reply when a loud crashing thunder echoed through the living room. I cringed and buried my head into Jace’s shoulder. “Aw now look at that!” Chloe said plopping her butt down on the other couch. 


“How did your date go?” I asked trying to change the subject. “It went perfect! too perfect hence why im sitting here. He was just so amazing!” I think she has lost it. She’s telling me she was on a date with a perfect guy and she’s sitting in my living room? Normal.  Just as I was about to ask what she’s doing here not on her date a loud thunder and lightning boomed around the apartment making the hole room shake. I screamed and jumped cuddling my face into Jace’s neck as I hugged him much tighter. He held onto me rubbing my back in a soothing way, and not soon after i relaxed a slight bit still not trusting the weather to let him go. 


“Hey baby girl, do you want me to set up your room so we can watch movies tonight?” Jace asked rubbing my back still. I nodded and let him go so that he could go get extra blankets and pillows from his room. “So, you had a really good date and your here because?” I asked Chloe who was on her phone. “Im out.. look at your Instagram” Chloe said before upping and leaving the apartment. well ok then. 


Doing as I was told, I pulled out my iPhone and opened my Instagram app. I saw that Chloe had just put a photo up that I was tagged in. 


Look at these cuties, cuddles on the couch !  

and there was a photo of me and Jace right after the really loud thunder, i had my head in the crook of Jace’s neck and he had his chin on my head, our bodies covered by the blanket. I double tapped it and slid my iPhone back into my pocket when the apartment shook again due to loud thunder, I screamed and run into my room and straight into Jace’s awaiting arms. 


“Come here Al, don’t worry the storm will die down soon” He said has he lifted me and placed me down on my bed. He walked over the the TV to press play and then lay down next to me as ‘The Lion King’ started. Me and Jace loved anything Disney. Bringing the blankets with him Jace wrapped his arms around me kissing my forehead before telling me to go to sleep. 


“Sweet dreams Jace-y” I mumbled. 


Sweet dreams baby girl” He whispered before I drifted off into a peaceful sleep forgetting about the storm. 




“OHHHHHHH NO WAY!” I woke up to what sounded like Chloe? How the heck did she get into our home? “control your friend” Jace said half asleep as he tightened his hold on me, I just groaned and flipped Chloe the bird as I put my head on Jace’s chest trying to keep the warmth. 

“Come on guys how long have you been sleeping together?”. in response she got a groan. 

“I so need to put these on Instagram!” 

“Chloe go away i’m trying to sleep” Jace complained and reached to bring the blanket over both of our heads. It was a saturday, that gave me permission to sleep in! Why was this crazy girl in my room too early in the morning. “Fine, be that way i was going to see if you guys wanted to do something but I get it I know when i’m not wanted. LATERS” Chloe called as she left my room. 

Finally some peace and - “Oh and check your phone bitches!” 


“We might as well get up now you know” I said as I tried to get out of Jace’s death grip. He was a cuddler, as was I. In response i got a sleepy ‘five more minutes’ and Jace’s grip to tighten. “We have your audition today remember?” That got him awake. I smiled proud of myself normally its the other way around, Jace having to get me up, 


Slowly he sat up bringing me with him. “What time do we have to be there?” He asked rubbing his eyes. “Around 1” I said getting up and walking over to my wardrobe to find something to wear.  I ended up pulling out a pair of ripped jeans, and a grey sweater that went off the shoulder. 

I had a quick shower changed and was met by the smell of bacon and eggs. Yummy! 

“Good morning Jace!” I called as I skipped into the kitchen. “Morning Allison” He said passing me a plate and walking towards the table so we could sit and eat. “Don’t call me that” I narrowed my eyes on him and took a bite out of my mouth watering bacon. “Sorry Allie, I forget sometimes” Jace said picking at his food but not eating. The only people that called me Alison were My Father and Mother. My parents were real strict, I wasn’t aloud to play with certain when I was younger, or I had to wear dresses everywhere we went, and i couldn’t eat chocolate. Who tells a girl that she cant have chocolate! 


“Don’t worry Jace it’s all good!” I said giving him a re-assuring smile. “So what song are you going to sing?” I asked to try and break the silence. Jace looked deep in thought before replying. “I think I might sing ‘i’m all yours’ by Jay Sean” I nodded in approval we kept talking and eating. 


“Come on Jace we have 30 minutes to get there!” I yelled suddenly remembering to look at the time and seeing that we are going to be late if we didn’t leave right now. 

Soon we were on our way to make Jace’s dreams come true.



Hey guys, let me know what you think of the story so far, let me know what types of songs you think Jace should sing because so far im just getting my phone and pressing shuffle on my songs and what ever comes up thats what he will be singing, so if you there is a song you would like him to sing please comment :) xx 

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